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Klimantova Galina

( Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Women, Family and Youth. MP GosuDumy from electoral associations 'political movement' Women)

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Biography Klimantova Galina
Date of Birth: July 27, 1944. s Novyanskoe Alapaevskii district of Sverdlovsk region
. She graduated from Ural State University (major in education - linguist, teacher of Russian language and literature) and the Faculty of Journalism of the Higher Party School of the Central Committee
. Honored Worker of Culture of the Udmurt Republic.
In an interview with RIA in September 1994 Klimantova stated that it views the events of October 1993 as "the greatest national tragedy". "Confrontation of the legislative and executive branches of government - the situation is not normal. - She said. - The authorities should feel responsible to the people <...> this responsibility and did not have the Supreme Council, who had a very humane calls and he had to follow ".
Life path:
In 1967. Graduated from Ural State University. Since 1967. worked in Udmurtia: editor on the radio, the chief editor of the Republican youth newspaper, secretary of the Republican Council of Trade Unions.
More than 9 years worked in the executive branch - including the head of the department of the Family Council of Ministers of the Republic of Udmurtia, head of the department of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Udmurtia. Chaired the Women's Union of the Udmurt Republic. In 1977. graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Higher Party School of the Central Committee.
Klimantova autumn of 1993, the then head of the office of the Council of Ministers of the Department of Udmurtia on the Family, ran for the State Duma for single-mandate constituency in Udmurtia. Since 1993 - member of the political movement "Women of Russia". Took part in the development of the Republican Task comprehensive program for women's health and family planning. Developed the concept of development of women's movement in the republic. State Duma Federal Assembly of 12 December 1993. January 20, 1994 at a meeting of Parliament Klimantova was approved in the position of chairman of the Duma's Committee on Women, Family and Youth.
Galina Klimantova member of the delegation of the State Duma, visited in March 1994 an official visit to the U.S.. The delegation was headed by State Duma Speaker Ivan Rybkin, . was composed of the chairpersons of the committees of the State Duma: International Affairs - Vladimir Lukin, . economic policy - Sergei Glazyev, . Budget, . Taxes, . Banks and Finance - Michael Zadornov, . Defense - SergeiYushenkov,
. During the 6-day visit to Russia's parliament adopted the leadership of the Congress and the administration of U.S. President, . State Department heads, . U.S. Department of Defense and several other ministries, . Congressmen, . representatives of the scientific community,
. In April 1994, at the press conference members of the State Duma Committee on Women, Family and Youth called "national catastrophe" the demographic situation in Russia. In particular, the committee chairman, Galina Klimantova reported that in 69 regions of Russia the death rate exceeded the birth rate. In April 1994, Klimantova visited Yekaterinburg, in the light of her visit, the newspaper Ural worker "noted that the Chairman of the Committee on Women, Family and Youth" will be in charge of the Duma of the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk Oblast ".
Klimantova participated in the opened May 18, 1994 in Moscow conference "Russia's National Interests: A View of Women". The forum was attended by deputies of the Duma Irina Hakamada, Ella Pamfilova, Director General of the International Association of trading companies Elena Medvedkova. The event was held under the auspices of the Liberal Women's Fund, which is chaired by Irina Hakamada.
In August 1994, Galina Klimantova became part of Russia's delegation to the Forum "Life and work of women - the joy and freedom", which was held in the Finnish city of Turku, under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Parliament of Northern. The structure of Russia's delegation also includes Minister of Social Protection of Russia Lyudmila Bezlepkina, . Representatives of various state and public organizations, . including - deputies of the Federal Assembly Galina Karelova, . Larissa Babukha and Lyudmila Zavadskaya,
Order rosssiyskogo Government on May 15, 1995 Galina Klimantova was included in the National Council on the preparation and holding of the IV World Conference on Women: Action for Equality, Development and Peace "
. June 21, 1995 during the parliamentary votes of no confidence in the government of Viktor Chernomyrdin (saboteurs after the capture of Shamil Basayev, the hostages in Budennovsk and unsuccessful operation Russian special services for their release) Klimantova, . like most members of the group "Women of Russia", . abstained,
In the first half of 1995, the Committee on Women, Family and Youth has prepared a draft of the Family Code (in particular, introducing the concept of "marriage contract"), adopted by the Parliament in October 1995. The document also removes the formal restrictions on judicial clarification of paternity, determine the procedure to determine the origin of a child born through artificial insemination. Previously, a number of trained Klimantovoy headed the parliamentary committee bills was criticized media - including the Maintenance Act, the Adoption Act, which violates the rights of no man's children, the Law on Child Benefits. These documents, according to journalists, "Izvestia", infringe upon the rights of men.
August 17, 1995 political movement "Women of Russia" approved the federal list of their candidates in the State Duma, in which Galina Klimantova won 3rd place. In addition, Klimantova put forward this motion to ballot for election of Izhevsk single-mandate electoral district N 28. In autumn 1995 Klimantova in the delegation of Russia participated in the IV World Conference on Women held in Beijing. In October 1995 Klimantova visited France as part of a parliamentary delegation led by Ivan Rybkin.

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Klimantova Galina, photo, biography
Klimantova Galina, photo, biography Klimantova Galina  Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Women, Family and Youth. MP GosuDumy from electoral associations 'political movement' Women, photo, biography
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