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Narusova Ludmila B.

( State Duma 6 convocation.)

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Biography Narusova Ludmila B.

Born May 2, 1951, Mr.. Leningrad State University im.A.A.Zhdanova, specialty historian graduated in 1974 g.Chlen faction Our Home - Russia ".
Member, Committee on Women, Family and Youth.
In 1967 he worked as a laboratory of the regional evening school for the deaf and hard of hearing in Bryansk.
In 1969, a student of full-time LSU im.Zhdanova.
In 1974, a graduate student of the Leningrad Branch of the Institute of History of the USSR Academy of Sciences of the USSR.
In 1978, Professor LSU im.A.A.Zhdanova, editor of the socio-political edition publishers and printers LSU im.A.A.Zhdanova.
In 1981, Assistant Professor, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of History, Ph.D. St. Petersburg State Academy of Culture.
In 1993-1995. involved in the creation of St. Petersburg hospinsov - hospitals for the doomed, dying of cancer hospitals. Created Mariinsky Fund, which prepared the burial of the remains of Emperor Nicholas II.
In December 1995, Mr.. elected to the State Duma of the RF 6 convocation on the federal list of motion "Our Home - Russia" (in Saint-Petersburg).
In the Duma faction entered PDR, Committee on Women, Family and Youth.

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  • illegitimate son for Narusova Ludmila B.
  • Mother, I'm all with you, the same cunning, duplicitous and unprincipled. But I am far from you! You know perfectly well who killed your husband and say nothing, moreover, to communicate with him. You have more grandmothers and the carte blanche that you provided for this silence. You and your daughter fails. Another had it not gone off. You would have long ago put to cynical theft of funds, and pahabnoy, insolent little daughter would have gagged mouth. We have people not like you disappeared without a trace, and too arrogant bastard - one finger. Beautifully live, mama, smoke cigars, davishsya, and smoke, you are also "advanced" the main fighter for the Russian people, we must comply. Trouble and your daughter-naglyachki that dear God, it sees everything, and your deeds and thoughts and patron. By the way, who put the patron at the helm (trough)? Right, Berezovsky, your fellow spirit preziraniiya people and getting your pockets from the depths of Russia. Other he could not put. And what are we? Do you think everyone claps and approved? No-people-all sees, the more that you, crows, and not try to cover up their dealings, you shit on someone's opinion and the laws. So, Mother, come what unnecessary-lemon-green the other, my son still. You have not fail, but for me, parshivtsa. big help. And do not try to get me, I'm genetically trained to bite, do not, steal quiet until narodishko zasrany asleep and silent. And he will sleep for a long time until someone else does not recode ... under him. Help is ready to accept a mediator
  • antinasrannaya dog for Narusova Ludmila B.
  • Mamo! and denyuzhku with high-speed highways with your little daughter sobachkkoy (do not understand why her horse nazyvayut-after clean pikeness, all in mymu and dad) with people not share??
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    Narusova Ludmila B., photo, biography
    Narusova Ludmila B., photo, biography Narusova Ludmila B.  State Duma 6 convocation., photo, biography
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