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Avigdor Lieberman (Avigdor LIBERMAN)

( Director-General of the Ministry of head of the Israeli government until November 23, 1997.)

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Biography Avigdor Lieberman (Avigdor LIBERMAN)
photo Avigdor Lieberman (Avigdor LIBERMAN)
(genus. NN.N.1960)
Avigdor Lieberman, has resigned from the post of director general head of the Israeli government on Nov. 23, 1997. On the same day it was adopted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
In the official report was praised Lieberman's work in this post. Prime Minister himself said:
- I regret the resignation of his faithful friend, who worked with me for years. However, I can not interfere with his decision ...
The next day, Lieberman held a press conference in Tel Aviv House of Journalists 'Beit Sokolov', located on the street Kaplan. Long before the entrance to the building were crowded, pushing each other, the Israeli 'paparazzi' hoping to catch a unique frame: Lieberman - depressed, desperate, unhappy ...
. And so exactly in the hour of the day before the suitors came a completely different sensation Lieberman
. Calm, smiling, confident. He looked exactly as supposed to look like the Director General of the Ministry of the head of government: a fashionable double-breasted suit and not less than the trendy dark blue tie with small polka dots. It's just that he was somewhat different: relaxed, free, for the first time in the past year and a half getting rid of that 'inner censor', without which the public service will not do. It seems that Lieberman was happy that the resignation of the responsible post he lost back 17 months free. And now, a new for himself as he can, finally, to say everything he thinks.
Regarding the resignation, he stated that the public service would not allow him to actively engage in party affairs. In connection with what he decided to leave his post, having agreed in advance with the Prime Minister. Concerning the future, he said that the main thing - it is a decision essential to Israel's problems.
. - When people ask me, . - Said Lieberman, . - Am I ready for it, . that Israel has made new concessions on territorial compromises, . I answer loud and clear: I am not ready to cede a single inch for a handshake with Arafat or for dinner at the White House with President Clinton.,
. Naturally, the journalists raised the question: what Mr. Lieberman intends to do in buduschemN
. - So far I have not received any offers, - he said
. - But I have a wonderful profession in demand. I have a loader and a guard. I think that in Israel there are many objects of my specialties.
The immigrants from the USSR
In Israeli society was felt that the 'Russian' (t. e. immigrants from the Soviet Union and Russia) are not able to make a political career. They say that prevents them from the language barrier, but the main thing - the mentality of the pupil of the Soviet system. Avigdor Lieberman - An immigrant from the Soviet Union - has refuted these stereotypes.
Avigdor, whose friends call Evik, was born 40 years ago in Chisinau. His family, as he said once, 'never lost its connection with Jewish roots, the house was full of books in Yiddish and Hebrew'. Lieberman, a senior in his youth joined the movement of the revisionists, and Lieberman, Jr. captivated ideas Jabotinsky, which block the right Likud took later on arms.
. From his father, Avigdor inherited a love of literature, which, incidentally, still writes stories and publishes them in a Russian-language journals
. Son has a weakness for poetry, wrote poems in Russian, but still no one managed to persuade him to give them in print.
In 1978, the Lieberman family immigrated to Israel. Avigdor settled in Jerusalem and enrolled in the Jewish University, where he studied political science. His group is engaged in a former Health Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, which is keen on a new immigrant to the policy. Lieberman joined a student club 'Castel' associated with the Likud, and began to actively participate in political debate, held then at the university.
According to classmates, he was not afraid of sharp debate. His position has always been known rigidity. They say that once in a Day of Remembrance of the fallen soldiers of Israel group of Arab students pointedly included at full capacity tape with gay music. Lieberman could not tolerate such abuse, entered the room and asked the Arabs to reduce the sound. He replied with a categorical refusal. The case ended with a fight. As a result, three Arabs were in the hospital.
Soon Hanegbi found a friend in need of extra money, 'hack' - to guard the building of a student club. Later, during the government formation, the sharp-tongued journalists alleged that Lieberman, as Director General of Prime Minister's office, full back debt: Hanegbi found work in the Ministry of Health. This, of course, no more than a joke. Hanegbi - one of Netanyahu's closest associates.
While working at the club Avigdor met his future wife, Ella - a young student, too, Immigrant from the USSR, which in the evening washing dishes in the club dining. Today the couple Lieberman three children: daughter, Michal, the sons of Jacob and Amos.
After receiving a bachelor's degree Avigdor was drafted into the army. Until the day he segonyashnego held annually for military training. Incidentally, when he held the post of Director General, Israeli journalists joked: I suppose that it will soon command of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will try to get rid of this reserve. Otherwise, . If he wants to continue to fulfill his soldier's duty, . Army would have been attached to part of Lieberman's Special Forces Counter-Intelligence, . which will protect human, . on the innermost state secrets.,
. After military service, Avigdor and his wife settled in a new area of Jerusalem - Gilo
. But the Zionist beliefs demanded a more direct involvement in the development of "Eretz Yisrael" ( "Land of Israel" in the Biblical borders). Soon the young family moved to the tiny village of El-David, which is home to both religious and secular families.
Lieberman - not religious. But the Jewish tradition it is not alien. Looking ahead to say that on the night of counting votes when the odds were in favor of another candidate for Prime Minister - Shimon Peres, he went into the synagogue and asked God to grant victory for Netanyahu. Hardly had he finished the prayer, the telephone rang: the leader of the Likud began to lead.
At one time, Lieberman led a small commercial firm. Then got his first political appointment: responsible for entry of new immigrants for health insurance 'Meuhedet' associated with the Likud. At the time of his arrival in Jerusalem Branch sickness fund it looked pitiful: a small house, has long needed repair. Here Avigdor first demonstrated his organizational skills. It was he persuaded to join the health insurance, hundreds of immigrants and not only repaired the building, but also to build on a floor.
In Jerusalem there was and his familiarity with Netanyahu, who was then at the office of the Israeli representative to the UN, came home on leave. During one event, held in the Likud, he 'ran' with Lieberman. 'Sabra' (ie, born in Israel) Netanyahu, and immigrant from the Soviet Union, and get rid of a heavy Russian accent, immediately found a common language. When, in 1988, Netanyahu had completed work in the UN and participated in internal elections, Likud, to determine the future list bloc in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), Lieberman became his assistant.
Since then, they were inseparable. Wherever Netanyahu, for his relentless shadow always followed Lieberman. Moreover, he was not interested in advertising, avoided reporters and television cameras. Devotion Lieberman Netanyahu was absolute. The most important thing for Evik was to promote Bibi as prime minister called his followers. Soon Lieberman campaign headquarters headed by Netanyahu in primaries, Likud, and he was elected chairman of the block.
. The first thing that made the new leader - Lieberman appointed Director General of Likud, who in 1993 was on the verge of collapse
. Tens of millions of shekkeley debt, internal strife, the loss of supporters. Office block on the ground is practically not functioning, and in the polls then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was leading by a wide margin.
Lieberman went to work. He fired dozens of useless functionaries, receiving huge salaries, bringing in strict order in the organizational structure of the Likud. During the year, he paid the debts, build the party infrastructure. Netanyahu's popularity began to rise sharply. By the autumn of 1995 he had already outstripped the Prime Minister Rabin in the polls.
After the assassination of Prime Minister launched a media campaign to discredit and even disdain for Netanyahu, Likud and the entire right-wing. According to polls, Peres supported the 54 per cent, Bibi - only 27. It seemed all was lost ...
According to journalists, then met with Lieberman, he was "absolutely confident in the victory of Netanyahu in the upcoming elections'. Evik not lowered his hands, not panicked, and went on calmly and methodically carry out its work. And it bore fruit.
The gap between Netanyahu and Peres declined. Nevertheless, the survey institute 'Dahar', announced after the close of polling stations, predicted victory for Peres. At the headquarters of the 'Labor' began a rapid triumph. In the Likud, many wept openly.
Lieberman kept absolutely quiet.
- It's only a poll - he said to his wife. - You'll see, the morning will break.
He was right ...
Prime Minister Netanyahu was, who immediately appointed Lieberman, Director General of his office. How joked while local journalists, 'Israeli Chubais', played a crucial role in the victory in the presidential elections, Boris Yeltsin.
But before the new gendir to take office, as his barrage of criticism. However, this criticism can not be called. In his just poured mud tub.
Set the tone, the Israeli newspaper 'Yediot Ahronot', which gave Lieberman characteristics - from nowhere who undertook 'homo-sovieticus'. More - more ...
But if you look objectively, the Israeli media were supposed to be Lieberman at the hands. After all, he essentially was (and remains) the embodiment of the idea of Zionism. Jew to emigrate to 'Eretz Israel', with his own hands built a house, had been in the highest spheres of power. In a word, has made himself.
. Not by chance during a ceremony marking the accession to the post of head office, Lieberman said:
. - I like a man repatriated twenty years ago, I can legitimately argue that Israel - a small country with unlimited possibilities.
. So why is the Israeli 'media' have started a massive attack on Lieberman, whom Netanyahu owes much of its pobedoyN goal is clear - get rid of this man
However, journalists understood that nothing on Evik it is not found. Past him perfectly: brilliant finished university, impeccable service in the army. Wherever he worked, always spoke of him as a professional, honest and responsible person. Dig 'strawberry' in family life, too, failed. Lieberman - exemplary husband and father. Even when working for twenty hours a day, once a week, he went to the supermarket for groceries, so his wife does not carry heavy bags. It can not be accused of arrogance and. The newspaper 'Maariv' published a list of friends Lieberman - completely ordinary people, with whom the almighty head of the office continued to maintain good relations. Being in high office in the company of friends, he willingly told jokes, sang songs to a guitar, did not refuse a glass of good vodka.
Hope to find dirt, blow up the scandal and force him to resign - there was virtually no. It was therefore chosen a different tactic.
Today we can clearly observe the trend of the Israeli media and the forces which are behind them were. Drive a wedge between Lieberman and Netanyahu. Speculation that in reality is all about Lieberman: appoints dictates Bibi, what and how to say. More than that - it was he who led the formation of the government.
. In the corridors of the Knesset even born anecdote.
. - Why only Netanyahu knows who and what gets ministerial postN - asks one member of another.
. - Yes, because Netanyahu - the closest person to Lieberman ...
. Of course, the joke was a certain truth
. Yes, everything is decided by the Head of Government. But Lieberman's influence on him is hard to overestimate.
Each convenient and inconvenient media sharpened the attention of readers on the 'Russian' origin Lieberman. The articles inevitably mention of 'a heavy Russian accent', a love for Russian literature, 'Russian' wife, 'Russian' friends. In essence, the Israelis have been indoctrinated with: come to some 'homo-sovieticus', somehow stupefied Netanyahu (even right, but still our 'Sabra') and knows how climbed to power.
. Meanwhile, his career as a still recognize the Israeli media, had no analogues
. After settling on the 'promised land', he said, without ties, without the rich and powerful patrons, has made what can only dream of the offspring of high-ranking Israeli families.
. That's what Lieberman and could not forgive ...
. LEV is preparing to leap
. So, Avigdor Lieberman, former CEO of Prime Minister's Office, getting rid of restrictions relating to the status of civil servant, began active
. As expected, his first task was the fight with a group of so-called "princes of Likud, which represents a threat to Netanyahu.
. He made an attack on the holy of holies' princes', is still under their absolute control, - 'World Likud
. Before Lieberman was willing to run for the post of its chairman, hardly anyone had heard of the existence of this association. Meanwhile, an Israeli Likud has branches in dozens of countries in Western Europe, United States. Canada and Latin America. And although the organization is a serious role in Israeli politics has never played, post of its chairman has always been an honorable sinecure. And no more. But the 'princes' who ruled the ball at the' World Likud, and with enough power and influence, considered the organization only as a 'roof' for countless foreign trips.
. Here, perhaps, should explain who in the Likud called 'princes'
. This - children and grandchildren of prominent 'likudovskih' politicians, former Knesset members, ministers and even heads of government. They entered politics during the life of their parents and through deserts fathers very quickly moved into leadership roles in the party. These people represent so-called party aristocracy. They believe that their fate is ordered to lead Likud.
For Netanyahu, they are treated with barely concealed contempt and regard him as an upstart. Although the father of former Prime Minister - Professor Ben Zion Netanyahu, . always adhered to the ideology of the revisionists, and even at one time was the personal secretary of Jabotinsky, . Yet he preferred most of the time and effort to give science, . not party activities,
. Therefore, his son can not claim the title of 'Prince'. Nevertheless, career Netanyahu Likud was swift ...
Not surprisingly, the dizzying success of the 'upstart Netvanyahu' could not like 'princes'. And the nearest helper - Avigdor Lieberman, who played a crucial role in its success, 'princes' felt downright pathological aversion. You bet! Some immigrant, not having a father or a - a party functionary, party or multi-year experience - suddenly took and drove the 'princes' in the background. And Lieberman's intention to run for the post of 'World Likud' they saw only one thing - the desire of the former Director-General to move to another category.
. After all, he still held the highest positions in the party and state structures
. But they were civil service jobs. A civil servant, as you know, you can always throw in another place, lower, or simply dismiss. The official, even the most senior, in principle, poses no danger to the MP. Another thing - people's elected. Dismiss it nobody can. Unless he commits any illegal act and will be forced to resign.
. If Lieberman was appointed chairman of the 'World Likud, during the four years he not only could not be removed from office, but the main thing - it would pass in a different category: the people's representatives
. As such, Lieberman would be a threat not only to Money for trips abroad 'princes' and 'princesses', but their privileged position in the party hierarchy. But this they could not prevent. And not allowed ... They have managed by hook or by crook to block the election of Lieberman.
Nevertheless, Evik show and prove to his enemies, how tremendous influence he had in the Likud. He knew that the post of chairman of the 'World Likud is not so important. But the battle around her, by his own admission, he considers a trial of strength before the much more serious battle.
One of the Israeli journalists, commenting on the resignation of Lieberman, said:
- Leo escaped from its cage ...
I would add: - I jumped: The 15-seat Knesset convocation:

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Avigdor Lieberman (Avigdor LIBERMAN), photo, biography
Avigdor Lieberman (Avigdor LIBERMAN), photo, biography Avigdor Lieberman (Avigdor LIBERMAN)  Director-General of the Ministry of head of the Israeli government until November 23, 1997., photo, biography
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