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Lange (Lange), Christian

( Norwegian internationalist, Nobel Peace Prize, 1921)

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Biography Lange (Lange), Christian
September 17, 1869, Mr.. - December 11, 1938
Norwegian internationalist Christian Luz Lange was born in the port city of Stavanger in southwestern Norway. His grandfather was a famous historian, archivist, his father, Colonel Halvard Lange, Norwegian army engineer, married Tore Maria Luz. Demonstrating an extraordinary diligence in the classroom, L. majored in linguistics at the University of Oslo and the history. Thesis 'The history of internationalism', A. received in 1893. Master. The following year he married Bertha Manteyu, the daughter of a judge.
For seven years, L. taught in secondary schools in Oslo, perfect in knowledge of languages during the summer travel. He wrote a review of world history, and later gained fame as a school textbook. In those years he became interested in the movement for the independence of Norway from Sweden.
In anticipation of the IPU Conference 1899. Oslo N. was invited to become Secretary of the Preparatory Committee. Founded in 1888. William Kramer, and Frederic Passy Union promoted arbitration as a means of solving international conflicts. L. shown considerable tact and organizational skills during the conference and a year later accepted an offer to become secretary of the newly established Norwegian Nobel Committee.
Advisor to the Nobel Committee L. remained and after 1909, when resigned to take up the post of Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and moved to Brussels where the headquarters of the Union. Being engaged in coordinating the activities of the Union, he represented the link between its offices in the preparation of annual conferences often travel to countries that belonged to the Union. At the same time, he lectured, raising funds, presented papers and edited the publication of the Union.
Beginning of the First World War disrupted the activities of the Union. When the Germanic troops in 1914. invaded in Brussels, the organization funds were confiscated. L. hastily moved the headquarters to a neutral Norway to save documents and has been working almost alone. Livelihood he brought the teaching of the Nobel Institute. At the request of h. Endowment for International Peace Carnegie name (which worked Myurrey Nicholas Butler) gave the Inter-Parliamentary Union, an amount sufficient for survival.
During the war, L. attended the Stockholm conference of neutral countries, arguing for an early end to the war, worked with the Central Organization for the preservation of the world - the Dutch society of pacifists. As a reporter at the Carnegie Endowment L. wrote a report on the situation in the belligerent countries.
Immediately after the war L. undertook the restoration of the Union: the task was complicated by the lack of funds and the desire of some countries to exclude their recent opponents of the war-time. Nevertheless L. managed to organize the first postwar conference in Geneva (1921).
In the same year, L. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, which he shared with KarlomBrantingom. Nobel Lecture L. was called 'internationalism', which he preferred the term 'pacifism'. 'Today we are on the bridge - say L. - Had been moved from territorial states to the international community '. Because 'our well-being based on international cooperation and markets', the war in these circumstances is suicide. Being a supporter of world federation, L. welcomed the establishment of the League of Nations as' the first serious and conscious attempt to achieve this goal. "
L. participated actively in the work of the League of Nations, as the delegate from Norway, and sitting in several of its committees. Convinced that the war can not be made more humane, L. devoted its efforts primarily to disarmament. He headed the Committee for Political Affairs, as well as the other, whose task is to advise the League on the development of the conflict between China and Japan. Do not leave L. and work in the Inter-Parliamentary Union, wrote articles, books and pamphlets on arms control and arbitration. Before and after the First World War, he lectured about 500 times. In 1923, Mr.. L. visited the United States, where the speech delivered in 30 universities and other institutions. In 1938. He gave a lecture about the world in the London home of friends, later it was published under the title 'Imperialism and the world'.
At the age of 62 h. resigned as Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. A year later he was re-elected to the Norwegian Nobel Committee. II December 1938, Mr.. L. died at his home in Oslo. His son continued the work Halvard L. as Minister for Foreign Affairs of Norway, in 1946 ... 1965.
'A Commitment to. peace has remained unwavering and undivided - wrote the historian Oscar Falnes. - It does not hurt either pre-war euphoria, nor the suffering of the war, or armed with optimism since the League of Nations. This case, he devoted himself to all in the full sense of the word '.

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Lange (Lange), Christian, photo, biography
Lange (Lange), Christian, photo, biography Lange (Lange), Christian  Norwegian internationalist, Nobel Peace Prize, 1921, photo, biography
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