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Hizha Georgy Stepanovich

( Chairman of the Expert Council under the Government of Russia)

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Biography Hizha Georgy Stepanovich
Born Born May 2, 1938 In 1961 he graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, specializing in "Mechanical Engineer", and Mathematics of the same institute. He graduated from the Academy of National Economy under the Council of Ministers SSSR.Vladeet English Hobbies: hunting, scuba diving the USSR State Prize Laureate of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor has 66 scientific publications and 20 patents, co-author of 2 monographs
. He worked at enterprises g
. Leningrad, 1961. worked for Electronics Manufacturing "Svetlana" (r. Leningrad).
From 1988 to 1991 - general director of "Svetlana".
Since 1988 he was a member of the Leningrad Regional Committee of Communist Party nominating candidates for the deputies of the USSR, but withdrew his candidacy in favor of a locksmith Ivanov from his same association.
In 1989 he chaired assitsiatsii industrial enterprises of St. Petersburg.
In 1990 Hizha was among the founders and became the de facto leader of the association "Nevsky prospect". The Association was established in order to take advantage of international razdleniya labor for the conversion of enterprises belonging to the AMS.
Until 1992, he was Deputy Mayor - Chairman of the Board of St. Petersburg.
From May 1992 to May 1993 - Deputy Prime Minister - Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.
Since July 1992. June 1993 - Commission on ppedsedatel ekspoptnomu kontpolyu RF.
Acting head of the interim administration in the territories of North Ossetia and the Ingush Republic (before appointment to this post Sergei Shakhrai in November 1992).
May 20, 1992 was appointed vice premier in charge of Russia's industry issues.
In May 1993, dismissed the vice-premier in connection with a transfer to another job ".
In June 1993 he was appointed Chairman of the Expert Council under the RF Government.
In September 1994,. entered the organizing committee of the Unified Movement of Social-Democracy (chairman of the organizing committee - Alexander Yakovlev).
Political views, position:
In July 1991, signed an address in support of the establishment of the Movement of Democratic Reforms (DDR). During the attempted coup in August 1991 won a loyal attitude to the legal authorities. According to the most Hizhi, . He is an ardent supporter of the Government's policy of radical economic reform (at the time supported the reform Gaidar), . advocated the establishment of the legal framework of Russia's industry, . as, . his opinion, . existing legislation does not meet the requirements of time,
. "If we fail to open the" oxygen ", the plants will not survive," - he said on this subject. Among his priorities for the post of vice-premier Hizha called solution to the problem of financing companies and restore their ability to pay (as many state-owned enterprises are virtually bankrupt).
Many believe Hizhu advocate for Russia's defense industry and heavy industry. According to him, the MIC is "the color of the national industry" and, as stated by former deputy prime minister, "the duty of the State to ensure that these powerful companies have developed". In 1990, when he was elected to the Leningrad City Council, was a pro-faction, but the active role in it did not play. By rezeltatam roll-call vote can be attributed to the Conservatives. At the present time - party member.
After Hizha Anatoly Sobchak was appointed to the post of deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, Sobchak was severely criticized by Democrats
. Appointment Hizhi to the post of deputy prime minister, many attributed the pressure, . President Yeltsin has suffered from the leaders of Russian military-industrial enterprises and the Supreme Council - Hizha is highly specialist, . well understood the technical side of problems in Russia's industry, . that he will decide ",
. His candidacy is not met strong objections from critics of the Government of Russia among the conservative members of the Supreme Council and representatives of major state industry.

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  • Goju-Ryu for Hizha Georgy Stepanovich
  • As head of the Interim adminstratsii, . in the zone of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict, . poitsiyu took on the leadership of North Ossetia, . resulting directly contributed to the ethnic cleansing of the Ingush population in the Prigorodny region of North Ossetia, . on account of this man killed more than 400 elderly, . Women, . children (men do not think), and 70,000 refugees still living in between heaven and earth. Thanks to his great, . Pobol have such great (by local standards) figures!,
  • Ruslan for Hizha Georgy Stepanovich
  • doomed scum, the fault which killed several hundred Ingush ....
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    Hizha Georgy Stepanovich, photo, biography
    Hizha Georgy Stepanovich, photo, biography Hizha Georgy Stepanovich  Chairman of the Expert Council under the Government of Russia, photo, biography
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