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Orlov (Chesmensky) Alexey

( Count Rossiyskogo States 18 th century.)

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Biography Orlov (Chesmensky) Alexey
photo Orlov (Chesmensky) Alexey
With Alexei Grigorievich Orlov legend played a bad joke. However, the Count himself tried to provide material for its development: in his biography is really a lot of mystery and ambiguity, even by the standards of the rich in unsolved mysteries and not too strict in matters of morality Russian eighteenth century.
. If you look at his life carefully, it becomes clear that the main bad luck had a distinguished career, handsome, strong man, a conspirator and horseman was that he was born a hero - in the old-fashioned sense of the word
. Orlov was a fearless and faithful to the end of the one to whom he served, for which he paid. "Scary" that tell about the graph Chesmensky already during his lifetime and who subsequently lovingly complemented and developed, would be enough for a book. Meanwhile, in a situation, . gave the major plots "Orel" legend, . Alehan, . the name of his brothers, . likely found himself not from an innate tendency to adventures and rare cynicism, . and therefore, . that could not otherwise, . as lived, . Following a human-readable past century code of feudal loyalty.,
. In 1762, after the coup, Catherine's brother requested her favorite, responsible and delicate matter - to accompany a Ropsha deposed the emperor and to guard him there until she decides what to do next with him.
. A few days later, former emperor died under unclear circumstances, and the rumor immediately blamed Alexei Orlov
. Exactly how he died Peter III, arguing so far, the story rather confusing and Orlova extremely unpleasant. Because the stigma of murderers stuck to him forever, even Ropsha prisoner Orlov, apparently, did not touch. After the ugly incident in a secluded and pleasant place "Alehan Empress sent a note that said that Peter was killed in a drunken brawl, and acknowledged that" every single one to blame, worthy of punishment. "
. Because of this note Orlova and found the murderer, but if the poor prisoner, taken the lives of some of unrestrained stalwart guardsmen, to wait on him for protection, it does not at the initiative of Orlov
. Alexey was not a foolish man. Of Orlovs foreign diplomats only one recognized in him the quality of public man: "... a great calm, . clarity and breadth of vision, . perseverance: only complete confidence in the success might encourage him to do something risky ",
. Alehan too much trouble, . enthrone Catherine, . to suddenly knowingly commit such an absurd act! Because the position of the Empress in the first months after the coup was not as strong, . impunity to send to that light let the deposed, . but Emperor,
. Catherine could not understand what damage the prestige of its power will cause the violent death of Peter III. For ex-husband had been prepared "apartments" in Shlisselburgskaya fortress.
. Alex went to Ropsha because the Empress had ordered a strange letter written, apparently, because that was really not doglyadel not complied with the order and, perhaps, someone else took the blame
. After favorite brother could hope for forgiveness. To his misfortune, after many years Ropshinskaya note read quite differently, add on to it and that Orlov had never tried opravdatat
Served Alehan as it should, and fate seemed to be spoiling it. When it was necessary, . able to take risks: in 1770, won a brilliant victory over the Turkish fleet in the Bay of Chesme - and this is when, . that no experience of sea battles, Orloff, and there were no Russian fleet sufficiently trained and well equipped call could not,
. Envious assured, . that the cause of the spectacular defeat of the Turks was a pure accident - will not burn a Turkish ship "Real-Mustafa" and do not fall on the mast of his blazing Russian "Eustace", . exploded, . destroying the flagship of the Turkish squadron, . and their hope for a favorable outcome of the battle, . Orlov would not see the victory.,
. All true
. Not many people would have found, . ready, . as Orlov, . take on such a terrible responsibility - from the battle, . Earl knew, . that in case of failure will have nowhere to rest and repair ships, . and put at stake not only his life, . but also in some measure the prestige of the empire.,
. For the victory Alehanu assigned nickname Chesmensky and in Tsarskoe Selo, erected a monument in his honor
. Orlov went on to serve, not even himself to Catherine, and the crown: in the early 1770's the star of his brother laughed and it became clear that the place of favorite found another contender, Orlov resigned. All except Alexei. Proud and strong, the brothers could not forgive that, as the Empress had treated their relatives. But Alehan to retire in no hurry, do not confuse personal accounts with official duty. A debt again led him into a nasty history.
When Alexei, laurelled hero Chesmenskaya battle, off the coast of Italy, there came a desperate young woman, Princess Tarakanov, posing as the daughter of the Empress Elizabeth and A.G. Razumovsky. Frightened by the abundance of pretenders - pretenders to the Russian throne, the most obnoxious of which was Pugachev, Catherine realized that to cope with another disaster could only person brave and absolutely devoted. The rest is known - Alehan lured seeking adventures lady on a Russian ship and brought to St. Petersburg, where she either died in prison, cursing his crafty seducer, or repented of impersonation and went to the monastery.
. Executive Alehan deserved gratitude of the Empress and a few arrogant condemnation of posterity: you must, then sank to the brave admiral ..
. Groans really sick woman, who was suffering in prison from the long interrogations, and from awareness of the collapse of all hopes, responded to the legendary biography of Count Orlov, the most surprising way.
. If the death of Peter III Alehanu somehow ready to forgive (the late Emperor still was not a gift), then the capture of Princess Tarakanova - never
. Romantic veil, envelop this unsightly, but, in fact, quite banal story, added Mythicized portrait Orlova black paint. With Tarakanova Orlov particularly unlucky. Contemporaries condemned his action in silence, the descendants have tried to turn Alehana in the main negative character in the immortal works of the genre of "pop-histori". Today was particularly convincing Nikolay Eremenko, who played the villain in a bored "Imperial hunting".
. But it was not really either naive, gullible women, who believed a cold-blooded seducer, nor the most seductive, and simply switch the rogue cheated
. Tarakanova was adventuress of the highest samples for Empress of Russia is really dangerous - if only because it took her tender friendship with the Polish Confederates. And love was able to depict artistically, that there would be a lot of witnesses, the money which she traveled to Europe. So pretend this could not only Alehan.
On the instruction of Catherine, Orlov felt very tired. Graf asked to resign, he lived in Moscow, bred horses and could not imagine that the main degradation, which will get him blameless for the service, is yet to come. When Paul I, who thought Alexei Orlov murderer of his father, became emperor, he decided to restore the trampled justice and at the same time punish unscrupulous Alehana. The ashes of Peter III, was buried in the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, was with honors, as befits the emperor, reburied in the Peter and Paul Cathedral. A Orlov Pavel forced to carry the coffin of the imperial crown, perhaps hoping that he burst into tears and understand the full horror of the offense. Alehan not burst into tears. Tall, yet vigorous old man walked in silence, gritting his teeth.
. Not explain the same nerve, . never adolescent, the monarch, . that can be as a hero, . to accept even a hideous reputation, and voluntarily exposed to alterations, . which the enemy would not wish, . following only the dictates of duty,
. Would not have understood the monarch, although they enjoyed playing the Knights.

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Orlov (Chesmensky) Alexey, photo, biography
Orlov (Chesmensky) Alexey, photo, biography Orlov (Chesmensky) Alexey  Count Rossiyskogo States 18 th century., photo, biography
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