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Kozhokin Eugene M.

( Director of the Institute of Strategic Studies under the government of Russia)

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Biography Kozhokin Eugene M.
Date of Birth: April 9, 1954
In 1977 he graduated in history from Moscow State University (MSU). In the years 1977-1980 - postgraduate student of Moscow State University. Specializes in modern and contemporary history of France
. Candidate of historical sciences, a thesis on "The formation of class consciousness of the French proletariat (30-40-e gg.XIX in.)" Defended in 1981
. Author of books "French workers from the great bourgeois revolution before the Revolution 1848." (1985), "The State and the people of the Fronde to the French Revolution" (1989), as well as articles in scientific journals and periodicals
Worked in the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations Armed Forces, headed the subcommittee on Foreign Affairs. At the VI Congress (April 1992) was elected a member of the Supreme Council of the Republic.
He was a member of the parliamentary group (faction) "Democratic Russia", and then - the faction "Change - New Politics". During the VI Congress of People's Deputies came out of "Change" with the minority faction progaydarovskim. In May 1992, signed an appeal to establish a non-factional parliamentary group "Reform", but very active in its work did not show.
In December 1992, participated in the creation of the faction "Consent for the sake of progress" and became one of the five members of its Board. Since June 1992, headed the subcommittee on Intelligence and International Security Committee Sun on Defense and Security.
Life path:
From 1971-1972 he worked Comptroller department of technical control of the Research Institute of Automation and Instrumentation. In 1972 - a loader at the leather factory.
In 1980-1984, worked as a research assistant at the Institute of international labor movement, in the years 1984-1990 - a senior researcher at the Institute of World History USSR. In 1988 he participated in the creation of the Society of Young Historians. Formally, the society was founded, but his activity was negligible.
Became part initiated by Andrei Sakharov and Yuri Afanasyev club liberal intelligentsia "Moscow Tribune".
During the attempted coup in August 1991, immediately went to Moscow and, starting from August 20, was in the White House. In autumn 1991, led a team of observers from Russia in Nagorny-Karabakh.
In late 1991, the Alumni Association voted against the historical faculty of Moscow State University (in absentia) Kozhokina for election to the board in relation to dissatisfaction with the democratic thrust of his political activities.
From September 1993 - a member of Yeltsin established a working group to review the draft Constitution, approved by the Constitutional Council, and the preparation of proposals for a common, agreed draft Constitution of RF
. In September 1993, at the session of the Supreme Council, . convened Khasbulatov after Yeltsin's decree to dissolve parliament, . was one of three deputies, . voted against the order for termination of Yeltsin's presidential powers (the other two - Sergei Nosovets and Abdul Mikitaev),
Political views, position:
Determine their political views as liberal. Occupies, in his words, the position of "critical support" to Yeltsin.
Parties, public organizations: A member of the Communist Party from 1976 until its liquidation in 1991.
In late 1989, participated in the establishment of an alliance of democratic organizations in Moscow "Elections 90", introducing it in company of young historians, in January 1990, entered the electoral bloc "Democratic Russia" (DR).
In 1993 he joined the party of free labor Rossiyskuyu (RPST) and the II Congress RPST in June 1993 was elected a member of the Federal government
. In August-September 1993 took part in a committee "Consent for the sake of the Motherland" - a new, centrist organization, . comprising various policy orientations - from a Democrat-eltsinista Poptsova Oleg to members of the parliamentary opposition bloc "Russia's unity," Vyacheslav Readings and Socialist Ludmila Vartazarovoy.,

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  • Irina Taranto for Kozhokin Eugene M.
  • Zhenya, hello! Very long time did not communicate. I am in New York, came to visit Ilya has long asked me in touch with you, but somehow it did not work. More so that your efforts (for which I am very grateful) failed. Either way, it would be nice to continue the dialogue. How are your girls?
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    Kozhokin Eugene M., photo, biography
    Kozhokin Eugene M., photo, biography Kozhokin Eugene M.  Director of the Institute of Strategic Studies under the government of Russia, photo, biography
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