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Kondratiev George G.

( Chief Military Expert, Ministry of Emergency Situations)

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Biography Kondratiev George G.
Date of Birth: November 17 194glavnogo military expert of the Ministry for Emergency Situations. 4 g in 1965 graduated from Kharkov Guards Tank Command School (cum laude) in 1973. - Military Academy of Armored Forces im.R.Ya.Malinovskogo (Hons) in 1985. - Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR (with honors and a gold medal).
He was awarded two Orders of Red Banner, Order of Red Star, "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" II and III degree, and 15 medals. Generaloberst. In 1995, the Bryansk Regional Duma G. Kondratiev awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen of the field".
January 20, 1995, speaking at a press conference in Moscow, Georgy Kondratyev described the dismissal of three Deputy Minister of Defense as a "return to 37, when many military commanders, becoming disagreeable, were persecuted and executed". Kondratyev said that was wicked in the Minister of Defense because of disagreement with the preparation and methods of conducting military operations in Chechnya. By Yeo said, first of all, it was necessary to organize the interaction and control of troops, creating a group of troops to conduct operations, and not send to the capture of the city scattered shelves. I do not agree, Colonel-General and with the ways of warfare directly in Grozny. To carry out this operation was a necessity of thorough training of personnel units, which was defense minister said. General Kondratiev had not received orders to carry out the operation in Chechnya. For its implementation, in the first place, according to Kondratieff, it was necessary to his appointment as commander of the North Caucasian Military District. As Deputy Defense Minister Kondratiev had no apparatus with which it was possible to plan, organize and carry out such an operation.
According to him, "for three months, the Military Collegium is not involved in personnel matters in the MoD, it is replaced by a small circle of aides Minister of Defense" (generals Lapshevym, Ivanov and Elena Agapova).
Life path:
After 9 classes went rabotot fitter at the factory and at the same time he studied at night school for working youth.
Service in the armed forces began in the position of commander of a tank platoon, then a commander of a tank company. Chief of Staff of the regiment (1973-1974 gg.) Commander of the regiment (1974-1978 gg.) Deputy division commander, division commander (1978-1985 gg.).
G. Kondratiev served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, Moscow, Carpathian, Trans-Baikal Military Districts.
According to the book "Who's Who" in 1985 Georgy Kondratyev was appointed first deputy army commander in the Turkestan Military District (up to 1987.), Then - the army commander (1987-1989)..
According to official information movement "Duma-96, from April 1986 to January 1988 Georgy Kondratyev was the first deputy commander of the 40 th Army Boris Gromov on the fighting in Afghanistan. He served as command Pavel Grachev, who at the time headed Airborne Division.
Deputy commander of the Turkestan Military District (1989-1991 gg.) Commander of the Red Banner of the Turkestan Military District (1991-1992 gg.). In the last years of the USSR, this is located in the five Central Asian republics, the district was one of the most complex military-political situation. In particular, the zones of ethnic conflicts on its territory were Osh, Ferghana, Dushanbe.
On June 10, 1992, Mr.. - Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, was in charge of peacekeeping forces. During his stay in this position performs the task of ending armed conflict in the "hot spots" of the former Soviet Union. G. Kondratyev led peacekeeping operations in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, North and South 0setii, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria, Abkhazia.
In early September 1992 Kondratiev attended the Control Commission for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Abkhazia. From the Georgian side in the work of the commission attended by Georgian Prime Minister Tengiz Sigua, . Defense Minister Tengiz Kitovani, . Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights and Ethnic Relations in Georgia Alexander Kavsadze, . Deputy Chairman of the State Council of Jaba Ioseliani, with the Abkhaz - Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers Zurab Labahua, . Supreme Council of Abkhazia, Sergei Shamba, . Said Tarki, . David Pilia, . as well as the head of the Abkhaz armed forces, Colonel Viktor kakalia,
. Russia's delegation was headed by Undersecretary of State Committee for Emergency Situations Yuri Vorobyov, it also became Deputy Minister of Security of Russia Alexander Sofronov.
December 25, 1992 Georgy Kondratyev made in the Supreme Soviet of Russia with information about the situation in Georgia, in particular, saying "Russia's military is able to take any action, but we need guidance".
In October 1993, under the direct orders of President of Russia, General Georgy Kondratyev, together with Konstantin Kobets was one of the leaders of the Armed Forces stormed the building - the White House.
According to RIA citing "informed sources", December 21, 1994 in Mozdok after the arrival of Defense Minister Pavel Grachev met high military command. During the debate the disarmament of illegal armed formations on the territory of the Chechen Republic "for indecision and inaction" from the leadership of the operation was suspended several top managers Defense, . Glavkomat Army and the North Caucasus Military District,
. First Deputy Defense Minister Colonel General Georgy Kondratyev was invited to resign
. Deputy Commander in Chief Land Forces, Colonel-General Eduard Vorobyov, . Commander of the North Caucasus Military District, Colonel-General Mityukhin, . Chief of Staff of the North Caucasus Military District, Lieutenant-General Potapov, . First Deputy Commander of the North Caucasus Military District, Lieutenant-General Chilindin were removed from their posts,

. December 27, 1994, . According to Radio Liberty, . Defense Minister Pavel Grachev at a meeting with his deputies Boris Gromov, . George Kodratevym and Valery Mironov told them, . that the service will be only one of three alternates - victorious in the appropriate category,
. How sobschilo Radio Liberty, "according to one of the potential bidders, it was done deliberately to provoke a clash between Mironov, Gromov and Kondratyev for a place under the sun". However, reporters noted, "Pavel Grachev, this maneuver failed, as Gromov, Mironov and Kondratiev considered humiliating for him to participate in a certain competition".
February 9, 1995 Georgy Kondratyev was dismissed as Deputy Defense Minister Decree of the President of Russia. The reason for dismissal was a disagreement with the methods of conducting combat operations in Chechnya. Simultaneously with Kondratiev was removed another Deputy Minister - Matvey Burlakov, a former commander of the Western Group of Forces, whose work provoked sharp criticism of the media.
September 15, 1995 in the village Nahabino Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region was held on the consecration of the chapel in honor of "the martyr and ispovedalnika Maxima, which its builders dedicated killed in Afghanistan and Chechnya countrymen. The chapel was built in memory of the deceased on Jan. 8 in Grozny, the sergeant special forces airborne troops Maxima Kislichka, buried in Nakhabino, the means of his family and Georgi Kondratyev. According to some media, Kondratiev was a friend of the family of the deceased and helped to Maxim to travel to serve in the Airborne.
For the general construction of the chapel Kondratiev (which he, according to confidential information of the newspaper "Today", has spent 97 million rubles. personal money) in part, he said, was the redemption of past sins: "Although I did not go to Chechnya, but in Afghanistan people sent to death".
October 2, 1995 President of Russia Boris Yeltsin issued a decree appointed Colonel General Georgy Kondratyev the position of chief military expert of the Ministry for Emergency Situations. Kondratiev was last employed three deputy ministers of defense, dismissed from office in February 1995. Earlier, his former colleague, Boris Gromov was the chief military expert of the Foreign Ministry, and Valery Mironov - in the government of Russia.
In the new position Kondratiev was appointed after a preliminary agreement Pavel Grachev and Sergei Shoigu. Press Service of Ministry of Emergency Situations told the Izvestia newspaper, which is primarily interested in the professional ministry as the chief military expert, but not his political leanings. And though the work Georgi Kondratyev will be primarily consultative in nature, the MOE believes that in case he will cope with any practical problem.
In autumn 1995 at the Congress of the electoral association DUMA-96 'more than fifty representatives of the regions of Russia was unanimously elected General G. Kondratiev candidate for the State Duma. Kondratiev took 3rd place in the general federal electoral roll motion "Duma-96".
Also Kondratiev intended to run for the Duma in Bryansk 65-th single-mandate constituency
. Third-party evaluation, characteristics:
. In February 1995, in an interview with radio station Ekho Moskvy, the commander of 14 Army Lieutenant-General Alexander Lebed, said: "I do not know the reasons for the resignation of Matthew Burlakova and Georgi Kondratyev, . although the Burlakova I guess, . and Kondratiev, . According to my information, . worthy General,
. Perhaps that's why it was removed and ". According to Lebed, Kondratyev "shifted probably because he had vigorously protested to Bedlam, which was preceded by sending troops into Chechnya. I have no doubt "
. In July 1995,, . after the departure of George from the post of Deputy Minister of Kondratieff Defense, . Pavel Grachev, said in an interview with the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda: "Afghans" Boris Gromov, . Valery Mironov, . Georgy Kondratyev, . with whom I once fought, . became key figures in the Ministry of, . formed the core team. ",

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KONDRATIEV Vyacheslav Leonidovich

Kondratiev George G., photo, biography
Kondratiev George G., photo, biography Kondratiev George G.  Chief Military Expert, Ministry of Emergency Situations, photo, biography
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