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Doisy (Doisy), Edward

( American biochemist and Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1943)

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Biography Doisy (Doisy), Edward
November 13, 1893, Mr.. - October 23, 1986 g.Amerikansky biochemist Edward Adelbert Doisy was born in Hume (Illinois) Ada (Alley), and Edward Doisy Doisy Peretz, a traveling salesman of French origin. At the University of Illinois in Champaign, he was engaged in science, participated in sports competitions and was a member of student scientific societies. In 1914, Mr.. He received a bachelor's degree, and two years later - Master of Arts.
From 1914 to 1917. D. worked as a teacher of biochemistry at Harvard Medical School. After the U.S. entry into World War I in 1917. D. passed military medical training at Rockefeller Institute and then served for two years of junior lieutenant of the Medical Service of the U.S. Army at Walter Reed Hospital.
After leaving the military Dr.. returned to Harvard to conduct research for the degree of Doctor of Science under the leadership of Otto Folin. His creative biography is this: having become in 1919. professor of biochemistry in medical school at Washington University, he received in 1920. degree of Doctor of Philosophy and was appointed university professor, in 1922. - Associate Professor, in 1923. appointed a leading professor and in 1965. Scientific interests D. included such questions as buffer systems blood, transport dioxide carbon, level lactic acid in muscles, nervous fabric, antibiotics and purification insulin and chorionic gonadotropin (substances, detected in human placenta).
. After messages about opening of Danish biochemist Henrick Dam in 1936 g
. vitamin K and its ability to prevent bleeding by increasing blood clotting D. and his colleagues at Sydney Thayer, Stephen Blin-adhesive, Ralph McKee and DV. Korkodale began studying the chemical structure of vitamin K. Results of two years of research proved to be unsuitable because of the decreased activity of vitamin under the influence of light. There followed a year of experiments with the use of protective measures from the light-sensitive vitamin fotorazrusheniya: this led to the identification of two different active forms of vitamin A: K, derived from alfalfa, and K2, derived from fish meal. D. and his colleagues also synthesize vitamin K3, menadione called (in our country used a synthetic analogue of vitamin K - vikasol. - Notes. ed.), which was twice as strong as the natural vitamin and is used in the clinic. Although vitamin K was simultaneously synthesized and purified in other laboratories in the U.S., the University of St. Louis received a patent for menadione. Pharmaceutical Firm 'Park-Davis & Company' sponsored experiments D. conjunction with the university, which can be regarded as a model of the relationship between industrial firms and academic institutions in conducting research.
Vitamin K is necessary for the synthesis of prothrombin, clotting factors. Introduction of vitamin saved the lives of many people, including patients with occlusion of the bile ducts, which before the application of vitamin K are often died from bleeding during surgery. Vitamin K is also needed for children with deficiency of prothrombin, had consequently increased risk of fatal bleeding.
'For the discovery of the chemical structure of vitamin K' D. received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1943, sharing it with Henrik Dam. During World War II ceremony in Stockholm were not performed, and the prize was awarded to Dr.. Lady and the Swedish ambassador to the United States at a special ceremony in New York in 1944. D. not read his Nobel lecture.
In 1918, Mr.. D. married Alice Akrt, teacher. They had four sons, one of whom, Joseph Richard Doisy, also became a biologist. In addition to conducting research and implementation of academic responsibilities, Dr.. of the Committee on Standardization of sex hormones in the League of Nations from 1932 to 1935. D

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Doisy (Doisy), Edward, photo, biography
Doisy (Doisy), Edward, photo, biography Doisy (Doisy), Edward  American biochemist and Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1943, photo, biography
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