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RYBKIN Ivan Petrovich

( Presidential Plenipotentiary in the states - participants of CIS.)

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Biography RYBKIN Ivan Petrovich

Birth 20 October 1946, Mr.. Village Semigorovka Tarnovo district of Voronezh region (right bank of the river Khoper). In an interview with "Rural Life" (26 April 1994), Rybkin said: "In the seven years I would walk the five miles. When on foot, when the trophy bike, when skiing, sometimes the good fortune, when someone picked up. He studied well, during the seven years I have been a lko Five ".
High school graduated with a gold medal at the station Zherdevka South-Eastern Railway, which moved to his grandfather and grandmother. Volgograd Agricultural Institute (VSHI) graduated with honors in 1968. By specialty - Mechanical Engineer.
In 1970-1974 he. He did his graduate VSHI. In 1991. graduated from the Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee in 1993. - Diplomatic Academy of Russia. In 1968-1969. worked as a senior engineer at one of the farms Novoaninsky region Volgograd region.
In 1969-1970. - Served in the Armed Forces of the USSR.
In 1970 he joined the Communist Party.
In 1970-1974 he. He did his graduate VSHI.
In 1974-1987 he. worked VSHI - assistant, senior teacher, lecturer, head of the department of mechanization and automation of livestock, deputy dean of the Faculty of Mechanical.
Since 1983, Mr.. Party secretary of the CPSU VSHI.
From 1987-1991 he. - First Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party District Committee of Volgograd, the second secretary of the Volgograd Regional Committee of the CPSU.
He was repeatedly elected deputy of the district and city council in Volgograd.
In April 1990, Mr.. was elected a deputy of the Volgograd Regional Council.
In 1990. elected people's deputy of RSFSR. At the VII Congress of People's Deputies of Russia in the rotation came to the Supreme Council. On a permanent basis in the Committee of the Supreme Council (SC) RF of the Council of People's Deputies and the development of self -. He became one of the founders and co-chairman of the faction "The Communists of Russia".
In the summer of 1990. was a delegate to the Constituent Congress of the Communist Party of the RSFSR of Volgograd.
In 1991. - Head of Department for liaison with the Councils of People's Deputies of the Communist Party of the RSFSR.
Autumn 1991. signed a petition to the Constitutional Court on the constitutionality of presidential decrees of Russia from 23 and 25 August 1991 on the dissolution of the CPSU.
In February 1993, Mr.. was elected to the CEC of the Communist Party, and on his first plenum - Vice-Chairman of the CEC. He was Vice Chairman of the CEC to April 1994.
From 22 September to 4 October 1993, after the decree of the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin on a phased constitutional reform ", was in the White House on the side of the Supreme Council. Left the building after the assault.
December 12, 1993, Mr.. elected to the State Duma on the list of the Agrarian Party.
In January 1994,. elected Chairman of the State Duma of the 5-th convocation.
In early 1995, a presidential decree approved by a permanent member of the Security Council (along with the chairman of the Federation Council 1-th convocation Vladimir Shumeyko).
Autumn 1995. CEC was registered electoral bloc called "Ivan Rybkin bloc" (the election has not overcome the 5 percent barrier).
In December 1995, Mr.. - October 1996. Duma deputy 6 convening of a single-mandate constituency.
In April 1996. founded the Socialist Party of Russia.
In the elections in the summer of 1996. supported a candidate for President Boris Yeltsin.
June 26, 1996, Mr.. appointed chairman of the Political Consultative Council under the President of Russia.
October 19, 1996, Mr.. appointed secretary of Russia's Security Council and an authorized representative of the President of Russia in the Chechen Republic.
2 March 1998. President of Russia for its decrees IP Rybkin appointed Deputy Prime Minister and freed him from the post of Secretary of the Security Council of Russia.
March 23, 1998, Mr.. RF President to dismiss the government. Until 15 May, 1998. Rybkin remained as Acting Vice-Premier.
May 14, 1998, Mr.. President of Russia appointed п?.п?. Rybkin's authorized representative of RF President in the States - participants of CIS.
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RYBKIN Ivan Petrovich, photo, biography
RYBKIN Ivan Petrovich, photo, biography RYBKIN Ivan Petrovich  Presidential Plenipotentiary in the states - participants of CIS., photo, biography
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