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Clemenceau, Georges (Georges Clemenceau)

( Politics)

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Biography Clemenceau, Georges (Georges Clemenceau)
photo Clemenceau, Georges (Georges Clemenceau)
(28.09.1841 - 24.11.1929)
. When Georges Clemenceau died, all the funeral ceremonies in accordance with the services and government regulation of the deceased are carried out on money provided by Parliament - was a politician, they say, a stitch, and deep in debt
. He was a deputy of the half-century. Minister of Internal Affairs. Prime Minister and Minister of War at the same time. Never took a penny ...
For centuries, France was the undisputed leader in Europe, but in fact - and the world historical process. After this period has ended, but the memory of him alive. French spirits were the most fragrant in the world, wine is the most subtle and heady, the most seductive women, men the most courageous. And, of course, science, philosophy, theology, literature, theater, music, painting, architecture - everywhere the French were ahead of. A state system of France for centuries been considered a model. If the monarchy, the ruling princes of the world imitated the etiquette of the Paris court. And if the Republic, it left all over the world to imitate expressive and sinister jargon "mad" Faubourg Saint-Antoine. Educated people of the New World to Japan said and often even think in French.
. In a brilliant ranks of French statesmen, . where shoulder to shoulder - Charlemagne, . Saint Louis, . Henry IV, . Cardinal Richelieu, . Louis XIV, . leaders of the Great Revolution, . Napoleon, . modestly stands dumpy man with a big in the fashion of his time and mustache, . unknown reason, . clearly Mongoloid features stern face,
. In life, as he lived on this earth for almost 90 years, his name was Tiger, the Father of victory. For the professional politicians, he was Nisprovergatelem ministries, because for half a century, his political career, knocked at least a dozen government offices, on various occasions, but never - without a good and fair argument.
. There were other characteristics
. Lenin called it one of the "worst predators, the animals imperialism" for the fact that he won the first world war, which Vladimir Ilyich would you like to play. Many people simply called him an old fox, because the political battle, he was ruthless and a blow inflicted always sudden and unexpected positions, as does the fox hunting.
. Just think, . not we had never reasonable, . sincere, . patriotic - not to show, . but in deed - the rulers, . involuntarily recall Georges Clemenceau, . his selfless love for the fatherland, . devoid of any national chauvinism and arrogance, . - Only the courage to fight for the real interests of the nation, . only sober, . accurate, . cold calculation in politics and war, . only strict, . honest and kind attitude to people, . enemy whom he believed to, . who thinks, . if the people are always right,
. This crucial idea he expressed in 1906. during a parliamentary debate with his friend and ally in his youth, Jean Jaures. This Clemenceau was referring to the Left in general and the socialists in particular, with their utopian ideals and harmful. "
. He started his career as Clemenceau from far-left positions and for many years done a tortuous path in the camp of moderate conservatives, while remaining true to Republican until the last day of life
. He was born in Vanda in 1841, and spent his childhood in the estate Obre and the city of Nantes
. His parents were not rich, but wealthy, and the male line of many generations of Clemenceau was a doctor. It was a time when the lucky star of France has already gone to the sunset. Its economy has been shaken turbulent events at the turn of XVII-XIX centuries. The nation was split supporters of different systems of government dispensation and numerous contenders for the role of national leader - Republicans, Roy-lists, Orleanists, Bonapartists struggled for power over the "sweet France". Coups followed one after another, and the threat of civil war had hung over the horizon, like a thundercloud.
. Father Georges Benjamin Clemenceau, known in the district doctor, was a staunch Republican, he had a brother, Paul Clemenceau, a Bonapartist
. When in June 1848. The National Assembly has asked the French, . calling on them to crush the uprising of the Paris workers, . trying to stop the movement of the Second Republic in the direction of the Bonapartist monarchy, . Benjamin learned, . that Paul is going on this call to go to Paris, . and immediately galloped from Nantes in Obre.,
. - Paul, if you go to protect these scoundrels, I'll go too, but I will fight on the side of the Parisians!
. However, they are too fond of each other and stayed home.
. George at that time was 7 years old
. Perhaps this was his first lesson in the brutal political game. From early childhood he knew, the costs to political differences, when my brother goes to his brother.
In 1851, Mr.. was installed Bonapartist dictatorship. The nephew of Napoleon I, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, a man extremely cruel, vindictive and utterly worthless, announced the French Second Empire. Democratic institutions have been destroyed, the newspaper closed, political organizations are prohibited. The moral atmosphere in the country was suffocating and fixed. The central figure in the state system has become a policeman. In I860, when the situation seemed unchanged and meaningless any opposition, 19-year-old Georges Clemenceau, on the family tradition, came to Paris and entered the Medical Faculty of the Sorbonne.
. Clemenceau once plunged into the maelstrom of political activity
. In modern Russia, a supporter of democracy - is always right, in France the contrary. And Clemenceau took place on the very left-wing political. It was not even a year later that he was in prison, Mazas for promoting and organizing anti-government demonstrations.
. As a student, he first encounters with a living relic of the French revolutionary movement, "the eternal prisoner" Auguste Blanqui, with other "red", for example, Louise Michelet
. Himself as a "red" involved in political life.
Medicine is not got him hooked on. His dissertation on the degree of doctor of medicine, which he defended in 1865, according to him, was only because nobody read. After university Clemenceau several years thereafter, both abroad and returned home on the eve of the Franco-Prussian War.
. He arrived in Paris on Sept. 1, 1870, the day of the defeat of French forces at Sedan and the surrender of Napoleon III, which took quite some time to understand at last what he differs from his genius uncle
. Proclaimed Republic, and Georges Clemenceau appointed mayor of Montmartre district, populated mostly working. Then followed the siege of Paris by Prussian troops, the flight of government in Versailles, elections to the Commune and the bloody uprising of Parisians, and ruthlessly suppressed.
. It is believed that this rebellion was a prelude to that monstrous symphony, in the finale which sounds dark chords of our October Revolution
. Clemenceau had the gift of foresight surprisingly accurate historical. In the days of the Commune Clemenceau is not "red", and a supporter of national reconciliation - a very disadvantageous position, when the city already blocked by barricades. He was elected to the Commune and the resignation of the members of the Versailles National Assembly. Nothing else, like running in the Vendee, he had no. Its almost shot the commune, and the government for some time was a question about his arrest. Remembering those days, he wrote: "It was one of the most insane follies of history. People killed, threw themselves under fire, gave themselves to kill, pro-is sometimes true greatness of spirit, not knowing the name of what. "
A few months later Clemenceau returned to Paris. Being engaged in medical practice, he again enters the region of large policy. He left radical (a term invented by himself), a supporter of democracy - but the people exercise power, lowering the ballots, and not raising any specific reason for the social hurricanes. France should not be an empire, and colonial conquest did not need. At the same time needed to regain its lost as a result of the defeat, in particular, Alsace and Lorraine from the city of Strasbourg, that is, prepare for war with Germany. Clemenceau was not a chauvinist, but he was a patriot in every sense of the word.
And. Not worse, but better than Russia's chief prosecutor Pobedonostsev condemning the vices of a democratic system, Clemenceau knew the weaknesses of democracy. The weakest place - corruption at the level of parliament and government. He Nisprovergatelem Ministries. He detested any obscurantism, and the Dreyfus affair, he showed tremendous energy on the side of Dreyfusards. Not only because he believed anti-Semitism is unacceptable, but also because on the eve of war, was convinced of the non-proliferation in the army of any kind cannibalistic tendencies.
. Clemenceau was appointed Prime Minister of France for the Allies in a terrible 17-th year, when Russia withdrew from the war
. He was 76 years old. And it took him about a year to bring the French victory, instead of threatening to defeat her. As chair of the Versailles peace conference he held with respect to the defeated Germany is extremely tough and, subsequently, when he was retired before his last day, never tired of harping on the dangers germanskogo revenge.
. Georges Clemenceau died in 1929
. his father's house, in Obre. All the funeral ceremonies in accordance with merit and government regulation of the deceased are carried out on the money appropriated by Parliament. Tiger was, as they say, a stitch, and deep in debt. He was a deputy of the half-century. Minister of Internal Affairs. Prime Minister and Minister of War at the same time. Never took a penny.

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Clemenceau, Georges (Georges Clemenceau), photo, biography
Clemenceau, Georges (Georges Clemenceau), photo, biography Clemenceau, Georges (Georges Clemenceau)  Politics, photo, biography
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