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HOOKS Anatoly Viktorovich

( Member of the Political Council of the Federal Tax Service.)

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Biography HOOKS Anatoly Viktorovich
photo HOOKS Anatoly Viktorovich
Born April 29, 1944 Place of birth Village Hirino Ryazan region Ryazan region. Married. Has two daughters - Helen, born in 1969 and Olga, born in 1975. Xenia. He is fond of skiing, reading. Lieutenant Colonel, Candidate of Legal Sciences (1979). Author of scientific works were published in editions for internal use, private benefits of Criminology. Were published in newspapers as "Lenin's banner," "Thought" (body "Marxist platform of the CPSU"), "The Truth".
Negative attitude to the Movement of Democratic Russia, the Movement of Democratic Reforms, and other friends of his movements and parties. Supports regulation of prices, especially for food products, the introduction of wage indexation. Coup on 19-21 August 1991 estimates, as a provocation.
The question: "Do you think that human rights are more important than the rights of the nation and gosudarstvaN, said that in a democratic society, human rights should not be opposed to the rights of the nation. Opponent collapse of the USSR, condemned the laws on citizenship, adopted in Estonia and Latvia.
Life Path
In 1959 he graduated from high school in pos.Dyagilevo at Ryazan, in 1963 - puteynoe branch Ryazan college railway transport.
From February to October 1964 worked as a senior worker, foreman Puteiskiy Brigade station Vaе┌ova Tula region. In 1964-1967 he served in the Army. From October 1967 to October 1969 worked as riveters, engineers, foreman at the Ryazan military aircraft repair plant.
In 1969-1974 he studied at the Higher Institute of Legal Correspondence (VYUZI), at the same time (1969-1975) worked as a district inspector of police and chief of the department of preventive services in the Railway District Department of the Interior city of Ryazan. Since August 1974 - Associate, since 1979 - teacher, and then - senior lecturer of the Academy of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) of the USSR.
From August 1983 to February 1992 - Senior and then Senior Researcher, Scientific Research Institute (VNII), Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. Member of the CPSU from December 1970 until its prohibition.
In 1974-1975, and then in 1982-1983, attempted, in his words, a group of like-minded people who want to actively oppose the political course of the party leadership of the country. In the first case, the group was created, but received no development in the second - it failed to form. From September 1989 - one of the organizers of the Communist Party section of the Moscow club "Communists for restructuring", with the December 27, 1989 - Member of the Board partkluba. On January 31, 1990 - Member of the Federation of Marxist partklubov.
On April 15, 1990 - Member of the Coordinating Council of motion "Marxist platform of the CPSU". In September 1990, during the second phase of the Constituent Congress of the Communist Party of the RSFSR was elected a member of the Communist Party of the RSFSR.
In 1990, during the elections of People's Deputies of the RSFSR was a confidant of the Deputy Chief of VNII MVD USSR G. Tumanov, who acted for election to the center-communist positions close to the Marxist platform (not elected). In 1990-1992, was responsible for the release of the five issues of the newspaper "idea".
After the ban of the CPSU in August 1991 became one of the founders of Russia Communist Party (PKK) - one of the two parties formed on the basis of Marxist Platform in CPSU. He was a member of the organizing committee PKK.
On December 15, 1991 - Deputy Chairman of the Political Council of the CEC PKK. Refused at the time of the post of chairman, which has remained vacant. May 15, 1992 was elected chairman of the Political Council of the CEC.
Since the autumn of 1991 - one of the organizers of rallies and demonstrations with the participation of the PKK. Provided along with the other members of the party organizational, technical and other assistance to the Organizing Committee of VI Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR ". In January 1992, initiated an ongoing consultation of party leaders and organizations have formed on the basis of the former Communist Party, to establish their political power (the first meeting was held on January 17, 1992).
In August 1992, participated in the meeting of leaders kommunistichskih and workers' parties of the former Soviet Union, which proposed the creation of Russia's Political Consultative Conference of Communist Parties (Roskomsovet). At the meeting Roskomsoveta in October 1992, offered to prepare and conduct the All-Russia Congress of the Communists, with the participation of all the new Communist Russia.
He was elected deputy chairman of the organizing committee Intsiativnogo Rehabilitation Congress of the Communist Party of the RSFSR (the chairman - Valentin Kuptsov), but in February 1992, the Congress established the Communist Party of Russia (IP Code) was not included. Considers ideology manual RF overly dogmatic.
In the process of rebuilding the CPSU was not involved and treated Orkomiteta of the CPSU Central Committee, headed by Konstantin Nikolaev and Alexei Prigarin negative.
In July 1993, the PKK has entered into the National Redemption Front (NRF), and the hooks became a member of the Political Council of the Federal Tax Service
. In September 1993, after Yeltsin's decree dissolving parliament signed on behalf of the PKK "Statement of representatives of public and political organizations of Russia", . which indicated the end of Yeltsin's presidential powers under Article 120-6 of the Constitution of Russia and demanded "to bring to justice those, . perpetrators of grave breaches of the Basic Law of Russia ",
. Conducted rallies of the parliament from the balcony of the White House. Nevertheless, led by Kryuchkov PKK has not been banned.

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HOOKS Anatoly Viktorovich, photo, biography
HOOKS Anatoly Viktorovich, photo, biography HOOKS Anatoly Viktorovich  Member of the Political Council of the Federal Tax Service., photo, biography
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