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LEVIDavid (David LEVY)

( Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel)

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Biography LEVIDavid (David LEVY)
Why not do it for the sake of popularity! Some policies to suit their supporters chic receptions with abundant food and drink. Others hold "seminars" for associates at prestigious hotels on the beach.
But all outdid former Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy. Before leaving the Foreign Ministry, he gave the most faithful companions watch with its own portrait on the dial.
What was supposed to mean this prezentN Whether, according to Levy, he is working on it. Whether, as the island opponents Minister, his time is running out.
By the way, the reader, you can imagine the head of the Foreign Ministry of the modern state, which owns angliyskimN Perhaps you can ... But try to imagine the Minister for Foreign Affairs with 7 grade education.
David Levy lives in Beit Shean - a small provincial town, located on the Jordanian border. Here live people who understand it, although not always agree with him. It is said that in Tel Aviv, he is more popular than in the Beit She'an. In any case, residents of this biblical city - most of them supporters of right-wing Likud - not just Levy's political ravings. Nevertheless, it remains a symbol of this neat and a little sleepy town.
David Levy - "Sephardic" (so-called Jewish immigrants from Arab countries). He was born 62 years ago in the Moroccan city Kassablanke. Immigrated to Israel in 1958. Settled in the Beit She'an Valley and found work at the construction site.
I must say that even then he showed a craving for social activities. Actively participated in the struggle for the rights of construction workers and was soon elected secretary of the union of the Northern District. His candidature was put forward and supported the local branch of Mapai (the historical predecessor of the Labor Party).
. Climb it to the construction of Forests and difficult negotiations about the size of contributions to the pension fund for employees union construction firm Soleil Boneh, "if it did not intervene in His Majesty Chance
. Before the municipal elections in 1969, Likud (then Gahan - Herut - the liberals) could not find a worthy candidate for mayor of Beit Shean. After much searching and doubt have decided to turn to Levi, and he agreed.
He received two of the mandate and helped the candidate of the party NRP which received four of the mandate, dismiss the mayor. Himself became his deputy.
But Levy municipal career will end in tears. Two years later, city council was dissolved, and the mayor and his deputy - were dismissed. Until the next election for city operated a special commission appointed by the Minister of Internal Affairs.
It seemed to end political career. But his Majesty the case was not asleep. He opened the failed municipal figure, new perspectives.
At the young provincial drew the attention of the leader of Likud, Menachem Begin. He immediately appreciated the benefits that can bring Levi to the national movement. In the spring of 1973 he was appointed chairman of the faction Thelet-Laban in the Histadrut (General Federation of Labor, Israel's largest trade union association).
. In the parliamentary elections the same year he provides the Likud vote, residents of development towns and poor neighborhoods
. These voices (along with the voices of immigrants from the Soviet Union) led subsequently Begin to power.
Since then, Levy has become a party to all the same "likudovskih" Governments. From Begin, he received the portfolio (albeit minor) Minister of Immigrant Absorption and actively involved in the work.
Left could not forgive the former party colleagues go to the camp of the enemy. But even more - success. About spreads anecdotes and tall tales. He izgalyalis about cartoonists in newspapers and humor with pop scaffolding. The aim of the attacks even had his wife Rachel and twelve of his children.
But Levy has shown an iron restraint. In 1981 he was Minister of Construction and Deputy Prime Minister. Anecdotes about him will not tell.
In 1982, many in Israel, it became clear that Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin dies. The death of his wife finally knocked him out of. In the Likud began an underlying struggle for political legacy. The party split into three camps - Yitzhak Shamir, Ariel Sharon and David Levy, who openly declared that he considered himself the heir Begin.
But he lost the internal elections Shamir, typing 30 percent vote of the members of the Center Party. Here Levy for the first time a serious offense. The first time was not talking about leaving the Likud. After the defeat of this bloc in the elections of 1992, he created his own party, Gesher.
Ideological principles Levy not changed. In his heart he remained a faithful follower of Menachem Begin. But where could be flexible, he showed her. For example, he was one of the initiators of the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon in 1985, but the Oslo Accords did not support.
Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he considered a usurper who seized lawfully belonged to him, David Levy, a place. Before the 1996 elections he was forced again to join (as a separate faction) to the Likud. He understood that alone in the Knesset does not pass, because the party "Gesher" was about a dozen activists, a few dozen members and hundreds of supporters, most of whom were relatives of Levi.
. And again his bid has been successful
. To neutralize the crooked and unreliable ally, Netanyahu "gave" him the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Nevertheless, Levy spoiled a lot of blood to his prime minister. He constantly threatened to resign and quit the coalition, demanded changes in the state budget and interfered in the process of negotiations with the Palestinians.
After two and a half years, he still has resigned, bringing thereby hour drop Netanyahu.
Alliance with the current Prime Minister Ehud Barak again gave Levy the opportunity to be elected to the Knesset. But the main thing - to regain the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
We must admit that it looks good at receptions and diplomatic receptions. His beautiful FRENCH with a vengeance covers lack of English. Levy polite and charming. But the diplomat, he - no. Yes, he does not need. All the same, Barak never let him on the gun shot to the political process.
Levi is smart enough to understand that Barack has used it against Netanyahu. But less than a year, as he spoke. At first it was a threat to Lebanon and Hezbollah, and then - a sharp critic of the Prime Minister and his secret courtship of the late Syrian President Hafez al-Assad and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.
. The construction worker said everything he thought about the Lebanese war
. He threw off his jacket close diplomatic and bared their nature. Levy said: "The blood must be avenged. Impunity Hezbollah must come to an end. An eye for an eye, blood for blood. Lebanese child of a Jewish child. "
As a politician, Levy overly emotional and not so cynical as the same Barak. He was a religious man, for whom Eretz-Israe (Land of Israel) and Zionism - not empty words.

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LEVIDavid (David LEVY), photo, biography
LEVIDavid (David LEVY), photo, biography LEVIDavid (David LEVY)  Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, photo, biography
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