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Golda Meir

( Politics, a fighter for freedom and unification of the Jews.)

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Biography Golda Meir
photo Golda Meir
The independent state of Israel would not occur if there was Golda Meir. She was focused and strong-willed woman who daily sacrifice their lives for the dream of a free, independent Jewish nation. She was a dreamer, who never allow everyday critical situations to break the self-confidence and enthusiasm to pay habitual vision of a free Jewish state. Meir was a mystery, although it had only two dresses, still called it a charming and captivating as friends and opponents, including the wife and her lover standing. She could starve, but to lead an active party life. The death of every day knocking on her door for many years, but she remained optimistic complete. She was always ready to sacrifice everything for the realization of his childhood dreams - an association of Jews. Years of deprivation and living in constant fear of destruction formed a firm and indomitable will, which always led her a long road to the top
. Her dream come true May 14, 1948, when the United Nations voted to partition Palestine
. Well-informed policy said: "If Ben-Gurion - the father of the Israeli state, the Golda - his mother". She won the battle of his life, and then sobbed uncontrollably during the ceremony. In fact, her struggle continued for another twenty-five years - the struggle for something to keep the Arabs from attempting to throw its people in the Mediterranean Sea. Meir would be shocked if someone told her that twenty years later, March 27, 1968, she was Golda Meir, will be unanimously elected as the fourth Prime Minister of her favorite people and the only female head of state in the world.
. This Russia immigrant, . enrolled for only one year in college and grew up in the ghetto Milwaukee, . became the only woman, . signatory to the Declaration of Independence of Israel, . its first ambassador in Russia, . his first Minister of Labor and Social Security, . first female Minister of Foreign Affairs, . and, . Finally, . the first and only female prime minister,
. Her spirit, perseverance, confidence helped her to create the state of Israel and eventually led her to the fact that she became the first woman leader.
. Meir, nee Goldie Mabovitts, was born May 3, 1898 in Russia, in Kiev (Ukraine), the seventh child of Moses and Blums
. Her parents were very unorthodox people, so they got married without the traditional courtship. The brutal reality of Russia took the life of five brothers Golda nine years between the birth of her sister, Shana and her own. Shana was so over, often in early childhood replaced Golda mother. Shana had taught her to read and write, as Golda could never afford to attend school, until not moved to Milwaukee at age eight.
Clara, the younger sister of Meir, who was four years younger than her. Life in Russia, where Goldie spent the first eight years, was very difficult. She recalled in his autobiography: "Nothing is lacking: no food, no clothing, no heat in the house". She never forgot this unfortunate. period of his life and the terrible experience of the Russian pogroms, which has also left its imprint in the psyche. Goldie first heard the word "hristoubiytsy" in wailings rioters who killed innocent people because of their faith and ethnicity. Golda said, when she was seventy: "I remember how scared I was and how angry."
Goldie's father went to the "Golden Medina (United States), when she was five. He found a job in Milwaukee and called the family there. Her mother, the courage, forged documents, and Goldie was to depict the five-year old girl, although in reality she was eight. Her passport was issued on a completely different child, as well as the family traveled illegally. Her seventeen-sister Shana had to pretend to be a twelve. All their luggage and clothes stolen, and the only one who is not ill during the trip, which lasted a month, was indefatigable Goldie. Moshe lived in the ghetto Milwaukee, working two jobs - as a carpenter and working on the railroad. Goldie's mother opened a grocery store on the ground floor of his apartment with two bedrooms in two weeks after his arrival in Milwaukee. She did not say in English. What an inspiring example for young Goldie, which in nine years, began working in the store!
Huge influence on the life of Goldie has Shana. She was a heroine for Goldie, the spirit of revolution and a teacher in Russia, and then in Milwaukee. For Goldie Shana was an idol, an ideal, she said: "As for me, Shana, probably had the biggest influence on my life ... shining example, my dearest friend and my mentor ". Mother for her, too, was a model - but a different kind. She herself, without assistance was doing business of dairy and grocery store, despite the inability to speak in English, lack of knowledge on wholesale trade, sales strategy, product.
As a young Goldie read a lot. She discovered Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov and Dickens. She did not begin his formal education to eight years before moving to Milwaukee, where she finished elementary school. Goldie spoke in Yiddish and in Russian at home, in English - in school and with friends. Wooden houses Milwaukee ghetto look to Goldie like palaces. She was so fascinated with books and school, that passionately wanted to become a schoolteacher in Milwaukee. In his autobiography, she said: "I am eight years dreamed of being a teacher". Goldie was a very attractive girl. Her school friend Regina said: "Four of the five boys were in love with her ... She was so. timid and attractive. "
Sister Goldie Shana married and moved to Denver for treatment of tuberculosis. Girls regularly wrote to each other. Goldie's parents decided that children do not have formal education, and the betrothed fourteen Goldie for thirty insurance agent. Goldie, as relentless and self-assured teenager ran away from home in Denver to my sister to get a secondary education. She lived in Denver for two years with his rebellious sister, who played in his home weekly meeting of the Zionist. These meetings captured impressionable Goldie and turned it into kvazirevolyutsionerku. One of the men attending the meeting Shana, was Morris Meyerson, whom she married later Goldie. Goldie was captured by the movement "Poale Zion" ( "Workers of Zion") and became his loyal fanatic. Independence and the iron will is deeply and firmly rooted in her. Quarreled with Shanoy, Golda returned to Milwaukee to complete the training. She graduated from high school in the Northern District as vice-president of his class in 1916, had already deeply permeated with the ideas of Zionism.
. At the age of seventeen Goldie comes in "Poale Zion" and begins to speak at meetings, while still a schoolgirl and teach at night immigrants English
. She and her friends are Zionists because of impulsive enthusiasm and active part in the movement were called Zionuts ( "DIS-Nuts"). She enrolled in one semester at Teachers College, Milwaukee, and in their spare time taught Yiddish at the Jewish center. She was a very passionate woman in all that done, and inspirational speaker in English, Yiddish and Russian. In the winter of 1918, at nineteen, she became the youngest delegate and a nice Jewish Congress, which took place in Philadelphia. This was the beginning of a long journey.
Goldie married Morris Meyerson in 19 years, but by the time she had already decided that her fate - to live at the Israeli kibbutz. She told Morris about his plans and invited him to join her. Meir's biographer, Martin, in 1988, wrote: "In my imagination, Goldie has left America. In her heart she had already worked somewhere in the Palestinian desert. "She told Morris that he is free to follow her or stay, but for her it was a closed issue. An example of her tenacity and devotion to duty is the fact that two weeks after the wedding, she agreed to go to the West Coast of the United States in order to collect the money, saying a speech on Zionism. Her father was furious: "He who leaves her husband after the wedding and sent to doroguN" Meir was obsessed with the idea of Zionism. She said her father: "I am ready to go anywhere!" and "What am I being asked to do, I'll. The party said that I should go, and I'll go. "Biographer Meir said:" Morris was a gentle person and he could not oppose the vitality Goldie ". Once accepted as a fact that there is no other solution to the Jewish problem, but to return to their historical homeland, she said: "I decided to go there". When asked if she could go without her young husband, Goldie replied: "I would go alone, but with a broken heart."
Goldie has become a recognized leader of. At eighteen, she applied for permission to go to the kibbutz, but she refused because of her age, though in my mind it has linked its fate with the Palestinians. This young "Shio-crazy" two years and traveled around the United States, collecting money to pay for the ship "Pocahontas", chartered for the trip to Tel Aviv. She undertook to collect money for this trip, as well as fluent as in Yiddish and in English, and was ready to go anywhere, just to get on this ship. Thus began her story, which lasted fifty years. Meir Chanouh persuaded to join her in order to transform Palestine into a new home and future home for the "wandering Jews". Shana left her husband in the United States and, along with Goldie and her two children sat on the boat.
"Pocahontas" went to Tel Aviv as the third wave of immigration (aliyah). Trouble waiting in the wings, and he came. Goldie told me: "It was a miracle that we survived the trip". The ship put to sea 23 May 1921 from 23-year Goldie, her husband Morris, her sister with two children and another with twenty-three enthusiastic Zionists on board. The trip was miserable from the beginning: the ship had been riots, death, approaching famine, was killed by Captain. On top of all the captain's brother crazy. 14 July 1921 the team arrived in Tel Aviv, half-starved and without any baggage. Their dream of paradise was to become Tel Aviv, which was really a small town in the desert, founded only twelve years ago, without vegetation and natural resources. It was like "another planet". Everything was so barren and wild, that many who came wept in despair, and wanted to return, including Shana. But Goldie was excited and said: "I am deeply happy". Others were deeply disappointed. In fact, a third group subsequently returned to the United States. Upon arrival, Goldie officially changed its name, adopting the name of Golda to start life anew.
Meir and her husband were in Palestine, on the devastated strip of land 240 miles long and 60 wide. This desert was the embodiment of childhood dreams of Golda homeland for the Jews, and she loved it from day. Meir used to say: "The Jewish people has the right to a piece of land where he could live as free and independent nation." She decided to make this frozen strip of desert in its permanent home. Meyerson joined the kibbutz in EMEK Merhavi, a communal village, more a collective than dare to create any Communist. In the village everything was common: clothing, food, children and spouses. Most residents were suffering from malaria, there were no latrines, water was dirty, food was often inedible or spoiled. But Meir was always full of optimism. She loved the life of the kibbutz, and soon, in the twenty-three years, she was elected to the Steering Committee. She became a delegate to the Zionist convention and met there many future national leaders: Ben-Gurion, Berl Katznelson, Zalman Shazar and David Remez (all of them later became her lover) (Martin, 1988).
. Shana, a sister and intimate friend, Meir, said about her: "Goldie wanted to be not what it was, and what was supposed to be"
. It began its fight, picking almonds, chicken rearing, looking after children, teaching English, while she studied Arabic and Hebrew. Kibbutz life was too difficult for Morris. He hated her, and the couple returned to Tel Aviv to start a family life. In 1923 they had a daughter, Sarah, in 1926 - the son of Menahem. Meir worked in Jerusalem, Secretary of Women's Labor Council and held the laundry as a source of additional income. She was appointed treasurer in 1924, which allowed her to participate in various international conferences. In 1928-29 she became a delegate to the American Zionist party and returned to the United States for the first time since then, as there left. In 1929 she was elected a delegate to the World Zionist Congress. It was there that she was fascinated by his mentor, and soon the lover Zalman Shazar, who helped her to the secretary of the women pioneers in 1932 in the U.S., where she organized the American branch. Meir moved to New York and traveled the country for two years. Her fluency in English, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, Arabic is not just a little contribute to this work, but an even greater extent helped her future career. In his autobiography, Meir said: "I did not choose a career. I did not choose a profession. It just happened ". In fact, Meir chose - a dream, for which she followed until death.
Man close Meir in this period of time, said: "Goldie has been very proactive, perform a variety of work, standing out in all that she had not done". Her biographer, Martin (1988) says: "It was wonderful, very good looks, and always around her was a certain atmosphere of mystery". He adds: "Her eyes were full of magic". She became a revolutionary femme fatale in spite of the fact that he never had more than two dresses at the same time and do not use makeup for thirty-odd years. In private life she was never lonely, it is constantly surrounded by the flow of clandestine romantic relationships.
In the thirties, Meir traveled the world as a representative of the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency for Palestine. She has held numerous positions, including the post of Secretary of the Board "Cupat Holim", firms engaged in medical care most of the Palestinian Jewish population. During this period she was known as the Golden Girl of the Zionist movement, while living in spartan. Often she did not have electricity, gas, personal phone, most of her life, she slept on the couch. Giants of Israel were her friends, family and lovers. Martin assures us that they liked her because "she was strong enough to show their weakness". She could cry, when there was no food, but never meant to, when we had a cool composure to withstand the armed men.
. When shortly before the Second World War, the Arabs had joined the Nazi axis, Meir went on a trip, saying a speech designed to persuade her young compatriots to join the UK
. She managed to recruit about 33,000 Zionists in the British armed forces. During the war she was appointed head of the Zionist political department and served in the British military and economic advisory council. In 1943, Meir had to plead with the British on the management of Palestinian State. It has become notorious, not retreating in the face of formidable British judge. "You should not be treated this way with me" - she told the judge, when he spoke disparagingly of her. The people loved her for her temerity.
. In the postwar struggle for the establishment of an independent Jewish state Golda joined the group of Ben-Gurion, who was arrested and imprisoned in the most critical time in the history of the Zionist state
. Leaders of the group appointed Meir nominal head of government. At this time the ship "Exodus", carrying 4,700 displaced Jews from Northern Europe, including 400 pregnant women, heading for Palestine. The political machinations of Britain and the Arabs led to the international incident when British destroyers blocked the ship on the way to Palestine. Meir took the fate of the ship and entered the personal involvement of its board, defying the British armed forces and declaring: "You all can join us". After the incident with "Exodus", Albert Spencer, secretary of the British Military Council, said: "Golda was the most talented woman I met ... Like Mr. Churchill, she found a simple solution to any problem. "
. In 1946, the United Nations finally voted to partition Palestine and Israel's independence, which gave U.S. Secretary of State James Forrestal occasion to say: "45 million Arabs are going to lose 250 thousand Jews directly into the ocean"
. That's when the Jews finally stopped the fight for independence and began to fight for their lives. And this struggle was fruitless. During the first two weeks after the UN resolution 93 Arabs, 84 Jews and seven British soldiers were killed. Meir went to Jerusalem, where the struggle has become a severe nature. She has shown resilience and survived the nightmare of death and devastation. Meir slept for four hours a day for several months and the journalists' questions about how she endured it, replied: "We just wanted to stay alive, and our neighbors would see us dead. This is not an issue on which there are great opportunities for compromise ". David Ginsberg, speaking at the Jewish Congress in 1946, said: "The dynamism - that's its main feature ... This is not a style or scheme, not something that she developed or learned. It's just her way of life, this is what it was all his life, what it will be forever ". Always an eloquent speaker, who is able to speak is always elegant and insightful at the same time, Meir identified as causes of their victories in the struggle for survival: "We had a secret weapon - no alternative."
. Two big problems have arisen in the establishment of an independent Israel
. First, the country has no money, and secondly, the King of Jordan said that the Arabs are willing to sacrifice their lives, ten million of 50 million Arab population, only to destroy half a million Jews in Palestine. It was a dubious threat. The Arabs were going to donate 25% of its people for the 240-mile strip of barren property that Jews actually bought from their ancestors (Most of the property was purchased for an exorbitant price in the 20 th and 30 th years of the Arabs.). Meir brilliantly decided to both problems. At the dawn of independence, she decided to meet with Jordan's King Abdullah, to prevent the impending war. When friends warned her that she might die, Meir said: "I'm ready to go to hell, if it has any chance to save the lives of at least one Jewish soldier."
Meir dressed Arab women and crossed the border to meet with Abdullah,. which, in fact, more afraid of her than she had. Driving an Arab was "so frightened that he dropped them off before they reached the meeting place." King asked why she had so eagerly fighting for an independent state. In his inimitable Meir replied: "I do not think that 2 000 years can be perceived as" a big hurry. "She told Abdullah that would be a war and that Israel is in it to win. In his autobiography, she wrote: "It was the greatest insolence on my part, but I knew that we must win."
Another mission of Meir in the creation of a new nation was to gather money to save her from immediate extermination. Ten of millions of Arabs, . that surrounded them on all sides, . only awaiting the moment to attack, . and the Jews on the front lines at Meir asked permission to leave their territory, . because for the defense of their borders they needed tanks, . which cost $ 10 million,
. She told them: "Well. You stay, and I'll get 10 million on your tanks ". Later she said: "It was a bluff. How was I supposed to take 10 million dollarovN "She immediately went to America, where he began feverishly to raise money, primarily referring to the rough plea for help to his ideal - Eleanor Roosevelt.
. At the head of the American Zionist movement was Henry Mentor
. He was a complete chauvinist and not advocate to invest so much money into a handful of people living in the desert on the other end of the world. Mentor, like many men before him, was fascinated by the charisma of Meir. The press quoted are his words: "Golda devouring flame burning. This woman was gorgeous. "He started around to represent her as" the most powerful Jewish women present, "which it really was. Overcome all the difficulties, she made the greatest miracle in the history of Israel's long struggle for independence, using his charisma, his magnetism, his inexhaustible energy, she has collected for three months, $ 50 million. What she has done, can be estimated only if we take into account that the amount of $ 50 million in three times the annual oil production in Saudi Arabia in 1947. When she returned, shaken, Ben-Gurion said: "Someday, when history is written, there will certainly be mentioned that this was a Jewish woman who got the money, made our nation possible."
. Meir returned from America totally exhausted
. April 13, 1948 she suffered a heart attack. Fatigue and stress have taken their toll. Her non-stop attempt to raise money elsewhere to prevent a war with the Arabs "were successful, but she was forced to take a three-week vacation. Meir already back on its feet, when in Palestine May 14, 1948 was proclaimed the State of Israel. The theme was The Golden Girls - "If you like this, it is no longer a dream, and she could want, so that this unyielding desire to be more than enough to turn her dream into reality. Of the twenty-four people who signed the Declaration of Independence of Israel, the fiftieth Meir was the only woman. The new nation was born under the accompaniment of sobs Meir and the Israeli national anthem "Hatikvah" by the orchestra. This document walks away with the Jews without a homeland duration in 1887 years. Meir again offered the post in Jerusalem. It was very uncomfortable, there were violent clashes, and it was expected that the worst is yet to come. There, people were dying every day, everywhere we shoot. Meir was ready for something to be hand grenades in his underwear and under her bra on the front line (Martin, 1988).
In September 1948, Meir became the first Israeli ambassador to the Soviet Union. She was appointed to this position not because of political favoritism, which occurs in most governments, but because it is in their highest qualification over all approach to this post. She speaks fluently in Russian, born in Kiev, she knew the culture, in addition, it was the most astute diplomat in the government. Meir took with him to Moscow, his daughter Sarah. But in April 1949, she returned to Israel to accept the new post of Minister of Labor and Social Security in the office of David Ben-Gurion, who became Prime Minister. In this position, Meir became the architect of the National Insurance Scheme compatriots. She spent the next seven years on this honorable and useful work. In July 1956, Meir was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and became the representative of Israel to the United Nations. Over the next ten years as a diplomat, she has traveled the world, with great success playing the role of Joan of Arc to the newly emerged young African nations. She served almost evangelical personal mission of helping struggling nations of the new states of South Africa. Struggle for their survival, it has turned into a personal vendetta.
. In sixty-seven years, she resigned from his post as minister to defend the tax cuts for the post of Secretary of the ruling Mapai Party.
. Meir resigned in July 1968 because of poor health and old age
. But a few months later she was again called to public life because of the sudden death of Prime Minister Levi Eshkol. March 17, 1969 Golda Meir was unanimously elected as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. In his official speech, she said: "Our destiny can not and will not be defined by others". This persistent woman finally led the nation in the creation of which she spent a lifetime. She was not going to be an easy opponent for the Arabs.
Peace and tranquility beloved country were to Meir as head of state. The ceasefire agreement was concluded, but on the borders of conflicts often arise. Board Meir was accompanied by frequent clashes between Israel and its enemies, the Arabs, and that is why it is "seventy ... worked long hours as never before, and more traveled ". Meir answered his critics, . Saying, . that it would cost more to worry about the image of Israel: "If we have a choice between, . to die, . captured the general sympathy, . or survive with a bad image, . then we'd better stay alive, . having a bad image ",
. The world remained to be short-lived. Nearby was always threatening danger, but the cease-fire gave a false sense of security for part of her cabinet. Meir intuitively felt that the war is close, and shared her misgivings with cabinet members and their advisers, especially after Israeli fighter shot down a Libyan Boeing 727 in March 1973, killing 106 people living. Plane suddenly entered Israeli airspace, which was the cause of this accident. Meir immediately flew to Washington to meet with U.S. President Richard Nixon.
Yom Kippur - Day of Reconciliation - the most important and solemn Jewish religious holiday. Most of the cabinet Meir was absent during the festival in 1973, but Meir's intuition prompted her - something is wrong. There were reports of Russian movements in the Arab territories and other features that are wary of the intentions of the Arabs. Her advisers and cabinet members assured him: "Do not worry. War will not, "Her intuition tells her something else. Israeli intelligence informed him that the Russian family fleeing from the hungry Syria. It convened an emergency meeting at noon on October 5, the day before Yom Kippur, and in the presence of several key members of the Cabinet, said: "I have a terrible premonition about everything that happens. This reminds me of 1967 ... I think it's all that means something ". Her Chief of Staff, defense minister, intelligence chief and minister of trade with one voice replied: "There is no problem. Meir later recalled: "I had to listen to the voice of your heart and declare mobilization. Even then I knew that I had to do so, and I have to live with this terrible knowledge of the rest of my life ". Intuition not let down - Meir was right. The tragedy claimed the lives of 2 500 Jews, many of whom could be saved if the cabinet believed in virtue of its intuition.
Meir was always brave and believed that the force is important for both countries and for the people. If this woman was not strong, then the nation would not have survived. And without their inner strength she could not work with such energy. During the Yom Kippur War, it was well over seventy, but she never left the office more than an hour. She barely slept four hours a day, sometimes dozing right on your desktop, bringing a constant vigil to protect her beloved nation and its young soldiers. On the fifth day of the war, when he was already near complete defeat, she telephoned U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the night. His aide replied: "Now at midnight, wait till morning". Meir said: "I do not care what time. We need help today, because tomorrow may be too late. I personally fly incognito to meet with Nixon. I want to fly as soon as possible ". Kissinger capitulated and invited her to Washington.
The strength and confidence Meir did their job, and the American airlift earned just in time to save and battle, and the nation. This cheerful seventy woman again used his uncompromising spirit, to save his nation by refusing to accept the word "no" as an alternative to action.
. Meir resigned 10 April 1974, after five tumultuous years as prime minister
. She was almost seventy-six. "It was beyond my strength to carry on this burden," - she said. In Palestine, it was eighty thousand Jews, when she came here in 1921 and three million when she left his office in 1974. This always confident woman was the embodiment of strength throughout life. In his farewell statement as a government official, she expressed the concept of survival from a position of strength and aggression: "If Israel will not be strong, there will be no peace". She could say: "If a woman is not strong and not sure it will not achieve power" - and this was expressed to the essence of the energetic and the power of women
. Between family and career
. December 27, 1917 Meir married Morris Meyerson, a classical musician introvert
. She was 19, she was a passionate Zionist and took to Morris, the promise that their future will be linked with Palestine. He promised, but did not know the insistence of the woman went to the target. Just two weeks after her wedding party gave her the job - to collect money for the cause of Zionism on the West Coast, and she went on the trip, saying: "If the party said that we should go, then I'll go". Soon after this trip Meir decided that for honeymooners Champs-Elysees - is Palestine, and she went there. Morris did not want to go, but capitulated to the stronger Golda. Morris led a miserable life in a Palestinian kibbutz and persuaded his wife to move to Tel Aviv to have children. In this scenario, they lived, as Meir was ready to sacrifice everything to realize their dreams. She and Morris began to live separately soon after she met in 1928, Zalman Shazar, although they were never officially divorced. She was always ready to sacrifice themselves, their family and her husband for the sake of Israel.
Meir was in close relations with some of the greatest minds in the history of Israel. It was connected with a brilliant Zalman Shazar, "savage with encyclopedic mind", which became her mentor and lover. Ironically, the magnetic and mesmerizing speaker was supposed to be in the future is a president of Israel, who brought her to the swearing in as prime minister in 1968. They traveled around the world in the thirties. Shazar promised to divorce and marry Meir, but did not keep his promise. Yet this dynamic leader, no doubt, was the man who has had her greatest influence. Their relationship was the beginning of a large number of such bonds, which has led her envious hang on it the label "Meir-mattress.
Affair Meir associated with many great men in the Zionist movement. David Ben-Gurion, David Remez, Bert Katsnelson, Zalman Aran, Henry's mentor was the most outstanding personalities with whom she worked and entertained at various steps of his career. They helped her to advance to the top. Love Remez lasted all my life, and he has made for her many posts in the party. According to Meir, it was its "compass" and a mentor for a long time. She often confessed: "I loved him very much". Katsnelson, known as the Socrates of Israel, appointed her to the first position of responsibility - the head of department mutual aid in the thirties. Meir pointed out that Aran has made in her life fantasy. Mentor was an energetic man, the head of the American Stock. He became her confidant and lover, when she collected money in America in the thirties.
In its action was not malicious intent. It just was a passionate woman who lived naturally, as she saw and felt. It was such an irresistible energy that was once a stop to worry about those who went. Permanent her lover was Remez, and even his wife was charmed by the charisma of Meir. Remez describes Meir as the owner of "enormous personal magic". Meir admitted to a football career in front of his family: "I know that my children when they were young, many suffer through my fault". She devoted all of her work, was to sacrifice something very important for the ideas of Zionism, which for her was synonymous with the career that her family was significant.
Golda Meir was strong, but a simple woman. Being elected to the highest office of the state, she said: "I was stunned. I never expected to become prime minister ... I have never for anything not expected. I planned that will go to Palestine, in Mehraviyu, going to an active participant in the Labor Movement. Meir took his fate with the utmost humility, and was so diligent in discharging their duties, that sometimes for days did not leave office. How many people could be so postupitN! The Israeli press wrote: "It is difficult for people whose religious beliefs trap women in a place of honor in the house, to accept the idea that a woman may be headed the political department. With all the good attitude and respect for a woman, she did not place at the top as one of the central political figures "(Martin, 1988).
. As they were nepravyN only God Golda Meir was Zionism, a world in which the Jewish people would have been his home
. Dyelo her life was the creation of such a house. Meir confirms this: "I have no ambitions to become someone". She lived a simple life, without bugs, without the luxury dresses, cosmetics and other symbols of success. All she needed - is the realization of her dreams. This goal Meir devoted her entire self, fearless, she never shunned any responsibility. The proof of courage is its statement: "I can honestly say that he never refused to do anything because of fear of failure."
Golda Meir - one of the greatest women of the world. As Martin Luther King Jr., she helped change the world for the better, because she had a dream. She never allowed personal desires and needs to run her out of the way to this dream. She concentrated all their forces to create a Jewish state, and after his appearance - to preserve its security. When people asked her to become its leader, she left her house, books and music and led his nation through a war for survival. Her daughter Sarah is married and lives in Israel. Her son, Menachem - soloists, cellist, pupil of Pablo Cazalц¬s. Meir, in all respects was a creative woman, the Seer, which reached the top thanks to the dedication of the mind and senses that, in that she believed. Golda Meir acquired in childhood dream and dedicated her life to the pursuit of her. She left this world a better place than I found him, and this has nothing as its integrity and self-confidence.

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