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Gorshenev Mikhail

( The representative of the punk rock culture, pop singer.)

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Biography Gorshenev Mikhail
photo Gorshenev Mikhail

Once, going through old papers. Andrey Knyazev stumbled upon an unusual envelope. All he lay crumpled at the bottom of the table. Open the envelope, Andrew discovered a strange manuscript, for some reason written his handwriting. The prince himself does not remember that he once, something like that written. It would be a big mistake to not publish, tk. paper published the true story of King and the Jester:
"It was back in the days when all men were hares, and from outer space fell icy pots with wonderful drinks. Several bug-eyed rabbits were bent over one of these pots and melt the frozen drink, tried it. "This is exactly what I want to eat" - exclaimed one. "I want to be able to prepare this drink," - added another. "And I want to be potty!" Smiled third-hare.

After a few million years, all of these rabbits, one after another, were lucky to have arisen again, but nature has provided them with other forms of. Now they look so - the ball, oval, and four poles. Memories of marvelous drink remained in their minds transformed. And they have sought to embody their secret desires ... "
Next ictopiya breaks ... Ha multiple sheets can not read at least one letter. But, fortunately, not all of the sheets being able destroying remained couple rather fastidious copies: "Prince Andrew was born in one of the nights of February under the constellation of Aquarius. All this time he smiled. Subsequently, he is perfectly still forgotten.
When the sky shook his mane of a lion menacing, grasping his growl, materialized Michael Gorshenev and was gone.
In the same period began the fate of Alexander Balunova, which floundered between the two degrees of existence. He could become the primacy ...

There are all.

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  • Mithrandir_KiShovets for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • King and the clown forever! All anarchists and artists, rockers and FSUs ... istam, all the heroes and villains, and Shalunov prohendeyam ... Oi! BUBBLEGUM POP MUSIC - ОТСТОЙ REP - G # UPE
  • Places for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Know about the existence of such a city as Usinsk? I think there. Its not even on the map. Repersky small town, where punk is as rare as mamonty.Vot in this town I live, I listen to albums Kish (which to us means a century arrived) and I hope that someday there will be a lot of punks!
  • Pin for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Micah never been crooners!
  • Punk Maks for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Well pancake, . In nature, you drive only in large cities and capitals. I live in the Urals city of Sarapul You're coming with concerts in the capital of Udmurtia, Izhevsk чтоли So as not to drive in a couple of Sarapul her watch to play (to go only 60 miles) We PUNK YOU look forward !,
  • Logar for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • King and clown is the cool theme, Peter, and besides, the whole country in general!
  • NiGilisT for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Well, a hundred pounds, drive a lot, but in the Urals to call you can not. We are here Pankov very much. We stopped for a couple of her watch in the city of Tchaikovsky, is also located near Izhevsk. Personally, I and many others would be happy. And this ... RuNO РУЛИТ! Oi!
  • Mouse for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • This is for all, . who do not understand, . why Kishi did not come to him in the small towns! gladly come, . but not invited! Because, . that there is no money to GANORAR (expensive), . no suitable equipment, . and in general are afraid of Pot-though in vain! Nice, . good and interesting people!,
  • Vika for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Another very симпотичный among other things .. Had they arrived in Riga ...
  • Vika for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Another very симпотичный among other things .. Had they arrived in Riga ...
  • Kate Buntar for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Pot, you're better than anyone, you're SUPER PUNK
  • Tanyuha for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Kish-this is my life! I listen to for five years already, with the fifth class:) When the girlfriends jerking under "Hands up", I quietly listened to the player Kish, so that no one noticed ... well, it was unfashionable. And right now some of my friends want to show that they are steep, shouting Khoi, listen to Kish and proch.Blin, it is so annoying that a show! But Kish-this is not a popular group, this legendary group! "It has always been and will be out of fashion and opinion. Here:) A pot-best!
  • ZHYVAYA for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • MIHAI such Мужык-pohuist! Etim and sings it to me and like it, because it's true! Him on Th ... yd think about it! "The King and the Jester will be eternal!
  • ZHYVAYA for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Ta da, . I know thee, thou young man, . that a child listening to right музику, . but hath need not be afraid to say, . you slushaesh ... I personally take a shit on the opinions of others! Also particularly annoying when there is a continuous posturing like: "I listen Kisha! I'm punk! Although in fact the usual tsyvilka, . even fifochka! would kill Najera!,
  • Devil Girl for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I adoring Kish, I was going mad for Pots ! please come to Narofominsk
  • InkvizitoR16 for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • InkvizitoR16 for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Rap garbage! Pop latrine! Punks Hoi! Our victory!
  • fan for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I married Michael Gorshenev?
  • fan for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I married Michael Gorshenev?
  • fan for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I married Michael Gorshenev?
  • fan for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I married Michael Gorshenev?
  • fan for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I married Michael Gorshenev?
  • fan for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I married Michael Gorshenev?
  • sk8er for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Kish-Khoi ryalna group with only such texts klaffnymi !:)))):))))):))) Khoi-punk!
  • Mach for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Hello pot, you're the coolest dude! Listened to your group just for you! "How old are you?
  • Isolly for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Hello, Michael. How are you? Voshischayusvashim voice, he is magnificent.
  • Varg for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • pot can it be to read it?? you Th! vocals ... he офигенный)
  • Verba for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Look mad heart-stone No such people ever name-"ET" You no beast nor man beautiful and terrible in your eyes as if to see the current lunar TV tower Sent stream I saw through you right in your eyes as an evil force to understand you? "It is impossible to None of these people ever you arranged so complex, you either a beast or man you like that unicorn Unique-alone.,
  • Kolovrat for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • rushing dude I send greetings to those of Ukraine from the city Lisichansk .... you класная group also continues to punks Khoi
  • Gavnyuk for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Kishi come to our city Kumertau in the Republic of Bashkortostan! please! we are waiting for you gygygy! Respect pots and Prince!
  • Gavnyuk for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • continue to play in the same spirit and do not break!
  • Darkness for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • All punk Oi! I listen exclusively Kish. You guys-super ! Pots separate greetings and respect!
  • Darkness for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • RuNO simply legendary. Guys, we have been waiting for: when you are in Minsk then Priedīte?? We are waiting for you to look forward with bated breath! Especially me.
  • Anonymous for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Selena for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I discovered RuNO 2 years ago! This is - life! Could not believe that I used RuNO can not stand!
  • Alexei for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I love punk rock and listen to the king and the clown group for 7 years already know all the songs by heart, come to Belozersk close to Cherepovets, we have a very forward we do not care about the ticket price I have any money for it will give
  • Skorpioshka for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Adore the King and the Fool ! Real Party ! Who does not like the King and the clown he simply a fool ! ROCK - it POWER ! Entire BUBBLEGUM POP MUSIC - GRAVE ! Rap - shit! Pop - n *** sha! ROCK our salvation !
  • Dead Anarchist! for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • RuNO RULEZZZZ! POT ЗДАРОВ! PEOPLE YOU REALLY COOL YOU TO PUNK! GREAT RESPECT FOR YOU! Shit IF you come to Krasnoyarsk and be able to clink TO POZVANI TO NOMER8-923-335-88-01! (Nikita)
  • Nikolay for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • KIS-best punk band, I am a huge fan of them, to smash this shitty pop music, she has since pulled out!
  • Nikolay for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • PAPU SUCKS! punks they rule!
  • юленька for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • "The King and the Jester" is cool, especially when compared with that shitty pop. Pot, I adore you, just drink less. in a drunken state you are not very attractive. Ukraine loves "The King and the Jester "! ! !
  • Katerinka for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • You are super, always in my heart
  • Katerinka for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • King and the clown is real music! Micah, you're in my heart forever, just you out of any competition, you have a wonderful voice. Stay true to yourself!
  • Real for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • pancake, there are no words to express my feelings! I just want to say: Pot, I love you, your band, your music! each of your song is a different story, and when I listened to them I was going mad ...! compose new songs! live peacefully!
  • Catherine for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Hi, guys. I love the music group to and to. listen to for 8 years and I just can not hear enough. very much want, that they did not stop writing songs.
  • anarhistka666 for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Pot you're so beautiful and most importantly you're a punk! I trudge on you! Obazhaya you!
  • Natasha for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I am very fond Group "The King and the Jester" You lutchshie! punks Hoi!
  • Nevid for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I really like the band "King Jester" but sorry that your style of punk. Your songs do not look like a punk rock because they are interesting, intelligent ... while the punks are about Buchloe, about how all the hard time, about their protests ... But your songs are better! Kish forever!
  • Vlad for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Pot you prsto класный people ! I am your fan !
  • Julia-Kish-ka for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Pts Hello ! I love King and Jester ! Come on Misha yulia-rose @ mail . ru plizzzzzzz I want you to be my friend лутшим !
  • inchi beter for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Kish is cool ! greetings from Sakhalin punks! Come to us any grandmother I will give for the ticket! Pot best! I adore you, taschyus from you! Fire back pop music and further their pesnyami.pishite pobolshe.panki rulyatmir be our !
  • Svetlana for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Are you guys just mad, specifically to Goshko appealing to? Teddy is not one of those fools that inete will sit. him and without you a lot of cases. Asked if he had a wife, I can answer you. Yes. She had a. How old is he? I think for you it does not matter. Good luck to you guys
  • M @ ma AnarXi.ya & Alya for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Naah, cool story, sorry it did not fully: (It would be interesting to read it completely. Generally, Kishi very cool group in all of this dull world !=) One of the things in our boring life for a life worth living! PUNK Oi!
  • Anonymous for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Veronica for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Pot you are the best in the world ... I love you! I live in a small town and we all molodesh drag from rap, etc.. I'm in school and hated me for what I listen to the best team in the world ... and it came up izbeeny, but I will never betray a punk ..
  • Ksucha! for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Micah remarkable musician, creative lichnost.No with alcohol need to tie!
  • protein for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • You're not tired of all these snot with sugar coming from female fans? I would have honestly blevanula!
  • mariCHOK for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • We are not punks at all but Kish listen and love for the cool, smart text, funky voice Pot for "abundant" erudite Pitertsev-able to express themselves filtered through the ideas and thoughts in their terrible PARABLE. Whew! Over the identity for the fact that they change, grow, and if someone does not like - well, as they say your problemma ....
  • Natasha for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I very nravitsyavasha group nohotya me 9 years.
  • * Elena * for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • MICHAEL! YOU ARE SUPER! I love you very much!
  • Nyurka for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • hello to all anarchists and rebels, listen Kish, like rock, live cheerfully !:- p
  • Igor for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • A pot, a great singer, the voice of God. Misha pot so hold, tear the stage of Russian rock!
  • tyuha ))))) for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Julia-Kish, let's ask our friend Medvedev stathddd! RuNO MEGARESPEKT ! To us in Samara coming soon ... Pity I (((((. homeless by the way, nobody knows what about "our" in Samara? Finally Khoi-than croaked?
  • xp? Hb paunchy for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • We pageviews over plump for quiche) Buchloe save the world and buhie King and the Jester will match itself)
  • Anonymous for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Mishka - man!
  • One cemetery for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Мишаня-you sinister my brain ticks! Oi!
  • one cemetery for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I love the dead, they are quiet. Мишаня ominous as much oheret, trumpet what pohuist.
  • Tanya for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I adore you and your songs !
  • killed daisy for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • King and Jester simply afigenskaya group! Micah rulish you! I'm flying away from your songs! Davie pop music allowed! You have recently arrived in Volgograd! BLYAYAYA! I am amazed at the concert! GAP MOZGAAAA! Punks are not afraid of dirt! Who is tired, went to sit the. It's not a twist-dancing POGO. It was a little MUCH! Oi!
  • Sargon for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Each of us is a world which is developed and opened, we can show people what he is handsome, cruel, ... Misha did it;)
  • Elvin for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Mishka, . you're just a genius! "When I was 12, . RuNO saved me from the onslaught of pop on child psihiku.I I heard them the first time thanks to a guy named Teddy) I, . that you sing forever, . because ubyus on the table, . If my children ever will listen Galimov pop!,
  • Minced))) for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • RuNO форево! Come to Ekaterinburg! I dream to get to your statement
  • Anastas? I for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • Hi! You are a very impressive live band, we love you very much in Lvovi.Dyakuemo for a concert in DC "Ukraine", and for avtografi.Priizhayte to us often, you yourself beautiful.
  • Summer for Gorshenev Mikhail
  • I can't imagine what will happen to the music, to the band & the fans without you. I had just made the firm decision to travel to Russia just to see KiSh live when tragedy struck. I'm devastated, even after a whole year has passed. Yours really is the BEST rock I've ever heard & I will continue to do PR & get everyone I can to hear, even though the group is no more. I will love & miss you forever!
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    Gorshenev Mikhail, photo, biography
    Gorshenev Mikhail, photo, biography Gorshenev Mikhail  The representative of the punk rock culture, pop singer., photo, biography
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