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Vadim V. Seregin

( Slasatel officer MOE.)

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Biography Vadim V. Seregin
Born in 1961. Krasnoyarsk.
. 1983 - graduate of Simferopol top military and political construction college.
. 1983 - 1991 - served in the Armed Forces of the USSR in Severodvinsk.
. 1991 - 1992 - the leading specialist Severodvinsk bureau of foreign trade association of the Arkhangelsk region.
. 1992 - 1995 - Officer promptly and Rescue Service "The Guardian"
. Severodvinsk.
. 1995 - 1996 - Chief Specialist, Central Regional search and rescue MES of Russia.
. 1996 - Head of Search and Rescue Service of the State Central airmobile rescue group Tsentrospas MES of Russia, Mr.
. Moscow. 1999 - Medal of the extraordinary humanitarian operations ", the Order of Courage.
- I was born in Krasnoyarsk. Lived in the Urals, in the Kuban, in Tula - the father of my builder, so I had to ride. As a child, often went to the pioneer camps with military bias. I liked it, so the choice of profession was a conscious. Entered in Simferopolskoye Higher Military-Political School Construction. And when finished, was assigned to the Northern Fleet, the city of Severodvinsk. Served in the Armed Forces prior to the restructuring and in 1991 resigned from the army. But not because he was a political worker. Political worker from my left is not very good: I usually held the post of commander, although he graduated from the Political School. One of the main reasons was this: I thought that the army should be the army. If at that time in our country is not a situation of complete breakdown army, I would have never gone. And that was the military, never regretted, and have no regrets so far. After his dismissal a year spent in the bureau of foreign trade association Severodvinsk Arkhangelsk region's leading specialist. Probably, it was possible there and stay, but I understood: business - it's not mine. Not businessman I. That's why he went to work quickly and rescue service of the city: in Severodvinsk, which makes submarines, potentially dangerous objects rather. We certify through the Association of rescue teams and began work.
Three years later, got an apartment in Moscow, and I was offered the post of chief specialist at the Central regional search and rescue team. Imagine the division of our ministerstvaN It's like the military districts and seven regional centers across Russia that deal with disaster and emergency prevention. There is such a center with headquarters in Moscow, who oversees the eight areas of the Central Region of Russia. Then we joined as a structural unit of the State Central Airmobile Rescue Detachment Tsentrospas MES of Russia. I will not prevaricate - an elite unit, which performs its tasks not only in Russia but also abroad. We have provided equipment, technology, compared with the rescue services in Russia better than. In addition, we have a very high level of training of personnel: people own eight-ten specialties at the professional level.
- How's your wife reacted to the fact that you have spasatelemN
- Frankly, it was not very happy. In principle, this is also services. No military, without shoulder straps, but the service. We perform tasks that require discipline, order. Naturally, it did not really wanted me to continue to work in this system.
- And what would she want you zanimalisN
- Probably, that brings good money. There are friends, acquaintances, could get a job somewhere. But I did not. I like my job, although my wife and I always recommend, and I think maybe this is obvious, that a reliable rear area in our business - it is a great thing. Someone said, and I enjoyed it very much: at this guy should be three things: work, friends and family. But the work - this is work, and family - a family. My wife - a nurse, but she never goes to the Ministry of Emergencies: can not husband and wife work together - and it is my belief. When living in Severodvinsk, our house was visible over the fence part in which I served. But she was never on its territory. But the sons, I have two of them, now, to me at the service often come. However, the desire to be a lifeguard in none of them did not arise, although both with scuba diving, and climbing ropes.
- What should be the person that you took it to rabotuN
- We take on the work of people who are close in spirit. Rescue - is a way of life, this man, as we say, with a bullet in the head with. Do not get me wrong: we go through psychological tests, medical examination, we have to head all right, but the normal person in such circumstances, for such wages as we will not work. A person comes to settle down to the unit, asked about working conditions. Speak, you'll get so much work - day after three. By AGBs. And really - three of them at work and at home day. In the service - 54 people, two crew. One here on Novoyasenevskiy Avenue, the other - to "Schelkovo". Soon after opening another point in the Middle Zolotorojsky Lane - there will be crew. There is a plan of service, and if, God willing, everything will be fine to cover the whole of Moscow, another unit will be on the north-east of the city. On the call go 4-5. Operational duty are always here, well, and if necessary, called reserve. We have such a thing - any officer is at home in the mode poddezhurstva. The bulk of the calls we receive from the operational services of the city. We have agreed to collaborate with the Office of State Fire Service, with the Department of the Interior of the city, the Moscow subway. We are the only service that has the right to work in the subway, went through all types of training, twice a month, spends teaching. My childhood was a dream - to pass the night on the subway tunnel. Now, we can say it has come true.
- Most people uhodyatN
- Not often. Since 1995, voluntarily left five people, but three of them begged to be back.
- VzyaliN
- No. We have a six months probationary. This is the maximum that is necessary under the Labor Code. Watching a man, train, if he is not prepared, but now people come, work in other rescue teams. Admit to incurring duty and look how he behaves. There were cases when dismissed for misconduct, but there were cases when people began to treat the work as to the sentence. And we have two warnings - the third does not happen, we just parting. But under any layoffs, write the statement themselves. Why spoil a man biografiyuN Causes and say, "All the time has come."
- Do you command horoshayaN
- Good. I believe that one of the first activities of the head of the rescue service - to make a normal click. To date, all seats are. In the future, if we grow, of course, need new staff. I can show - Seregin got a huge stack of folders. - That is - the documents public.
- There are poor sluchaiN
- There have been accidents where the victim machine. A detachment occurred two tragedies where people died during the preparation. Andrei Rozhkov, Hero of Russia, he was posthumously the title was conferred, was killed at the North Pole test new diving equipment. One of the vice squad chief, Igor Prokopchik - during lessons, when he worked on the helicopter in the mountains. But when disaster - no, no.
- You participated in the aftermath of two earthquakes in Turkey last year ...
- In Turkey, I was as a lifeguard. In August last year, during the first earthquake, on 75 employees who departed from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, was rescued alive 72 people, not all, but alive, I repeat, we got from the rubble. Dead - more than 130. This - an indicator of our work. So, how do their work, our rescuers, no one can. I confidently say this. We are not heroes, but we had to work for three or even two persons, which none of the foreign rescuers never makes. They are probably too many conditionalities, has its own tactics and strategy for recovery, and adhere to all. They have a crew that travels to the challenge, is at least six people, but there were situations when foreigners asked us for help. We use our special equipment, but no heavy equipment. Foreigners would work heavy machinery, but the first two days in Gyuldzhuke it is simply absent. We have, for example, a tunnel was one, then we measured, 26 meters. They will not batter down a manhole, they do not climb it as we climb. I again repeat, never seen a foreigner who would have worked just as our rescuers, while in Turkey in November - the second earthquake, of them were 43 teams, 300 dogs. But most of all I was shocked that they love to be photographed. Pregnant rescue (they have female lifeguards - in Austria, in Sweden) came to what was once a house, photographed at the rubble and ... left. That I, too, unfortunately, saw.
We arrived in Gyuldzhuk less than a day after the earthquake, at night. It was the epicenter, but in the city, there were no lifeguards, no Turkish army. It appeared only on the second day, although there is a military base of the Turkish fleet. Our first crew immediately, with the wheels, to rescue people: residents approached and told that under the rubble heard human screams, moans, I was left with the second group. We put the camp, the hospital launched. A hour and a half and we already went to the rubble. Two days worked almost without rest, there were many survivors.
- Situations where it seemed: so, close, and pull the man not poluchaetsyaN
- Yes. Within two days we searched for the Turkish army. From the same dam got a family - elderly people, a husband and wife, and who said that there is still a living - they were talking with him. But the obstruction was such that we hear the man, but to get to him can not simply physically very hard. Started from the top, and it is - four-story house, like the voice close. Hole punches - no. Making another vertical hole, we arrive - again no. Constantly talking to him, he responds, but his voice heard here and there - dam construction was such that when a person is even slightly turned his head, his voice went on voids. And then our rescue, Lesch Ershov, said: "Guys, we must dig here". - PochemuN "-" Just be ". And we got this man on the third day, alive and healthy. He was slightly scratched, but climbed almost himself.
- How does a man's salvation, the man who almost survived a meeting with smertyuN
- If you are not severely wounded, crying, rejoicing. But when he learns that all his relatives died, the family remained under the rubble - is a terrible grief. And how people behave in a mountain, you know. There are other situations. Once we got an old pair, which I have already said, the man at the outlet became ill with a heart. Well, it seemed, had all stayed alive, the people standing, sun, sky. But ... heart does not have coped with this joy. Well, that an ambulance was nearby.
- You comfort people who spasaeteN Indeed, besides the physical suffering they endure traumatic shokN
- We try. Our task - to provide first aid. Yes, when you carry vedesh or person, you say to him words that somehow come themselves to such a moment. Naturally, you try to comfort him, when people in hysterics. Not necessarily the victim, he may be unconscious, but relatives who are close
- Since 1995, I worked on all the major emergencies that have occurred in Moscow. Worst thing - last year's bombings in the capital. Because this is my city, because the printers in their time living my future wife, just side by side with the house that blew up. So I know very well this area. And when your house blows up, it's much worse than all the rest. While I was driving on the street Guryanova not imagine that I would see such. Our crew has worked at the blast site, and then ran and called people in a neighboring house, whose residents were locked in their apartments. When went there, did not understand why the panel house in the flats broken bricks. Here, it should not. But it turned out, shop-extension was made of brick, and all of its fragments in the explosion flew into the house next door. I'm not talking about cars, which stood at the bottom, they were flattened on the house parallel. Flying a small square, a playground. The fact that this explosion, terrorist attack, this was not thought. The first thought to get it live. When there was a second explosion, and everyone knew that this was a terrorist act, for me it is, of course, was worse. You work, and then bam-m in the head: and then your home remains, and how many more houses in Moscow! And the feeling is it was all our guys.
. After the first explosion started detachments were formed for the protection of homes, and I, like everyone else, was on duty after working with the tenants of his entrance
. In everyday life, then I'm absolutely ordinary person, and my kids too ...
- How do you treat those who come to the scene just posmotretN It's often the case.
- I despise these people. Unfortunately, they are very much. Perhaps human nature is laid, I do not know. But when a person comes to stare at someone else's sorrow or show it to some TV show ... There are a number of television programs, which we do not work, and work will never. They show a dead man and say: Here we go again corpse formed. And begin to savor. This I do not understand and do not understand ever.
We have the police working on the incident well, they must pay tribute to. They try not to let outsiders, but there are times when the mass media, we climb to where they absolutely can not be. And Kashirke, and Gur'yanova have been cases where a cameraman broke through a police cordon,. That's necessary for him to remove the "meat", and he climbs, prevents all - doctors, rescue workers, firefighters, and then gives a plot with a completely empty, incompetent comments. It kills most. There were times when I sent them you know where. And I will send, if a person does not even understand that he may ultimately be in the position of the affected. There is a headquarters for emergency liquidation, there can be all numbers, all the facts, no one would deny. And if you want to talk to people who are directly involved in the incident, the normal journalist should understand that this is a different time.
. - Another time there, but the people in your profession rather monosyllabic.
. - Well, we do not like this
. The first two years of work we do not give interviews to journalists
- You - a former military. How do you feel about the war in ChechneN Maybe it's better somehow agree to our national will, without injuries, deaths and goryaN
- I believe it is now on anti-terror operation must continue, not stop. I understand perfectly that this would require too much sacrifice, but the result of which all are waiting to be. Not so fast, of course, but it will. If they are separate, not sure what the situation is different. The suspension of hostilities, you can see, too, does not help. And then can you give people who are there ostalisN
- Your eldest son 15 years old, are not you afraid that this "operation", as you say, could drag on for many years and he will have to go voevatN
- All fear. Recently we had a conversation, and I said: if he does not go to college, it will serve. I do not know, he gets in Chechnya, or something else, but in the army, he would. Yes, there is a certain category of people, which is trying by hook or by crook to refuse military service. And my wife, like any mother, of course, does not want his son to go the army, but I have nothing, I repeat, I will not do to him "otmazat". Now that I know well. Man builds his own destiny, at his age need to understand it, to have some goal to strive for something, especially in our time. I went through the army, why did not he dolzhenN Banal sounds, but if not him, then ktoN Let us all "otmazyvatsya" - and that dalsheN you look now at the boys caught up in the hospital, which show on television. Perhaps it is childhood, boyish, but they say: yes, I was wounded, but when cured, will go back. Ibid were my boys, my friends, which took place this hell. How do I get them brositN And rightly. Now at last, although I understand that this is human blood, it is necessary to raise the prestige of our army.
- The blood of the world will not build.
- The blood of the world will not build, but I do not want to blow up houses anywhere and at any. At this time, I am sure, can not stop.
- In this war MOE sent back to the rescuers ChechnyuN
- No, but the first war were the guys who work with me and in the other units. They are assisted by civilians, put them out under the shelling. MOE is now working in refugee camps in Ingushetia, sends and accompanies "humanitarian aid". And from the detachment has not sent anyone to go, but at any time, rescuers are ready to go to Chechnya. We are for this and have our being.
- What you mean the word "hero" N Who would you call geroemN
- GeroyN Maybe you say about me - opportunistic, singing praises, but ... Assigned as our Minister of title Hero of Russia, is it nepravilnoN my opinion and the opinion of my colleagues - quite legitimately. If we calculate if estimate that our Minister has made since that time, when he came to work in EMERCON that he created and how many ultimately saved lives, as you feel for it is impossible to give GeroyaN
- It is necessary. But let's talk about people who are directly involved in disaster management, because the work of rescue can not do lyuboyN
- Any - No. It may very well trained people, who joined the team, lives with her one interest, the overall mission. And, most importantly, a man who in the group may be responsible not only for themselves but for their comrades. Take two of the crew who worked on Kashirke and Guryanova, those people who got there first. And there, and there was a real danger of collapse. Are they not geroiN
- And you are not a hero, you're there, too byliN
- I - no. They are - heroes.
- So what do you daliN Order
- For Courage. - Seregin laughed. - Rescue - is a person who in any emergency professional doing his job. Yes, people at risk, but they are doing the necessary work, and make it fun, while saving lives. On risk, as a rule, do not think about it, though always afraid, not afraid to just idiots. But over the years, with experience, with age comes something that, when do the job, more soberly assess the situation. I am now more complicated because I must be responsible not only for themselves but for their children. Unfortunately, recently traveled only to the difficult incidents. Why to sozhaleniyuN Because I - salvor. I had, when we did not have enough people, be a driver, and operational duty, and just a lifeguard. Of course, always easier to work yourself than to be responsible for others.
- Maybe it should work just spasatelemN
- Well ... The late Andrei Rozhkov left administrative positions at spasatelskuyu. And I, probably, more ambition, to be honest. When in Moscow was a hurricane, I first worked as an operations duty officer. A flurry of calls, raised the whole service - worked five crew. I knew that I needed to be on the basis for coordination, decision-making. But then got a clear command: the day to arrive in the Kremlin. I have long resisted, but Alexander Eliseev, Acting Chief, Office of Civil Defense and Emergencies of Moscow, who personally called me and said: "Vadim, you should come". And in the morning had to go to the Kremlin, to rake it. He walked on the roofs of shrines to him, probably, very few people went.
So sit in a chair is not always possible and do not particularly like, but there is no alternative. Because I brewed this mess, not only I, of course, but I was the initiator, and it is not going to leave, because there are not all completed yet. We should leave the base, which would be difficult to break. Now it is my place.

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Vadim V. Seregin, photo, biography
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