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Skuratov Skuratov

( Former Prosecutor General of Russia)

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Biography Skuratov Skuratov
photo Skuratov Skuratov
Birth 3 July 1952, Mr.. g. Ulan-Ude, graduated with honors from the Sverdlovsk Law Institute in 1973. and graduate of the same institute (early). Published over 90 scientific papers. SJD, Professor of Justice, State Councilor of the 3rd class in 1996 the Ministry of Justice has awarded the Medal im.A.F.Koni.
Served as a private in the army.
After finishing graduate school worked as a teacher in the Sverdlovsk Juridical Institute. He was dean of the Faculty of Judicial and Prosecutorial.
In 1977. master's thesis.
1977 - 1989 he. - Professor, Head of the Department of State and Administrative Law, Dean of the Faculty of Judicial and Prosecutorial Sverdlovsk Law Institute.
In 1987. Yuri Skuratov defended his doctoral thesis on the constitutional issues of self-government.
In 1989. moved to the apparatus of the CPSU Central Committee the Head of Department on legislative initiatives and legal issues.
From 1991 to 1992. worked as a senior advisor to the Secretary for Security Victor Barannikova.
In 1993, Mr.. Skuratov headed the Research Institute of problems of strengthening the rule of law and order in the General Prosecutor's Office, joined the board of the Prosecutor General, October 24, 1995. approved by the Federation Council in the position of Prosecutor General.
He was elected a member of the Council on Judicial and Legal Reform of the Federation Council and appointed a member of the Council on Judicial Reform in the Presidential.
Immediately after his appointment, the Prosecutor General of Russia Skuratov taken a number of inspection visits to the Chechen Republic. During the visits, has repeatedly declared soon arrest Johar Dudayev, Shamil Basayev and Salman Raduyev.
February 1, 1999, Mr.. asked osobodit him from his post, arguing "health".
February 2, 1999, Mr.. President of Russia has put in the document resolution "agree".
At night, March 17, 1999, Mr.. on RTR was shown a videotape in which 'man, like the RF Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov', was filmed in the company of two young women of easy virtue. Prosecutor General himself said that the investigation of the company Mabetex was one of the reasons for the appearance of compromising its media materials.
March 17, 1999, speaking at the Federation Council, Skuratov said he was willing to remain at his post, if SB decides. Senators progolosovalii against his resignation.
March 18, 1999, Mr.. Boris Yeltsin signed a decree establishing a temporary inter-ministerial commission RF Security Council to verify the information on the commission of the Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov misconduct, discrediting honor prosecutors, and violation of their oath, the prosecutor.
April 2, 1999, Mr.. against Skuratov was prosecuted.
In 1999. twice more in the Council Fedeoratsii raised the question of removal from office Skuratov.
December 1, 1999, Mr.. The Constitutional Court confirmed the legality of actions of the President, suspended from the Attorney General's office in connection with bringing in a criminal case against him.
January 21, 2000 The Central Electoral Commission of Russia registered initsiativnuyugruppu voters nominated Yuri Skuratov candidate for the post of President of Russia.
January 31, 2000 Prosecutor General's Office filed charges under article Skuratov abuse of power. The prosecution relied on the fact of purchase of 14 suits by foreign firms through the administration of the Kremlin. Since he was under house arrest.
. May 11, 2001 Prosecutor's Office dismissed the criminal case against former prosecutor general, Yuri Skuratov.
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. Personal qualities, characteristics
. Dangerous rival

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Skuratov Skuratov, photo, biography
Skuratov Skuratov, photo, biography Skuratov Skuratov  Former Prosecutor General of Russia, photo, biography
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