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Nedoshivina Vyacheslav

( Director-General of the agency public relations (PR) `Alter Ego`)

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Biography Nedoshivina Vyacheslav

Date of Birth 6 June 1945, Mr.. He graduated from the journalism faculty of Leningrad State University and speaks English
. Vice-President of Russia Association of Public Relations
. Among other activities, in an interview with NSN (March 1, 1996) Vyacheslav Nedoshivina named lectures on PR at the Moscow State University of International Relations (B
. MGIMO). From 1968 to 1977. worked in the Leningrad newspaper "Smena"
From 1977 to 1982. - Editor of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on the Division of morality, rights and letters
In 1985, Mr.. graduated from the graduate school of the Academy of Social Sciences and Ph.D. degree.
From 1985 to 1991. taught at the Academy of Social Sciences at the Department of Theory and History of Culture
Since August 1991. March 1993. served as adviser, press secretary of the First Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary of State of Russia Gennady Burbulis
Since March 1993. - CEO of the private consultancy public relations "Alter Ego"

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  • Daria for Nedoshivina Vyacheslav
  • Uncle Slava, hello, if you remember her sister, Marina Mikhailovna, it's just wonderful! I am her granddaughter, we are vidilis when I was 4 years. My grandmother would very much like you see or hear. I will be glad if you Will respond, here is my e-mail: zvyagina_dasha@mail.ru PS. My grandmother lives in the village, and so has asked me not long ago you sought out.
  • dick for Nedoshivina Vyacheslav
  • fucking read your article at the end of Orwell's book-you-stupid ass ... and, perhaps, all you stupid ass ... go, kandidat ...
  • TATIANA for Nedoshivina Vyacheslav
  • Good morning, Glory! I enjoyed reading the magazine Story on your Kuprin. The father of my friend (a person of Caucasian th-ty) was very close to Olga Bergholz. It is his (the father, not a friend!) Saved at the time of his arrest. My e-mail. address you are now familiar.
  • Sergey for Nedoshivina Vyacheslav
  • Hello, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich! Maybe you remember how back in 73-m in the department of letters "Change" life and taught journalism inexperienced students. One of them - it's me - and then joined the faculty of journalism (we even met there somehow), but in the end went to Kamchatka. Several years ago, returned to their homelands, such as the desire to find good people since my youth. Not very successful - for different reasons. And then quite by chance, the Internet, I found you. I am very pleased to convey to you greetings and best wishes. Often with warm memories of our gatherings at the office. There is still - in journalism, but in free flight, mostly writing for federal mass media. Good luck and health! Yours - Sergey Borovkov
  • Julius for Nedoshivina Vyacheslav
  • Dear Vyacheslav Mikhailovich! Greetings from Washington. You sent me to the museum once his book "Walks in the Silver Age". Thank you. Do you have photos of the Moscow House of Nikitskaya Street., 6 / 3, where at various times, as you once wrote in the newspaper, lived Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva? Julius.
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    Nedoshivina Vyacheslav, photo, biography
    Nedoshivina Vyacheslav, photo, biography Nedoshivina Vyacheslav  Director-General of the agency public relations (PR) `Alter Ego`, photo, biography
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