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Isakov Vladimir Borisovich

( Head of the Legal Office of the State Duma)

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Biography Isakov Vladimir Borisovich
Date of Birth: March 17, 1950 Birthplace: Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region.
He graduated with honors from the Sverdlovsk Institute of Law, JD. Speaks German. Professor Ural State Law Academy. Conducted heading "Parliamentary Diary" in the newspaper "Soviet Russia". His works were published in specialized legal journals, as well as in the Literary Gazette, "Pravda," The two sides, "the magazine" Ural ". From August 1992 to August 1993 was a member of the editorial board of the newspaper "Den". The author of two monographs and several books on Soviet Law for the higher and secondary.
Continuing and Russia sharply criticized the authorities for violations of the law and the Constitution of Russia.
Considers it necessary to conduct an audit of the Constitution.
Svoi views defines as "moderate" and underlines their complete independence. Private ownership of land permits, but with great reservations. The introduction of wage indexation only support for socially disadvantaged groups. In favor of the regulation of prices for "correctly found the mechanism, its implementation. He believes that under the conditions prevailing in Russia today, the collectives of enterprises should have a preferential right in the privatization of state property.

Life path:
In 1971 he graduated with honors from the Sverdlovsk Law Institute.
From 1972-1973 he served in the Army aviation mechanic.
In 1975 he defended his thesis in 1985 - Doctor's, becoming the youngest at the time the doctor right.
From 1973 to 1990 he worked in Sverdlovsk Juridical Institute teacher, senior teacher, lecturer, professor in the Department of Theory of State and Law. Professor Ural State Law Academy.
Member of the CPSU from 1980 to 1990. Left the party after the XXVIII Congress.
In political life, participating since 1988, when made in a local youth newspaper "replaced" with an article criticizing the legal point of view just adopted "Provisional rules for holding rallies and demonstrations". From that moment on became widely known among activists of the new political organizations (Article annotate newspaper Express-Chronicle, the magazine "Youth" ordered Isakov article on the same topic).
However, Gennady Burbulis participated in the "Discussion rostrum (center of social life in Sverdlovsk). At the time, took a more radical position than Burbulis. In 1988, Isakov took part in the campaign to free the illegally arrested independent journalist, member of the party "Democratic Union" Sergei Kuznetsov. In 1988 he became a board member of the Ural Society "Memorial", in 1989 he was elected a Fellow of All-Union Society "Memorial".
In the same year he ran for the deputies of the USSR, but was not elected. At the same time became one of the founding organizations of the Sverdlovsk - Movement of Democratic Choice ".
In the spring of 1990, he was elected people's deputy of Russia's 655 territorial constituency (Sverdlovsk), winning the first round in seven rivals. Headed the short-lived parliamentary group of the Ural. On the I Congress of People's Deputies was elected a member of the Supreme Council of the Republic
. At the first meeting of the Council of the Republic of Isakov votes democratically minded deputies elected Chairman of the Chamber, . Although Sun President Yeltsin has made more acceptable to the communist wing candidate: Party Committee Secretary Archangel A. Veshnyakov,
. As estimated by experts, Isakov, along with Shakhrai and Filatov in this period was a confidant of Yeltsin (then chairman of SC).
New Isakov criticized the leaders of BC (primarily - Ruslan Khasbulatov) at the II Congress of People's Deputies in December 1990, accusing them of procedural violations when deciding Presidium of the Supreme. At the same Congress, it became a member of the deputies of Agrarian (later - the faction of "Agrarian Union, part of the block" Russia's unity ").
In February 1991, signed a "political statement of the Supreme Council and the Congress, known as the" statement of six, "which condemned the policy of Yeltsin.
In March 1991 the movement "Democratic Choice" (which became the end of 1990 the regional office of the Movement of Democratic Russia ") has announced the expulsion of its members Isakov. At the same time in the Council of the Republic, where a relative majority belonged to the supporters of Yeltsin's campaign was started by the shift of Isakov's resignation as chairman of the House of. However, only after the events of August 1991, with the eighth attempt, in October 1991 an open roll-call vote Isakov was dismissed and his place was elected Nikolai Ryabov. (during the August events Isakov was one of the few members of the Presidium of the Supreme, who spoke out strongly against Russia's leadership position in relation to the State Emergency Committee).
From October 1991 to July 1993 was a member of the Committee on Industry and Energy. He was a member of the Constitutional Commission.
In December 1991, was one of 6 members of AC, who voted against the approval of Sun Belovezh agreements on the elimination of the USSR and the creation of the CIS.
After six statements in Sverdlovsk initiative group was established by withdrawal Isakov, a deputy. However, in May 1992, the Presidium of the Supreme refused to vote on the recall of a deputy Isakov, . because survey, . conducted in the district (82 000 votes for the tip) had no legal force, . and the collection of signatures (17 thousand signatures) initiative group was flawed,
In April 1992, at the VI Congress of People's Deputies, along with Astaf'eva, V. Aksyuchitsem, S. Baburin, N. Pavlova, GA Saenko and other factions of the opposition bloc led by "Russia's unity, uniting left and right opposition. Among the main requirements of the block were: the resignation of the government of Yegor Gaidar, removal from office of President Yeltsin, the recognition of the illegality of the elimination of the Soviet Union and CIS education.
In September 1992, signed among the 38 political leaders of the opposition, "Appeal to the Citizens of Russia", published Oct. 1 in the newspaper "Soviet Russia", calling for the establishment of the National Redemption Front (NRF). He went into the Organizing Committee of the Federal Tax Service, and at the founding Congress of the Front 24 October 1992 became a member of its Political Council and one of 9 co-chairs. At the II Congress of the National Salvation Front in July 1993 out of the governing bodies of the Federal Tax Service in connection with his election as chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Law.
During the VII Congress of People's Deputies called Yeltsin's demand to hold a referendum on confidence in Congress and the President of the "declaration of war against its own people".
At the VIII Congress voted for the abolition of the agreement on stabilization of the constitutional system, the failure of the referendum and the introduction of amendments to the constitution, limiting the powers of the President.
At the IX Congress was one of the initiators of the vote on impeaching the President and the early re-elected President of the Supreme Council.
In June 1993, headed the division created by the Committee on Legislation Committee on Constitutional Law (unofficially - the first committee SC). One of the first initiatives Isakov this post was the preparation of bills to abolish the decisions of the Supreme Council of the end of 1991, abolished the Soviet Union.
After the dissolution of parliament by President Yeltsin in September 1993 took an active part in the X Extraordinary Congress of People's Deputies. After the storming of the parliament building by government forces briefly detained by police.
December 12, 1993, Mr.. was elected to the State Duma on the list of the Agrarian Party of Russia. In 1994 he was elected chairman of the Committee on Legislation and Judicial and Legal Reform.
Initiated Act Gosmedkomissii, which according to his plan was to check the senior government officials on the subject of "persistent inability" performance of their duties.
8/4/1995 Viktor Ilyukhin (CP RF) tried to hold in the Duma, the law, but the attempt failed.
At the present time is working on drafting a law on the Constitutional Assembly (considers it necessary to conduct an audit of the current Constitution).

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  • The younger daughter for Isakov Vladimir Borisovich
  • Isakov Vladimir Borisovich currently is Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, . as well as the chair of Theory of State and Law and Comparative Law of the State University - Higher School of Economics. The father of three children.,
  • Isakov, VB - Youngest daughter for Isakov Vladimir Borisovich
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    Isakov Vladimir Borisovich, photo, biography
    Isakov Vladimir Borisovich, photo, biography Isakov Vladimir Borisovich  Head of the Legal Office of the State Duma, photo, biography
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