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Vladimir Ivankov

( Deputy Chairman of the interregional association "Siberian Agreement ', CEO of its executive management.)

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Biography Vladimir Ivankov
Born in a working class family. Several generations of families lived in Siberia, Ivankov village Kozakova under Chick. Date of birth: 1947. Father all his life connected with the plant im.Chkalova, where he worked shoferom.Mat brought up children, worked in a kindergarten.
He graduated from the Novosibirsk Pedagogical Institute, majoring istorik.Kandidat Sciences.
From the first days of the students involved in public life, was a Komsomol leader of the Faculty.
After the Institute, from 1972 (the heyday of the movement of student stroyotyadov) four years he was deputy commander of the regional student of the Novosibirsk regional committee of Komsomol unit.
From 1974 to 1980 he worked at the department in NIIZhTe (Novosibirsk Institute of Railway Engineers) as assistant.
In 1980 - defended his thesis and eight years headed the Department.
Elected Deputy Zaeltsovsky District Council.
Within two years of volunteer work in the expert group of the Supreme Council of Russia.
Since 1992 - Director General of the interregional association of economic interaction of 19 territories of Siberia - "Siberian Agreement".
In 1995, entered the top three federal list of the Party Rossiyskogo unity and harmony for the ballot for election to the State Duma on December 17
. In September 1995 it was reported that he entered the top three federal list of motion "The Transfiguration of the fatherland" Eduard Rossel, and in August he was nominated for single-mandate constituency of the Novosibirsk regional organization, Our Home - Russia "
Political views, position:
He believes that education should be broad historical and politicians, as it gives an understanding of the laws of historical development, helps him learn from the past.
Vladimir Ivankov - statesmen, the prosperity of Russia sees through the development of regions, strengthening their role in all spheres of national life.
In late 1993, Vladimir Ivankov assessed charges of AMIS in pursuit of separatism as illegitimate, although at some stage is entirely appropriate. After a period of nagging attention and co distrust the federal government one way or another are all similar organizations in other countries.
According to Mr. Ivankov, "Siberian Agreement" - is a consequence of the desire of its members to the stabilization of economic relations between the regions, geographically and economically close to each other dependent.
Unconditional credit association "Siberian Agreement", according to Ivankov, we can assume is that within it managed to overcome the enmity between the regions and territories, was sown in his time socialist competition. Now at the level of heads of administrations cooperative working relations. Vladimir Ivankov believes that the desire "to bend all by itself" Moscow blames Novosibirsk unreasonably. In the city there are only general directorate "Siberian Agreement", and coordinating councils have their clear territorial division.
In 1993, declared that the federal budget should be allocated with the direct participation of regions, then local authorities will have more confidence to the Center.
Advocated the withdrawal of the thesis with a discussion on the establishment of the Siberian republic. "You can not shake this edifice, like Siberia, otherwise we can lose control of the situation", - said Vladimir Ivankov.
After the 1993 elections, noted that the Federation Council passed almost all the governors of Siberia. This, according to Ivankov, will "Siberian Agreement" to participate meaningfully in the formulation of laws which are necessary for the Siberian region.
In January 1994, Ivankov said that the leadership of the Interregional Association "Siberian Agreement" is interested in establishing a State Duma deputy group, which would include representatives of the Siberian territories.
It was assumed that a group of deputies Siberians will lobby in the parliament decision favorable first 19 regions that bind "Siberian Agreement".
In May 1994, Ivankov said at a press conference in Novosibirsk, that cooperation association with Sergei Shakhrai will continue despite his resignation
. Vladimir Ivankov, explained that this is so, . that the leader of the Press "has extensive experience in the formation of regional policy", . recognizing, . however, . that the main reason for the resignation was Shakhrai current crisis in the Caucasus - in the region, . ex-minister who oversaw,
I am sure that the power of Russia is "Siberian Agreement" will grow, almost by Lomonosov. As for democracy, then it believes Ivankov, it is necessary to keep their ears so as not to tear off.
On the "Siberian Agreement", which in December 1995, 5 years old, Ivankov said: "At a time when everything collapses, a lot of work done, is an organization that works on creation. Man is always attracted to, . that carries a positive charge <...> People, . worked in the planning system, . knew its shortcomings, . chief of which - holding the line on the centralization of up to the top, . that did not give the economy an opportunity to work flexibly,
. But these people also have seen and its advantages. The men got together and decided among themselves to agree <...> As you remember, . eventually formed 8 such associations: in addition to the Siberian Agreement - Far, . Ural, . Volga, . Central Chernozem, . North Caucasus, . North-Western and Central Russia,
. Again, on the grounds of the natural geographical distribution of labor. This was not an artificial entity. What is there to separatizmN crumbling Soviet Union. With the advent of Gaidar's government fell apart the old economic system. Been introduced market, moreover, the most cruel methods <...> These methods do not always take into account the realities of our. Two years ago we first raised the issue of recognition features of the Siberian region in the reform. To carry out a reform in Siberia, it was necessary to examine the whole structure of the economy. View constituents, their relationship nexus. Relations with other countries ". ( "Business World, November 23, 1995).
Third-party evaluation, characteristics
According to colleagues, during my work in "Siberian Agreement" traveled all over Siberia, the problems of each region knows firsthand, but essentially. Can defend the interests of Siberians in the center, working purposefully, energetically and boldly.
Communication (including foreign):
Parties, public organizations:
In September 1995 came in the top three federal list of the Party Rossiyskogo unity and harmony for the ballots in elections to the State Duma on December 17
. But in September it was reported, . that he entered the top three federal list of movement "Transformation of the Fatherland" Eduard Rossel, . and in August 1995 reported, . he was nominated for single-mandate constituency of the Novosibirsk regional organization "Our Home - Russia",
State. apparatus:
Ivankov took an active part in discussions on the budget for 1995.
In 1995, he said, met with Finance Minister Vladimir Panskovym and offered to discuss the concept of the budget for 1996. Then the concept of the budget was discussed at the meeting in Krasnoyarsk, the Coordinating Council AMIS. According to Ivankov, except Panskova in Krasnoyarsk came as Anatoly Chubais and experts from the Ministry of Finance. Of the regions - the deputy chief of staff for Economy, Chief, Budget Services Regions.
"I think we can say that these actions, we drove the trump cards of the hands of some very zealous factions in the Duma. Budget has ceased to be held hostage to political games. This we have achieved. If we have through their actions, only that, it would be possible to believe that the Siberian Agreement was not created in vain ", - considers Ivankov.
This year, signed a document on the development of the Energy Program in Siberia until 2010 between the Ministry of Fuel, the Association "Siberian Agreement", Academy of Sciences and Moscow's three banks - Oneksimbank, Tokobank, Inkombank. Funding for the program is carried out by all participants.

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Vladimir Ivankov, photo, biography
Vladimir Ivankov, photo, biography Vladimir Ivankov  Deputy Chairman of the interregional association "Siberian Agreement ', CEO of its executive management., photo, biography
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