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Lymar Lyubov

( Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Movement of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia `)

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Biography Lymar Lyubov
Birth 1941.
October 28, 1992 Lymar spoke on behalf of the movement "Soldiers' Mothers of Russia, demanding the dissolution of parliament, the Congress of People's Deputies and the introduction of a requirement in the country of direct presidential rule.
Member of the Constitutional Council in the summer of 1993. June 13, 1993 at the Constitutional Meeting. A representative of the Soldiers' Mothers "L. Lymar required to put on a second ballot version of the article proposed by the movement: "... the army is formed on a contract basis ...". The amendment was approved by a majority vote. Approved an amendment to limit the rights of servicemen.
Elections 1993. the State Duma (from the movement "Cedar") lost to Vladimir Golovlyovo. November 14, 1993 Lymar uchastvovla in the march and protest rally at the main post office of the city of Chelyabinsk Russia against the presidential decree on conscription in the army full-time students of technical schools and colleges, will.
Contributed 16 May 1994 in protest in Pushkin Square in Moscow against the death of sons in the army. Parents of soldiers demanded an investigation into the death of soldiers in the army in peacetime, to abolish the requirement of universal conscription law on the Status of Soldiers' Mothers.
Picketing GDRF movement Soldiers 'Mothers Love Lymar demanded the adoption of the Law on the Status of Soldiers' Mothers, the repeal of the universal conscription.
Participated in a three-day hunger strike in front of the Prosecutor General's Office, demanding "clear and unconditional" resignation of the chief military prosecutor Valery Panicheva.
In 1995 Lymar became deputy chairman of the "Federal-Democratic Movement" Oleg Novikov. In 1995. Lymar participated in the protest movement of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia against military action in Chechnya on January 9 at 8.30 am at the building of the Ministry of Defense. Organization to the following main demands: the withdrawal of troops from Chechnya, . dissolution of the Security Council under the President of Russia, . An international trial of the "initiated a bloody war", . appointed Minister of Defense civilian,, . repeal of the law on universal conscription,
L. Lymar called "all the mothers whose sons were wounded, killed or are in Chechnya," support the movement of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia ".
May 25, 1995, Mr.. movement of Soldiers' Mothers "led by Lyudmila Lymar conducted picketing Russia's State Duma. Also participated in the picketing member of the Public Council on Human Alexeyev told the troops, ITAR-TASS that the deputies did not pay any attention to the protesters. The only deputy who came to the mothers, was the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. However, Alexeyev said, once it became clear that he came not to help the Soldiers' Mothers ", and to once again show - say, Zhirinovsky and his mother, while abroad it can also consist in a group of fascists". In 1995 Lymar runs in GDRF 6-th convocation of the Ecological Party "Cedar".
L. Lymar favor of replacing the principle of extraterritorial service in the territorial, place of residence. From an interview with People's Newspaper "19 yanvaya 1994" I never intended to engage in politics. But woe to mothers did not choose. As fate would have it that I, having drunk the cup of suffering, including in the struggle for the fact that evil on earth was as little as possible. I believe that the new parliament is simply obliged to enact laws on state responsibility for the life, health, human dignity, intended to defend the homeland. "

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Lymar Lyubov, photo, biography
Lymar Lyubov, photo, biography Lymar Lyubov  Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Movement of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia `, photo, biography
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