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Ilyushenko Alexey

( Former Acting Attorney General.)

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Biography Ilyushenko Alexey
Date of birth September 23, 1957 Place of Birth City Anzhero-Sudzhensk the Kemerovo region in 1979 he graduated from the University of Krasnoyarsk
He served in the Marines in the Far East.
After graduation he came to the prosecuting authorities.
In 1986-89 years served as deputy prosecutor of the Kirov district of Krasnoyarsk
. In autumn 1989 he was transferred from Krasnoyarsk to the apparatus of the General Prosecutor's Office in Moscow, . where he first worked in a department to oversee the implementation of laws in the bodies of militia, . then, . April 1990, . department to oversee implementation of laws on international relations,
In February 1992 he was appointed deputy chief of the General Prosecutor of Russia in oversight of the implementation of laws on international relations.
March 19, 1993 decree of the President was appointed head of the Control of the Presidential Administration (after his resignation from this post by Yuri Boldyrev).
In the spring of 1993 was a member of the Interdepartmental commission on combating corruption, and together with his lawyer, Andrei Makarov, was a co-sponsor "of the Trust affairs Rutskoi, which was not confirmed by facts.
February 26, 1994, Mr.. President Yeltsin's decree appointed Acting Attorney General. Federation Council Committee on legislation considered this appointment as a violation of the Constitution, tk. Attorney General can appoint only the Federation Council.
March 12, 1994 the President presented the candidacy Ilyushenko for approval of the Federation Council, but following a secret ballot nomination was rejected. Nevertheless, the Federation Council, the de facto head of the prosecutor's office admits Ilyushenko. Commission of the State Duma refused to deal with A. Ilyushenko, considering his position non-existent.
October 24, 1994 The Federation Council has once again rejected the re-submitted to the president for Ilyushenko.
In late October 1994, due to renewed in the press discussing the sale of property in 1992-93, Western Group of Forces (ZGV) in Germany, A. Ilyushenko said that large-scale corruption in ZGV was not. Statement Ilyushenko was challenged by the former head of the Supervisory Control Yuri Boldyrev, which is the fall of 1992 passed a memo to President Yeltsin on corruption in ZGV. According to Boldyrev, it Ilyushenko, who became the head of MAS after Boldyrev, together with the Director of FGC Sergei Stepashin shut case of corruption in ZGV. Under pressure obschestvennog views, . in early November 1994, . President Yeltsin took off his former commander, General Matthew ZGV Burlakova as deputy defense minister (just 2 months after the appointment), . What put the defending Burlakova Ilyushenko in an awkward position,
March 10, 1995 DG expressed distrust A. Ilyushenko. For mistrust i.o. Attorney General's 267 parliamentarians voted.
October 8, 1995, President Boris Yeltsin signed a decree to relieve Alexei Ilyushenko from the duties of the Prosecutor General of Russia in his request. Until the appointment of the Attorney General Russia temporary performance of his duties assigned to Oleg Gaydanova.
November 4, 1995 Alexey Ilyushenko discharged from prosecution "in connection with his retirement on superannuation".
February 15, 1996, was detained and placed in jail Lefortovo in connection with a criminal case brought against the firm-Balkar Trading (deal to sell abroad 25 million tons of Russia's oil worth 2.7 billion rubles). PGO incriminated Ilyushenko bribe / Article 170 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR / and abuse of power / Article 173 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR /.
February 23, 1996 he was charged for these items.
February 15, 1998, after two years of detention, he was released on recognizance not to leave. The case was referred for further investigation.
Later Ilyushenko a long time been treated for tuberculosis, and at the same time acquainted with the case materials, which consists of 97 volumes
. May 11, 2001 in respect Ilyushenko criminal case was dismissed.

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Ilyushenko Alexey, photo, biography
Ilyushenko Alexey, photo, biography Ilyushenko Alexey  Former Acting Attorney General., photo, biography
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