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Kurochkin Viktor

( Editor and one of the founders of the 'People's newspaper (Chita).)

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Biography Kurochkin Viktor
Born into a peasant family. January 10, 1954, Mr.. Place of Birth: Village Secret Gazimuro-plant district of the Chita region. Married. Has two children. Son - a student Chita Railway Technical School, daughter - schoolgirl
Member of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Chita region, Chita electoral district N 75.
Member of the Federation Council on Constitutional Legislation and Judicial and Legal Issues.
Member of the Board of SF on Rules and Parliamentary Procedures.
Military service in the Soviet Army took place in the Trans-Baikal Military District.
Since 1971. - Working Novoshirokinskogo mining and processing enterprise, the Chita Region.
Since 1975. - Correspondent, department head of the regional newspaper "The Way of Lenin", pos.Chernyshevsk, Chita Region.
Since 1982, Mr.. - Deputy editor, editor of the regional newspaper "Daurskaya virgin soil, g.Borzya.
From 1985 to 1991. - Editor of the regional newspaper "Komsomolets Transbaikalia, Chita. Editor of "People's Newspaper, Chita.
The consistent struggle against the Party nomenklatura, its abuse of power and privilege led to the fact that in February 1991. Viktor Kurochkin was fired from his job for political reasons. However, after three months on voluntary donations cheat intsev created People's Newspaper, and Kurochkin became its editor and one of the founders.
Since December 1993. - Member of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russia
. Political views, position:
. In its election program (1993), Mr. Kurochkin said, . that his desire to participate in the elections due to the desire to help Russia to become a civilized state, . which respect for human rights, and where every citizen would be assured Hon oyny standard of living,
. Such an idea was born from him, when he learned the truth about the millions of compatriots, the innocent tortured during the political terror in the USSR. It was then that the desire to restore justice to the repressed and make tons of AK, the tragedy is never repeated.
The first part has already been conceived to fulfill - A Committee of memory of repression victims, a monument to the dead in Chita, a memorial to open in mass graves in the area Smolenki, assisted by the former prison camp. But from re trouble we are not insured. There is no legal basis to lay the foundations of a democratic state, it enjoys the confidence of the people strong power.
Most people's deputies of Russia last convocation, in the opinion of Mr. Kurochkin, accounted for the Party and the Soviet bureaucratic nomenclature. The risk of prejudice to the rights of people to continue, if the majority in the parliament once again prove to officials. Given that the fight against them, as the editor of the People's Newspaper "or community leaders, it is almost impossible, decided to run for the Council of Federation.
In creating the legal framework for the continuation of democratic reforms, sees the main task of the new parliament.
He believes that the most durable stone in the foundation of Russia as the rule of law provides a new draft constitution. Considers that the main advantage of this project - a reliable protection of everyone against arbitrary and lawless.
Mr. Kurochkin said that the current head of the district and city administrations yesterday sat in the apparatus of the district and town committees, and now moved over to chair the first of the new authorities.
The main mistake of President Boris Yeltsin, according Kurochkin, is that the President has not changed the management system we inherited from the Soviet totalitarian state. Head of Administration, for example, continues to designate and appoint, as a rule, from the nomenclature. It turns out that he is responsible only to those who appointed him (and therefore may be withdrawn), but not to the people of this territory. In a democracy, the first person should be elected by the people, and vacancies in key positions in government may be filled only on a competitive basis.
Mr. Kurochkin convinced that everyone who is in the public service, must submit regular returns on their income and expenditure. This will put an official in the framework of the law. While it remains the old system of governance, and that it is a major brake on reforms
. Speaking about the social program, . Mr. Kurochkin said, . that if we compare the current standard of living of the population since 1913, . then its decline is clearly influenced by the October Revolution in 1917, . and if to December 1991, . when the shops were perfectly empty, . and products and goods are distributed on coupons, . that question is inappropriate,
. Another thing is that the standard of living remains very low and need a lot of work on improving it, which is how he intends to engage in the Federal Assembly.
By the sale of land is quiet. He believes that without private ownership of land does not revive the village. The order of sale of land, in his opinion, should set the Federal Assembly, giving preference to those on this earth processes.
He was a member of the CPSU prior to August 1991.
In November 1993, Mr.. group of voters has been nominated as a candidate for deputy of the Federation Council for Chita binomial electoral district N75.
The elections served as an independent candidate. His nomination was supported by Chita detective bureau Aleko, farmers, regional Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, a group "People's Newspaper". Just run for District 6 candidates. In the ballot NII attended 51,9% of registered voters.
Mr. Kurochkin victory with 23,22% of voters who took part in voting and, together with AI Dovgjallo, which received 26.81% of votes, became deputy.
The main rivals of Mr. Kurochkin were: SL Shiryaev, director of the coal mine "East" and F. H. Sharp, Deputy Chairman of the Property Fund of the Chita region. Included in the list of support block Russia's Choice.
During the work, Mr. Kurochkin as editor of the regional youth newspaper "Komsomolets Transbaikalia" newspaper has become one of the most popular in the.
Editor and one of the founders of the Chita "People's Newspaper".

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