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Galina Karelova

( Chairman of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly on social policy.)

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Biography Galina Karelova
Date of Birth: June 29, 1950, Mr.. g. Bottom Salda, Sverdlovsk region.
She graduated from the Engineering and Economics Faculty of the Ural Polytechnic Institute (UPI). In 1977. postgraduate study of the same institute, defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Efficient use of time in his St. ides with the working time".
Candidate of Economic Sciences. The author and supervisor of the social program of one of the first in the country Sverdlovsk SWC.
For some time she worked at the factory RTI, then returned to the department of political economy UPI.
1972 -1990 gg. - Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of the Ural Polytechnic Institute.
In 1990. - Member of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Council of People's Deputies. 1992 - 1993 he. - Deputy Chairman of Sverdlovsk Regional Council of People's Deputies.
Since December 1993. - Member of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russia. Since January 1994. - Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russia on social policy.
Political views, position:
In September 1993, Mr.. made a proposal to establish a trust fund high school.
In its election program, Ms. Karelova, generally agreeing with the model of Mr. Gaidar, stressed that the weak link of this model in the absence of an organized system of relationships "Center - Region". Said she was ready to come up with a concrete proposal for the introduction of technology of budgetary accounts for the type of clearing. He needed to make Russia's government not only controlled the flow of taxes from the regions, but also the regions receive back their share of land development and.
Preferred in the election program, Ms. Karelova gave the block of social problems. First, in its view, the support of higher education, academia, as well as budgetary organizations.
Repeatedly emphasized that the significant importance of family and childhood issues. I am convinced that women politicians will be able to change the emphasis and the nature of the issues. That women can make to the policy of peace and to make its rules tial creative sphere deyaetelnost
Parties, public organizations:
Lead women's movement in the Sverdlovsk region.
After the election in 1990. Regional Council of People's Deputies, at first headed the Committee for social policy, then the innovation committee.
In November 1993, Mr.. electoral bloc "Russia's Choice" was nominated a candidate in the Federation Council. However, declined to run for the State Duma on the block with a squeak.
Just run for District 3 candidates. The turnout 48.78% of registered voters. Galina Karelova received 45% of voters who took part in the voting, which allowed it after the former head of the administration of Eduard Rossel (received 60% of votes) to become a deputy of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russia.
The third candidate - CEO aluminum plant Sysoev - received 23% of the vote.

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    Galina Karelova, photo, biography
    Galina Karelova, photo, biography Galina Karelova  Chairman of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly on social policy., photo, biography
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