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Yevgeny Shaposhnikov

( Assistant President of Russia on the development of space and aviation.)

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Biography Yevgeny Shaposhnikov

Birth 3 February 1942, Mr.. Hometown kh Big Log Aksajskogo district of Rostov region. In 1963, Mr.. graduated from the Kharkov Higher Military Aviation School twice named Hero of the Soviet Union SI Gritsevets.
In 1969. graduated from the Air Force Academy. Gagarin.
In 1984. graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR behalf Voroshilov. 1963 - 1971 he. - Pilot, senior pilot, commander of the managers, deputy commander, commander of the fighter aircraft squadrons.
1971 - 1975 he. - Deputy commander for political affairs, commander of Fighter Regiment.
From 1975 - 1979 he. Deputy commander, commander of the Fighter Division Carpathian Military District.
Since 1979, Mr.. - Deputy Commander of the Air Force (IAF) Carpathian Military District.
In 1984. appointed deputy commander of the Military Council and a member of the Odessa Military District Air.
In 1985, Mr.. - Commander of the Military Council and a member of the Air Force of the Odessa Military District.
Since 1985, Mr.. - Air Force commander of the Odessa Military District - Deputy Commander of the Odessa Military District Air.
Since 1987, Mr.. - Air Force commander, the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany.
In 1988. - Commander of the Air Force in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany.
Since 1988. - First Deputy Chief of the Soviet Army Air Force.
Since July 1990. - Chief of the Air Force - Deputy Minister of Defense, Colonel-General.
August 23, 1991, Mr.. appointed Minister of Defense of the USSR.
1991 - 1992 he. - Chief of the Armed Forces of the CIS.
1992 - 1993 he. - Allied Forces of the Commonwealth.
Since June 1993. September 1993. - Security Council Secretary.
In July 1993, Mr.. Shaposhnikov handed in his resignation, which was granted by the President of Russia only in September. At this time, Shaposhnikov continued to work in the Security.
In October 1993. President of Russia has enlisted Air Marshal Shaposhnikov at their disposal, in accordance with the provision of military service.
In January 1994,. appointed representative of RF President in the State Company for Export and import of arms and military equipment "Rosvooruzheniye.
In October 1994,. elected deputy chairman of the organizing committee Uniform Traffic Social demkoratii (Chairman - Alexander Yakovlev).
C October 1995. March 1997. - General Director of Aeroflot - Russia's International Airlines.
Since March 1997. - Presidential aide on the development of space and aviation.

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  • Spitsyn, Yuri Ivanovich for Yevgeny Shaposhnikov
  • Dear compatriots, hello! Leave a banal comment about ENvgenii Shaposhnikov may all who are familiar with his biography. But his subordinates in military service, knowing him as a warrior and a true patriot of the Motherland - in the banal judgments not risk. Yevgeny Ivanovich - the great and wise man. He did a lot, and only good for the country's air force and ensure razvitoiya striker training of flight crews. I served under him in the Air Force Carpathian Military District. This unique man never yelled at his subordinates, even if they were very vivnovaty. It is possible that innate genes boorish nobleman did not help against people. And subordinates, when he saw the red face of the general understand how he found it difficult to contain anger. Always in the correct form General Shaposhnikov E.I. listened to the officer, domustivshego blunder, and in the delicate form polozhenire recommended to fix a specific time frame to avoid unpleasant consequences for the subordinate. In this framework the implementation of the order were provided with adequate forces, time and resources. I am grateful for science Yevgeny tactical and strategic thinking in a case which is going to realize, in the diplomatic relations between people in a unique manner the relationship to superior and subordinate. Low you bow Marshal Soviet air force, soldier and present man Russia. Good health to you and your family, good luck and success. Until now, I can not calm down, that is not in this world Tsokolaeva E.V. In deepest respect, Yuri Spitsyn
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    Yevgeny Shaposhnikov, photo, biography
    Yevgeny Shaposhnikov, photo, biography Yevgeny Shaposhnikov  Assistant President of Russia on the development of space and aviation., photo, biography
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