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Aman-Geldy Moldagazyevich

( Governor of Kuzbass)

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Biography Aman-Geldy Moldagazyevich
Birth 13 May 1944. Birthplace g. Krasnovodsk, Turkmen SSR.
He graduated from college Tikhoretsky train in the Krasnodar Territory. He graduated from the Novosibirsk Institute of Railway Engineers with qualifications "of a railway engineer on the operation of the railways, then the Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee, specializing in Soviet affairs".
Since 1978, Mr.. served as Head of Novokuznetsk Branch of Kemerovo Railway. He then worked as Head of the Department of Transport and Communications of the Kemerovo regional committee of the CPSU.
In 1989. was nominated for the deputies of the USSR, but was not elected.
In 1990. worked as head of the Kemerovo Railway, was elected a member of the Party Committee.
In March 1990, Mr.. was elected to the Kemerovo Regional Council.
In April 1990, Mr.. elected chairman of the Kemerovo Oblast Council of People's Deputies, at the same time was appointed chairman of the executive committee of the Kemerovo Oblast Council.
In April 1991, Mr.. was registered as a candidate for president of the RSFSR. Following the vote, took fourth place.
In August 1991. was relieved of his duties as chairman of the executive committee of the Kemerovo regional council.
In July 1992, Mr.. elected as an honorary representative of the government "united Islamic joint-stock commercial bank".
Until October 1993. was chairman of the Kemerovo Oblast Council of People's Deputies in December of that year, he ran to the Federal Assembly of Russia.
December 12, 1993, Mr.. elected to the Council of Federation of the first convocation of the Kemerovo region. He was a member of the Committee SFs of the first convocation of the budget, financial, monetary and credit regulation, the issue of money, tax policy and customs regulation.
In December 1993, Mr.. organized and led the company to establish economic cooperation with the Kuzbass regions of Russia and CIS.
In April 1994,. elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Kemerovo region.
April 5, 1994, Mr.. the first session of the Legislative Assembly of the Kemerovo region, was elected chairman of the Assembly.
April 6, 1994, Mr.. elected chairman of the Federation Council Committee of the first convocation for the north and the small peoples.
January 11, 1996, Mr.. was elected on the federal list of the CPRF in the State Duma sozyva.V 6 th December 1995. Aman Tuleyev refused to mandate State Duma deputy sozyva.V 6 th January 1996. joined the Council of Federation of the second convocation.
April 26, 1996, Mr.. was registered by the CEC as a candidate for the presidency of Russia on the eve of the first round of elections (June 16, 1996), withdrew his candidacy, calling on his supporters to vote in favor of Gennady Zyuganov. Last Tuleyev was not on the ballot papers.
August 22, 1996, Mr.. - July 1, 1997. - Minister for Cooperation with the states - participants of CIS.
July 1, 1997, Mr.. appointed head of the Kemerovo regional administration.
January 25, 2001 Tuleyev announced his voluntary resignation from the governor
. April 22, 2001 gubernatorial election held in the Kuzbass Tuleyev won a landslide victory (voted for him 93.54% of voters).
. Elections in the Kuzbass-2001
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. Life Path
. Political views, the position
. Personal qualities, characteristics
. Constant contacts, relations, communications
. Participation in public organizations

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Aman-Geldy Moldagazyevich, photo, biography
Aman-Geldy Moldagazyevich, photo, biography Aman-Geldy Moldagazyevich  Governor of Kuzbass, photo, biography
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