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Maskhadov, Aslan (Khalid) Alievich

( In July 1998, the Acting Prime Minister of Chechnya, combining this position with the presidency.)

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Biography Maskhadov, Aslan (Khalid) Alievich

Birth 21 September 1951, Mr.. He graduated from the Tbilisi Artillery School senior in 1972, In 1981. - Leningrad Military Academy. MIKalinin.
In 1972, after graduating from military college, was sent to the Far Eastern military district commander of the platoon.
Passed all stages of the job ladder to the Army Chief of Staff Division.
In 1981, after graduating from the military academy, was assigned to Hungary for the post of commander of the division. Then he was appointed commander of the regiment.
Later commanded a regiment in the Baltic Military District. Then he was appointed Head of missile troops and artillery divisions, dislatsirovannoy in the same district.
In January 1990, at the time by supporters of independence of Lithuania, Maskhadov was in Vilnius.
C 1991. - Head of the Civil Defense of the Chechen Republic, the Deputy Chief of Staff, Sun CR.
In 1992. Colonel Maskhadov resigned from Russia's army and took the post of Deputy Chief of Staff of the CR.
Since March 1994. - Chief of General Staff, Sun CR.
C December 1994. January 1995. led the defense of the presidential palace in Grozny.
In June 1995, Mr.. headed headquarters Dudayev forces in Dargo.
In August-October 1995. led a group of military representatives Dudaev delegation to the Russo-Chechen talks.
In August 1996, Mr.. represented by Chechen separatists in talks with Security Council Secretary Alexander Lebed
October 17, 1996, Mr.. was appointed to the post of prime minister of a coalition government in Chechnya with the phrase "transitional".
November 23, 1996, Mr.. signed an agreement on principles of mutual relations between the federal center and the Chechen Republic. From Russia's federal delegation agreement was signed by Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, Russia
. In December 1996, . in accordance with the law on elections, . gone with the official positions - prime minister of a coalition government, . Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, . Deputy Chief of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Sun, . to be eligible to run for president of Chechnya,
January 27, 1997, Mr.. elected president of the Chechen Republic
. Since July 1998, the Acting Prime Minister of Chechnya, combining this position with the presidency.
. In December 1998, the constitutional powers of Maskhadov under the pretext of its "pro position" trying to challenge the "warlords Shamil Basayev, Salman Raduyev and Khunkar Israpilov
. They headed 'Council of the Chechen commanders' demanded of the Supreme Sharia Court of Maskhadov's removal from office. Sharia Court suggested that Maskhadov unilaterally break off relations with Russia
. September 11, 1999, Maskhadov sent a personal message to Alexander Lebed asking again, as in August 1996, to meet in Khasavyurt, "to prevent another large-scale war."
. October 27, 1999, Maskhadov signed a decree on the establishment of gangs "special purpose", which is equipped with criminals released from prison, volunteered to join it.
. In October 2000, in an interview with Liberation said that under his command are a total of 33 thousand
. man, and that "the conflict in Chechnya is not religious and has nothing to do with Wahhabism."
. In June and in December 2000, was wounded (in the words Troshev, Maskhadov was seen with a bandaged head and chest, "why he had" changed diction ").
. In an interview with Nezavisimaya Gazeta "(February 2001), Maskhadov said that if a peace treaty with Russia commanders to stop the war at his command
In March 2001, spoke against extradition to Russia of Chechen terrorists who had seized Russia's Tu-154.
In May 2001, in an interview with Novaya Gazeta said that 'in the Kremlin today are no official, with whom we can speak sensibly, reasonably .... Understand, no one with whom to eregovory! '.
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Maskhadov, Aslan (Khalid) Alievich, photo, biography
Maskhadov, Aslan (Khalid) Alievich, photo, biography Maskhadov, Aslan (Khalid) Alievich  In July 1998, the Acting Prime Minister of Chechnya, combining this position with the presidency., photo, biography
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