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( Minister of Culture of the USSR.)

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Biography FurtsevaEkaterina
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In the night of 24 to 25 October 1974 in the apartment Svetlana Furtseva on Kutuzov Avenue rang. I telephoned the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Nikolai Pavlovich Firyubin, the husband of her mother, E. A. Furtseva. "Catherine Alekseevny no more" - once said Nikolai Pavlovich. Svetlana did not even had time to ask. The last time she talked with her mother a few hours on the phone. The next day elite apartments tsekovskih homes rumors that Furtseva died, not the usual death - committed suicide.
. Perhaps, in the second half of XX century in our country was not a woman who would have reached such political heights and would have made such an incredible career as Ekaterina A. Furtseva
. She was the secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, member of the Presidium of the Central Committee, first secretary of the Moscow city party committee, and almost fourteen years - Minister of Culture of the USSR.
She was born Dec. 7, 1910 in a village near Vyshniy Volochkov. Marya Nikolaevna's mother worked in a textile factory. Father was killed in the First World. Katya graduated seven years, fifteen years old enrolled in a weaving factory, where her mother worked. I think it was all a foregone conclusion: some thirty years in the branch of hell - including stupefying roar of the looms, then early deafness and a small pension. But Katya is waiting for another fate. In twenty years, the factory girl joined the party. Soon to be the first party assignment: it sent to the Kursk region to raise agriculture. But there it is delayed for long, its "throw" at the Komsomolsk-party work in Feodosia.
Katia Furtseva could remain in the South. Grow old under the scorching southern sun. Find a betrothed. But something prevents focus on personal life. Perhaps Komsomol work. Maybe sports. She is a good swimmer. Knows how to avoid underwater currents, the harmful effects. Its notice, cause the city committee of the Komsomol and offer new Komsomol. With the blessing of the South it is sent to the North, in the heart of the revolution, in the capital in October-Leningrad. At higher rates of civil Aeroflot.
Kate first time in a big city in a European capital. How many people! How many new acquaintances - all in protective uniforms, all young, bold, right. Of course, she fell in love. Of course, in the pilot. His name was Peter I. Petkov.
At the time, "pilot" - the word almost mystical. The pilots - not people, and "Stalin's falcons". The pilot is irresistible as the Don Juan. Being married to a pilot - meant to keep pace with the times. Living almost myth. Since the pilot could share everything - even love for Comrade Stalin.
Survived a few photos of Catherine Alekseevny Pyotr Ivanovich. Looking at the photo, could not help thinking that her betrothed - a man accustomed to stand in the center. Leader by nature. Probably why Ekaterina A. It seems beside the gray mouse.
It was all her remarkable property. Located next to the men with any of them, she knew how to throw up his dignity, leaving herself in the shadow. And another amazing print resignation on her face. Exhaustion. Maybe the price for excessive entuziazmN
Peter Ivanovich - one hundred percent man, a man of practical. He did not understand her fascination with airplanes. At this time, they are sent to Saratov (taught in aviation technical school), then - in Moscow. Here Furtseva becoming an instructor in the department of student the Central Committee of Komsomol. A year later, it sent to Komsomol in Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology. Future process engineer with the head immersed in the work of the Komsomol. Evidently, philistine life - not for her.
The war began, her husband mobilized. She was left alone with his mother, who had by then written out in Moscow. Lectures, laboratory, cards, ration ... Moscow bursting bombs, she, along with all the duty on the roof and extinguish incendiary bombs - saves capital. And suddenly - a protracted News after the meeting with her husband: she is pregnant.
In May 1942, was born Svetlana. Only four months after the birth of their daughter's husband came home on leave. IV.. announced that he has been living with another.
Disappointment followed disappointment. Catherine graduated from the institute and stopped in indecision. For the first time in my life did not know where to throw. But rush anywhere and should not. He had only to wait. As a political activist she was asked to attend graduate school, eighteen months later was elected Party secretary of the Institute. She fell into a strange world full of conventions "liberated" commissars. Since science was over forever
Now they lived three: her mother, Svetlana, and she. Catherine got a room in a two-room apartment in metro Krasnoselskaya. How Partorg. From the Institute, where she is obviously closely, it sent to work in the Frunze District Party Committee.
Immediate supervisor Furtseva - first secretary of the District Committee - was Peter V. Boguslavsky. With him she began a special relationship. Office Romance - something like vents. Communicate with Boguslavsky gave her invaluable experience. That's when she started to understand the laws of men's games, in which the rules - and the men's feast, and salty phrase, and dubious jokes. She learned not to notice.
In 1949, during a concert party behind the scenes Bolshoi Nikolai Shvernik gave her an audience with the Boss. Stalin liked it. Living God she saw in the first and last time, but his sharp eyes - it is enough. In December 1949 she spoke at the enlarged plenum of Party Committee, where, strictly criticizing itself, tells about the district committee flaws. Purely feminine. Slightly masochistically. Next to the wise men is in the shadow. It seems, without any intention. And her notice. Meeting with Stalin gave his result
In early 1950, she moved into the building on Old Town Square, the office of Second Secretary of the Moscow City Party Committee. After a couple of months, fell victim to the fight against cosmopolitanism her good friend Peter V. Boguslavsky - it was removed from all posts and expelled from the party. The novel ended itself.
From 1950 to 1954 Furtseva close encounters with Khrushchev. There were rumors about their novel. Immediately after Stalin's death, she became the first secretary of Party Committee. Now under its command was the whole of Moscow. For Khrushchev, she made a strong impression: the fact that he was speaking without notes at meetings, and that was not afraid to confess and repent of imaginary sins, and that the "specialist". This was her favorite word. Getting acquainted with new people, the first thing she asked: "You spetsialistN!"
Furtseva until the end of life has kept a respectful attitude towards the professors and associate professors important old men, who navidalas still in graduate school. "The specialist" knows more than she, is the belief in it was very. And his team is - a former weaver - wanted to see just such people.
"Weaver, of the peasants'. With this line in the biography she was flying high. And the word "weaver" will accompany her all my life. Someone will call respect, someone - neglect.
But now the weaving factory - thing of the past. Ekaterina A. Furtseva - first secretary of the Moscow City Committee. Women playing in men's games. The moves in these games were different: the mat, and drink, and a long relaxing holiday - and all the other accessories of male household. And in order to survive and, indeed, to win this game, she had to play a "male" rules, without any discounts. Hence - and vodka, and a variety of brutal ways quickly put himself in order. Hence, the fatigue on his face.
Problems only woman in the men's camp, sometimes absurd. For example, a household item - toilet. Next to the room, the seat of the Politburo (then the Bureau of the Central Committee), was only one toilet - men. During the long meeting guys ran there, as young boys, in turn. Catherine Alexeevna, if it was unbearable, we had to flee far from the corridors, in another compartment, where a woman's toilet. And for the time that the man was not in the office, all could happen.
. None of the members and alternate members of the Politburo, and had no idea that Catherine Alekseevny may have other physiological problems.
. While once it was the lack of female toilets in her life played a fantastic role
. Something like a magic wand for Cinderella, in an instant transformed an ordinary member of the Central Committee in a powerful member of the Presidium of the Central Committee.
It happened after the death of Stalin. Furtseva then occupied the post of Secretary of the Central Committee and the rank was to be present at the narrow secretly gathering members of the Presidium of the Central Committee. "Mother" Malenkov, Kaganovich and Molotov met to throw another "mother" - Nikita.
Furtseva, Khrushchev, Malenkov, Kaganovich, Molotov, the remaining members of the Presidium of the Central Committee met in a stuffy room next to the former Stalinist Cabinet. Ekaterina A. immediately knew where bend in the scales. Most members of the Presidium voted against Khrushchev. And then there was the inexplicable. She decided to resist the obvious injustice. How is it that a man who stirred the Stalinist anthill - and suddenly trample in gryazN Perhaps she is not losing the far-reaching consequences of his act, just reacted to the clear injustice "terrible men". But how and what it could pomochN And then she "wanted to go". It was a move from the women's game. It simply calculates that as a representative of the "weak" sex has the right to go at least once during the meeting, whatever it may be of paramount, "to send natural functions". And guys, its potential adversaries, pecked. Since the number was only a men's room, and in the female had run for a long time, it appeared a formal pretext absent for a long time without arousing suspicion neither Malenkov, Kaganovich, neither. She released. Just like in the school play - you can vyytiN.
And instead of the toilet, she rushed to his office to call those on whom depended not give place to the new revolution.
Telephone call of this kind could be perceived as a provocation. Anyone with whom she spoke, might come to mind: a number of callers is Malenkov and Kaganovich, and listening to the powerful generals are going to overthrow him.
. But the one that later would be called the Great Catherine, passionately, almost hysterically begged the all-powerful generals to come to the meeting and not allow Nikita Sergeyevich was removed from his post as First Secretary of the Central Committee
. And persuaded. For minutes. Almost all of those whom she called and said that would come and support Nikita Sergeyevich - just the fact that their security agencies will not go against him.
The same trick is done and Brezhnev. He rushed to call the Minister of Defense Marshal Zhukov. And when he came back to him sat alternately Molotov, Kaganovich and Pervukhin, all interested in where he's shook. At that Brezhnev replied that he had a sudden illness, and he sat in the dressing room.
In the Kremlin came Zhukov, Ignatov and even some members of the Central Committee, Khrushchev's support. Meeting of the Bureau is not yet over. They entered and announced that such critically important matters can not be decided behind closed doors, that everything must pass its verdict. Khrushchev was suddenly raised, and seated on the throne.
It was a happy time for Furtseva. And not just in public life. Another working secretary at the Moscow city party committee, she met with Nikolai Pavlovich Firyubin, one of his subordinates.
Nicholas Firyubin was a professional diplomat. He spoke in English and French: His former colleague, Nicholas Months described it thus: "He could and wanted to please women."
He was a low slender brown-haired man with aristocratic, expressive face. Men do not like it because of their arrogance. Those who knew them both, it was surprising, as they could come together as different people.
She did not really seem to realize that "it" happened. She was drawn to Firyubin. Combat this was impossible.
Their secret meetings generated many speculations. All of the Party Central Committee, from secretaries and secretaries of the ending of the Central Committee discussed the desperate trip to Furtseva Firyubin. It was a local sexual revolution at the level of individual women ministers.
Outwardly she behaved unacceptably. At every occasion flew him to Prague, then to Belgrade, where he was transferred to the Ambassador. All this was in front of everyone, but she was not going to hide. He is clearly flattered. They did not even notice how smoothly their passion grew into a game called "Romeo and Juliet.
Firyubin sought an occasion to break the previous marriage, had threatened to abdicate all, but E. A. They did not requested, no demanded, and, perhaps, therefore, something attracted.
Five years later, when he returned to Moscow and became Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, they undersigned. And only then E. A. realized she was wrong. But change anything was impossible.
Khrushchev had not forgotten what it was obliged. Soon, Ekaterina A. was introduced in the Presidium and overnight turned from a party in Cinderella Party Queen.
Thanks Khrushchev, however, was not eternal. The fact that the first time well served, - telephone, the second time, played against, most of Catherine Alekseevny.
It was in 1960, the second half of the Khrushchev. Many of them were, unhappy. Including Furtseva. Discontent is lowered to the vapor. Just peremyvaya bones. Once in a telephone conversation Furtseva "walked" by Nikita Sergeyevich. The next day he read the transcript of her personal conversation with a member of the Central Committee Aristov. His response was lightning. At the next, extraordinary, Ekaterina A. Plenary Session of the Presidium was removed from his post as Secretary.
I overheard the conversation was, of course, the only reason for Khrushchev. Those who saw you weak, can not long be your favorite. A Furtseva was just in this position.
Her reaction was just as candid and sincere, like "running board" Khrushchev. On the same day she came home, told no one be admitted, lay in the bath and veins revealed. But she was not going to die. It is therefore not cancel an appointment with one of her girlfriends, who was appointed to the role of angel-savior.
And this friend, a role played. It was surprisingly quiet at the door, then bewilderment. Then fear. Then - a call to the Secret Service and the arrival spetsbrigady, which broke the door and found Ekaterina A., bleeding.
But Khrushchev on this "cry of the soul" did not respond. The next day at an enlarged meeting of the Party Central Committee, of which Furtseva remained, he said, chuckling wryly explained to members of the party, that E. A. - Banal climax and it is not necessary to pay attention to this. E. A. these words accurately transferred. She bit her lip and realized: for the second time women's game in the company, which plays only in men, do not pass. And in on itself. It was in 1961.
The procedure for the removal from power has been worked through. Nobody rushed into the room, ostentatiously not disconnect your phone. Loss of power was marked by silence. With you suddenly stopped to greet, and most importantly - was silent spinner. It simply disconnected
A month later, word came that Furtseva appointed minister of culture. And that's when the whole country went for a walk nickname stuck to it for a long time, - Catherine the Great.
His team is believed tens of thousands of workers of culture of Moscow and Moscow region. And another three million to four ordinary "army kultorgov" throughout the Soviet Union: a modest librarian, museum staff scientists, insolent servants theaters and movie studios and t. d. The whole army called her Catherine the Great - who knows, with the sarcasm there, with voshischeniemN
But the analogy with the Russian queen arose not only from the subjects of "empire". Operating Room Furtseva decorated portrait of Queen Elizabeth, with the laconic inscription: "Catherine of Elizabeth". Went to a legend that, talked for half an hour with Furtseva, the queen turned to her with a request: "Catherine, do not call me Your Highness, call him comrade just Elizabeth.
. Danish Queen Margrethe once said that she would do for his country staunchly same as Furtseva did for his.
. After the expulsion from the Presidium of the CC, she began to drink
. Saw a lot, but not ugly. Getting drunk, complained about the fate of the men who abandoned her, cursed them and down dale.
All fell from the hands. The paper - a succession of triumphs and follies. In her memorandum to the Suslov was established Taganka Theater, and simultaneously with the light hand of reproach was held in the Manege abstract artists. With her blessing to the "Contemporary" went to play Shatrova "Bolsheviks". That it belongs to the initiative of building the Luzhniki sports complex and the new building of the ballet school.
Life ... With Firyubin all ended. She did not divorce, but did not like. Become withdrawn. Revived, perhaps only during the noisy feasts, for a glass of good wine. In recent years, this tendency was already evident to all. Her daughter Svetlana was born Mariska, granddaughter of Catherine Alekseevny. Svetlana and her husband very much like to have a dacha. Deputy director of the Bolshoi Theater for construction helped her, and then the scandal. She received a reprimand, almost flew out of the party.
The last two years was one Furtseva. In her house almost nobody ever goes, the Firyubin had an affair, and she knew about this ...
In the night of 24 to 25 October 1974 in the apartment Svetlana Furtseva on Kutuzov Avenue rang. I telephoned the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Nikolai Pavlovich Firyubin, the husband of her mother. He wept. "Catherine Alekseevny no more."

Suicide Minister of Culture

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FurtsevaEkaterina, photo, biography
FurtsevaEkaterina, photo, biography FurtsevaEkaterina  Minister of Culture of the USSR., photo, biography
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