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Stankevich Sergey Borisovich

( December 1993 - to 1995 - Duma deputy)

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Biography Stankevich Sergey Borisovich
photo Stankevich Sergey Borisovich
Birth 25 February 1954, Mr.. Citizen of Russia.
Moving abroad, enjoyed a diplomatic passport issued to him as a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Gos.Dumy summer of 1992. and valid until July 1997. Latest Visa mark in the passport end October 1995. From this newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets "(April 22, 1997) concluded that Stankevich, there is at least one passport, which allowed him to travel freely abroad,. In 1977. graduated from the Faculty of History of Moscow Pedagogical Institute. Lenina.Vladeet English and Polish. Ukrainets.V 1992, when rumors of the appointment Stankevich, Russia's ambassador to Poland, it was discovered that his father, a Pole, has participated in the uprising of 1863. against Russia. The Polish authorities gave Stankevich book about him and antique sword, although they were aware that Stankevich - the main organizer of the overthrow of the monument "the most famous in Russia to a Pole" - Felix Dzerzhinsky.
Author of more than 30 articles and books on political history of the U.S.. Was one of the co-author of "informal. Social Initiatives "(1990). Ph.D. in History. Awarded the American Center for International Leadership for the "great contribution to the development of socio-political thought in his country" (1990).
Until 1990. worked as a senior research fellow at the Institute of World History of the USSR.
1987 - 1990 he. - Member of the CPSU.
1988 - 1989 he. - Was one of the leaders of the Popular Front.
Since 1989. January 1992. - Deputy of the USSR, member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
Worked in the Committee on the Law of the Supreme Council.
He was a member of the Inter-regional deputy group.
Since March 1990. - Member of the Moscow City Council, the first deputy chairman of the Moscow City Council.
In August 1991. organized dismantling of the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanka Square in Moscow, was engaged in eviction of the Central Committee of the Communist Party building in the Old Square.
1991-1993 he. Head Rossiyskogo socio-political center.
Since August 1991. February 1992. - State Councilor of the RSFSR on the interaction with public associations.
Since February 1992. to May 1992. - Russia State Counselor for Political Affairs.
Since May 1992. September 1992. - Advisor to the President of Russia. Supervised ethnic relations.
Since September 1992. December 1993. - Advisor to the President of Russia on political issues.
In July 1992, Mr.. participated in the organization of the Opera Festival "Red Square Invites", helped to obtain loans from the State Bank. After the failure of the festival against its organizer Omari Sokhadze was prosecuted. He was charged with theft of a large scale bribery and "high-ranking officials, including Sergei Stankevich.
December 1993, Mr.. - By 1995. - Member of the State Duma convocation 5. Elected to the federal list of the Party of Russia's unity and harmony, was a member of a faction of the Party. Member, Committee on Foreign Affairs Gos.Dumy.
In April 1995, Mr.. General's Office made a request to the State Duma of the MP Stankevich prosecuted for taking bribe. Gos.Duma dismissed the appeal.
In November 1995, Mr.. with his family left Russia.
February 27, 1996, Mr.. Moscow prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Sergei Stankevich.
He was declared internationally wanted.
In April 1997, Mr.. Stankiewicz was arrested in Warsaw.
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Stankevich Sergey Borisovich, photo, biography
Stankevich Sergey Borisovich, photo, biography Stankevich Sergey Borisovich  December 1993 - to 1995 - Duma deputy, photo, biography
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