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( The leader of the Palestinian extremist organization)

Comments for YASSIN Ahmed (Ahmed YASSIN)
Biography YASSIN Ahmed (Ahmed YASSIN)
(genus. 1936)
. How has paralyzed sheik with a disability to become a mediocre teacher of literature in such an important political figuruN And not only among Palestinians but also the entire Middle East ...
. PHENOMENON Sheikh Yassin
. The leader of the extremist Palestinian organization Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and graduated to his days in an Israeli prison (he had a life sentence), if not the failure of Operation 'Mossad' in Jordan
. In October 1997, after nine-year sentence he was released two Israeli agents of the Secret Service, . captured in the Jordanian capital Amman, as a result of an unsuccessful attempt on the head of the political wing of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal.,
. His homecoming, . as noted by the Israeli newspaper 'Vesti', . become a factor of great socio-political values, . which many observers likened the events in 1979, . When Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran after a long stay in exile near Paris,
. Modest one-story house of Sheikh Yassin to Sabra - one of the areas of the Gaza Strip - instantly became a place of pilgrimage for tens of thousands of Palestinians. Among the visitors was the Chairman and the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Arafat and his wife Sukhoi, which sent an invitation to Yasin's wife, mother of 11 children.
. How has paralyzed sheik with a disability to become a mediocre teacher of literature in such an important political figuruN And not only among Palestinians but also the entire Middle East ...
. Ahmed Yassin was born in 1936 in the village of Jura, near the city of Ashkelon
. In 1947, when clashes broke out between Arabs and Jews, his family moved to Gaza, and settled in the Shati refugee camp.
. In the first 50 years as a teenager, Ahmed joined the fundamentalist organization 'Ikhwan muslimun' ( 'Muslim Brothers'), was subsequently banned by the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser
. Just at this time, playing once with his comrades on the beach, he broke his neck, making the unfortunate flip, and was crippled for life.
A few years later, Ahmed began to move on crutches. But from the mid 80-ies he gets up from his wheelchair. Disability, however, did not prevent the future sheik to be educated in the Egyptian Islamic University 'Ain Shams', where he was awarded a bachelor's degree in Arabic literature. Returning to Gaza, he became a teacher and at the same time representative of the Muslim Brotherhood ".
The father of one of the disciples Yassin borrowers had private lessons, was the Egyptian governor of Gaza. He recommended him to work in primary school, al-Carmel '. The letter the governor wrote that while Yassin and 'not able to be a teacher of physical education, but also to teach other subjects, he could fine'.
Then he began to preach in mosques. Moreover, he continued to combine teaching and preaching, and after, in 1967 during the "Six Day War, Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
In 1973, Yassin established 'a Islamic Center', then - 'Islamic associations', to gain control of most Islamic institutions in Gaza. And in 1979, after Iran's Islamic revolution, he founded al-Jamaa al-Islamiya '- first in Gaza <Islamic Society>. It offered services to Palestinians in the religious, educational, and recreational areas. Club, where young people are harmless at first glance, football and table tennis, was even officially registered with the Israeli authorities.
. We must recognize that Israel encouraged the activities of the 'Islamic Society', which quickly spread its influence throughout Gaza
. It has become a religious alternative, and a potential rival nationalist camp Palestine Liberation Organization. Yassin, by the time honored with the prestigious title of 'sheikh', the Arabic program gave numerous interviews to Israeli television, which criticized the PLO leader Yasser Arafat.
However, the period of prosperity was short -. Gradually the organization of clubs for football and table tennis, Sheikh turned to political activity. One day in 1982, thousands of his supporters like a whirlwind swept through Gaza, destroying 'non-Islamic objects' - shops selling alcohol.
. In 1984, Yasin was sentenced by an Israeli military court to 13 years in prison for illegal possession of weapons
. However, a year later he was released in an exchange of 1,100 Palestinian prisoners for three Israeli soldiers captured by guerrillas in Lebanon a terrorist organization.
. Grouping Yassin did not participate in the 'Intifada' - the uprising of Palestinians in Gaza vsphnuvshee in 1987
. But popular unrest does not subside, and he founded Hamas (an acronym from the Arabic 'al-characterized Mukauma al-Islamiya'), which means - 'The Islamic Resistance Movement'. That's when he <urged to consider all the settlers and the Israeli military to kill them>.
The Hamas movement announces: "When the whole of Palestine from the sea to the Jordan - our strategic goal, and no goal more sacred and important. After his release from Israeli domination of Palestine will become the center of Arab and Muslim world>.
Hamas calls for the physical extermination of the Jews, has the Christian Left activists, advocates a secular way of development; Arabs cooperating with Israel. The ultimate goal of Hamas - the destruction of Israel. The objectives of terrorist operations - the demoralization of the population, the secret police to discredit Israel.
Hamas militants recruited in universities, schools, mosques, charitable institutions. Creates detachments <shaheed> (suicide bombers), which is inspired by that death in the name of Islam - the shortest way to paradise. <е·ahide> - young people aged 18 - 27 years old, from poor families, often - are illiterate.
Hamas has a political (legal) and military (illegal) structures. A significant activity shown by the legal branch of Hamas, carrying out propaganda and recruiting members through mosques and social institutions.
Funded by Iran, Jordan, Sudan, the Gulf. Third of the $ 30 - million annual budget comes from living in the U.S. and Europe, supporters of Hamas.
. Branches open movement in the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran.
. Headquarters - in Tehran.
. Hamas' activities extended not only to the Gaza Strip, but also on the West Bank
. Was created a special unit - <Az al-Din al-Qassem>, whose fighters were killing Palestinians suspected of collaborating with the occupation authorities. They also carried out attacks on Israeli soldiers.
Israel initially tolerated Hamas for the same reasons that he welcomed the establishment <Islamic Society>. But the armed activities of the movement could not fail to cause alarm. In 1989, Yassin was arrested again and sentenced to life in prison for organizing the kidnapping and murder of two Israeli soldiers.
During the conclusion of his popularity has increased enormously. But the failing health of Sheikh, who made one operation after another, extremely worried about the Palestinians. Whenever reappeared rumors that he died in an Israeli prison authorities allowed a lawyer and relatives Yassin to visit him.
. Incidentally, while in prison, Sheikh continued to play a significant role in guiding their organizations
. The newspaper 'Vesti', citing sources close to the Israeli security services, announced that Yassin maintained contact with the remaining at large heads of Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as branches in Iran and Sudan. Messages transmitted through the visitors, and to write letters to the paralyzed prisoner helped him sympathetic cellmates. Evidence of direct links with Sheikh suicide bombers who killed over the past years, dozens of Israelis, no, although he defended the terrorist attacks, calling them 'self-defense'.
. Israel fears that the sheikh will become a martyr, if indeed die in custody
. This could trigger a new outburst of discontent in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But at the same time, stubbornly refused to release him.
In the end, Yasin came to freedom. But as a result of any decisive actions of Hamas, and, as mentioned above, due to the failure of Israeli intelligence.
In early March 1998, Sheikh went berserk in a long tour of Arab countries. Within four months he traveled to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries, Syria, Sudan and Iran. During this time he collected, according to Arab sources, some 300 million. Money, of course, went to the strengthening of social and political position of Hamas in the territories under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.
In late June the same year, Yassin returned to Gaza. His triumphant return forced Arafat, who, according to Palestinian political analysts, largely loses the sheikh in political terms, to reconsider its policy.
- Who can win, so should be friends, - one of the leaders of Hamas in the West Bank. - These are the rules of the game now.
Indeed, in the year Arafat did everything to please Yasin. He gave him a diplomatic passport and gave the car with a special number in red, which are given only to senior officials from the Palestinian leadership. He was released from jail dozens of Hamas activists convicted of involvement in terrorist attacks.
. Moreover, Palestinian б? 1 delayed the formation of a new cabinet until the return of Sheikh in the hope that he would order his followers to accept the offer to cooperate with the Palestinian Authority, instead of trying to topple it
. But Yassin refused, saying that such a move 'would imply acceptance of Hamas Oslo Agreements'.
Such a tough stance Sheikh explained simply. During his visit, he was not only generous financial aid, but also achieved a very significant political and diplomatic success. Governments of many countries no longer considered him head of a petty and an unknown group terroresticheskoy. He gained a reputation as a world statesman.
. Therefore Arafat
. Well, what segodnyaN
. While the Hamas leadership abroad advocating a hard line, the sheikh, who is the spiritual leader of the organization, has taken an ambiguous position
. On the one hand, he constantly speaks of the necessity of ending the confrontation with Israel. He even gave his supporters an example of tolerance, agreeing to meet with Rabbi Menachem Frumanom (resident of the Jewish settlement of Tekoa in the West Bank), a known mediator in the Arab-Jewish talks. But with the same stubbornness he insists on the need 'to continue' jihad '(' holy war ') for the liberation of all Palestine> and the establishment of an Islamic state where Jews would be happy to see minorities as>.
. In an interview given recently Yasin newspaper 'Jerusalem Report', he recalled:
. - Islam allows you to enter a temporary truce with the enemy for a certain period
. But Islam forbids to enter into an agreement with the enemy on a permanent peace. Even if my own brother would come and throw me out of the house, I will fight with him. This land is holy to three religions, . and therefore must find a way, . allowing us all to live in peace, . justice and ravenstve.Blizky of Hamas leader Yassin, . Professor of Islamic University in Gaza, Ismail Abu Shanab claims, . that the statements of Sheikh possible 'ceasefire' is not to be regarded as specific proposals,
. - I think many misinterpret his words - explains Abu Shanab
. - He told me that he spoke of Islamic history, but did not make any new initiatives.
Nevertheless, the professor believes that the military wing of Hamas Yassin's call obey the cease attacks. However, the sheikh has not yet made a similar appeal, arguing that he had 'no right to do it'.
. In another interview with Yasin pointed, . that his organization, . as well as the Palestinian Authority, . not want to repeat the events of November 1994, . when the Palestinian police and Hamas gunmen exchanged fire near a mosque in Gaza, . led to the death of 14 'Hamas',
. Sheikh claimed that Hamas will do its utmost to 'prevent the establishment in Palestine of a situation like that which is in Algeria and Afghanistan. "
. - We will not fight the forces of the Palestinian Authority, even if we outlaw - emphasizes Yasin
. - We also strive to achieve the unity of the nation, like all other Palestinians.
. With regard to the attacks of Hamas, it is, in his opinion, the reaction to the attacks of the Israelis and Palestinian citizens.
. - We are fighting with them, not because they are Jews, - the sheikh said, - but because they captured our homeland, our people are condemned to exile and deprived of our right to independence.
. There is no guarantee that after the return of Yassin in Gaza, Hamas attacks will not resume
. Palestinian experts argue that Hamas would suspend attacks for two reasons:. First, in order not to irritate the governments of those countries, where guests Sheikh Yassin, and thus do not cause damage to its activities. Secondly, to the Israelis, who still control all borders with the Palestinian Authority, there was no reason not to give him to enter Gaza. Now, when Yassin home, many believe that the militia detachment 'Az al-Din al-Qassem' again will take a terrorist activity.
Hamas has another incentive to return to terror, and Arafat knows this perfectly. The resumption of terrorist attacks in Israel inflict significant damage to the credibility of the head of the Palestinian Authority. Not to mention the fact that the peace process will be long 'frozen'. And that's bad for the peace process, good for Hamas - a movement, fed by the Palestinian despair.
However, today, Hamas clearly has lost its influence and unable to get it back. The movement lost its strength due to the fact that nothing has failed to oppose the peace process gaining momentum. That is why, the ousted to the margins of policy by Hamas leaders, headed by Yassin, which supports no more than 30 percent of Palestinians, have decided to expand activities in the field. All attention is now directed to the sheikh, whose personal influence is much stronger than the influence of his organization.
But Yassin in no hurry to make any statements regarding future political course of Hamas. Unlike Arafat, he has time. Stagnation in the peace process plays to his ...

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YASSIN Ahmed (Ahmed YASSIN), photo, biography
YASSIN Ahmed (Ahmed YASSIN), photo, biography YASSIN Ahmed (Ahmed YASSIN)  The leader of the Palestinian extremist organization, photo, biography
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