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Kasatonov Igor

( Deputy Chief of the Navy of Russia)

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Biography Kasatonov Igor
Date of birth: 10 fevpalya 1939 Rhode Kasatonov comes from the Kursk region. Father - Admiral Vladimir Afanasievich Kasatonov - was the commander of the Black Sea Fleet in the years 1955-1962
. In 1956, after graduating from high school (with a silver medal), entered the Black Sea Higher Naval School im.P.S.Nahimova in Sevastopol
. He graduated from college in 1960, specializing in Missiles
. In Naval College, graduated from the Naval classes of the Navy, the Naval Academy, the Academy of General Staff, Faculty of Automation and remote control of the Sevastopol Institute of Instrumentation Engineering (in absentia)
. His wife - Julia - the daughter of Rear-Admiral Trofimova
. Admiral
. Member of Peter's Academy of Sciences and Arts
In October-December 1992 Kasatonov ran for the deputies of Russia on by-election. He was nominated by seamen and residents of Novorossiysk on the 17-th Krasnodar national-territorial constituency (vacancy was the result of the transition deputy Vladimir Shumeyko to work in government).
Among the contenders were Kasatonov Konstantin Borovoy and Nikolai Kondratenko. The elections were recognized nesostoyavishimisya because of poor voter turnout (in April 1993, this place was chosen Nikolai Kondratenko).
Life path:
Service began a lieutenant on the destroyer of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) "angry".
In 1961 made it ultra-long sea passage from the Black Sea around Europe and then - the northern sea route to the base of the Pacific Fleet (TOF). On the "angry" commanded a battery of cruise missiles, spent 6 successful launches of military. Conducted classes on rockets from the fleet arrived at a group of generals of the General Staff Military Academy.
In 1970 he was appointed commander of a large anti-submarine ship (BPK) "Prompt" (BSF). In 1974, after graduating from the Naval Academy, assumed command of the new BOD Ochakov, ahead of receiving the rank of captain rank 2.
From 1981 to 1986 he commanded the Kola Flotilla. In August 1986, was submitted to the Chief of Staff of the fleet, but fleet happened PE death and the appointment did not take place.
Prior to his appointment to the post of commander of the BSF (autumn 1991) Kasatonov was chief of staff of the Northern Fleet (in this capacity he led one of the first visits of Soviet warships in the U.S.).
Since the autumn of 1991 to October 1992 was commander of the Black Sea Fleet.
In October 1992 Kasatonov was appointed first deputy chief of the navy Rossii.Dolzhnost commander of BSF has been vacant for some time. Then the team became Eduard Baltin.
Political views, position:
She is an active opponent of the partition of the Black Sea Fleet between Ukraine and Russia, opposed the "Ukrainianization" BSF personnel and taking the oath of allegiance to Ukraine.
Kasatonov sacked in stock warrants, and suspended from the posts of officers of the ship under the command of Captain 3rd rank Timur Suleimenov, take such oath, and then said: "I'll just continue to do".
Organizational structure of the Ukrainian Navy admiral called "enemy organizations", accusing them of eavesdropping of his telephone conversations, surveillance of the house and car. Concerning the possibility of changing the flags, said: "There is a naval tradition: if Russia's flag is raised, then lowered it never will".
Intransigence Kasatonov aroused sharply negative reaction from the Ukrainian authorities. But despite the demands of Kiev Kasatonov removed from his post as commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Russia's leadership a long time did not.

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Kasatonov Igor, photo, biography
Kasatonov Igor, photo, biography Kasatonov Igor  Deputy Chief of the Navy of Russia, photo, biography
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