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Marina Solodkin

( Immigrant of 1991, MK 14 th convocation of the party Yisrael ba-Aliya, chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on the Status of Women)

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Biography Marina Solodkin
photo Marina Solodkin
... What I had not been persuaded to the contrary, the policy of women's work did not consider. However, it is - just my opinion, which, of course, do not impose. MK Marina Solodkin - including.
- ... But it is unlikely, Marina, do not agree that people do not make any career, political - in particular, should pay a price for it.
- According.
- And what is your own plataN
- Complete lack of rest and personal time. Mobile phone is always turned on, your home phone number, becoming a deputy, I have not changed. My fee is that every minute I can be called for - whether I am at home or in the woods for a picnic.
- You were ready for such vostrebovannostiN
- Yes, but no idea of its size. Of course, I already knew that Aliyah is a problem, but had no idea what makes these problems, coupled with ignorance of the language and laws, the complete lack of communication plu emigration shock.
- And you, repatriated, there were no shokaN
- No cost. Four and a half years working at the university, I have consistently fought for the rights of scientists-repatriates. We, the lecturers and the professors who suddenly found themselves in the role of interns at the beginning of people with much more low-skilled. Join the fight, I realized: wait for the right moment, "the system" revenge.
- OtomstilaN
- Naturally. I have appointed a three-year scholarship program Giladi, but after the first year with a smile said that the contract is terminated. Academic career to continue was impossible: all the strength left to fight. Four years of academic immigrants fever. In the end we won: the scientists appeared to more or less to work quietly.
- I asked about the emigration shock in another context: you come with a year-old child and a terminally ill mother ...
- And also - with her husband, the eldest daughter and dad ... I was going to Israel back in the seventies, was interested in the country and did not entertain any illusions. My husband taught Hebrew still in the Union, in English, I taught here for five years. No problem, of course, there were: two years after the repatriation of my mother had died in the past year - the father. It was necessary to support the children ... Recently, one of the journalists noticed that he knows nothing about my personal life.
- I do not know.
- It's very simple: I am - or at work, or - in the family. Educate children, care for parents - the circumstances of my private life hidden from prying eyes.
- At the beginning of our meeting, I remind you that I prefer not to talk about politics. You replied: "And well: I'm out of politics more interesting". What zheN
- Ask questions: in the offline mode does not work.
- How is your husband experienced political vzletN
- A very interesting question: more assistant in Israel, I wish would not have. He meekly tolerates all my trips and absences, slinging on his shoulders a huge burden - despite the fact that he manages the metallurgical production at a factory in Ashkelon.
- In the house - and the world soglasieN
- All the drama we have already experienced in the Union. At thirty-four years I was a docent - on total labor. I had to write articles in the central magazines, textbooks, in the multivolume "The World History of Economic Thought". Even in summer, instead of sitting at the cottage, I had to go to the library. Was difficult: the husband believed that the doctoral thesis with me enough. Here, to my great surprise, he was not only against my participation in social and political movements, but also helped me in every way. Perhaps with a change of residence and lifestyle of many happening reappraisal. Today, experiencing difficulties in political life, the first thing I advise my husband. Only now I understand Gorbachev. When Gorbachev was asked, does Raisa on his decision, he replied: "We advise ... Of course, we have the head of the family - husband, I just follow him ... You know, in the repatriation of many marriages fail, and our, on the contrary, - stronger.
- Do you tend to listen to sovetamN
- Only the advice of her husband.
- And, say, the opinion of specialists on imidzhuN Sometimes you been criticized for lack of taste.
- Probably, I dress very conservatively for Israel. My liberal-conservative appearance in general is reflected in everything. I - not one politician who built his career with the extravagant appearance, scandals or provocative behavior. Proceed from an entirely different. Achieved a certain fame in our community - God willing, quietly earn fame and the local ... Claims applicable to the external appearance of Golda Meir, have not prevented it from becoming one of the most popular Israeli politician ... As in America, we Ofer Pines riding in the White House. The taxi driver, knowing that we were from Israel, said: "You had a tough lady (lat. - AL) (stubborn, strict, hard lady). We were very fond of her ". You should have seen this black-taxi driver, who, as it turned out, very much like Golda Meir ...
- It - your political idealN
- In the sense of how to behave and look - look natural and be with the people ... This year, Israel "prohlopal" its centenary. In any case, not even marked the occasion by issuing a postage stamp. I have written to the Communications Minister Limor Livnat, and she promised that this mark will. We must see to it that the political games, the question is not hung in the air.
- You got the brand special relationship.
- Collect them back in Russia. In fact, begun to collect her husband, and I, like Chekhov's "darling", joined him: was carried away with painting on stamps. Before leaving for Israel, we gave away part of his collection, something to sell, having decided that there will be no place in our hobby. Was right: for five years we have moved away from the "vintage of the case". But then it, as well as reading, returned. I am interested in two topics: The Second World War and famous women.
- So you are - a serious filatelistN
- Rather collect stamps as a historian and politician. I am very interested to understand what posthumous fame.
- I am not less interested in understanding what the lifetime glory. Perhaps it is this desire for fame leads people into politics. By the way, do you think might make politics clean rukamiN
- If the dirt, facing, respond mud - hands inevitably stained. I do not answer. But in general, it is only a fairly common stereotype: "Oh, politics are dirty!". If a person mistakenly officials "fell" from the computer, and I called him "insert" back - where there gryazN It is understandable: the mud comes from dirty people. And I do totally different policy. Even "shvytsnut" before anyone can not just work in their professional capacity.
- Faced with the mud, still mstishN
- In no case. I think that unscrupulous acts punishable by fate, even in the long run.
- Sama never go against sovestiN
- In politikeN Fortunately, never had.
- And in the rest zhizniN
- It would be improper to assert that never in my life have I sinned against my conscience, - who is in a similar raspishetsyaN.. Certainly, there was something, but certain rules of morality is extremely important to me. For example, never go into an alliance with the morally questionable to me people. Maybe navrezhu itself, but some will not sit at the table. Deeply convinced: as vile punishable, and high moral behavior pays off with a vengeance.
- All right, that's only ... You know, there is another fairly common stereotype: "politics - people are boring". You something different from bolshinstvaN
- I do not doubt it, but would prefer to hear their own assessment of other. Recently, a newspaper asking politicians to an interesting question: "Do you consider yourself umnymN" I replied as follows: "Every day I see people who are smarter than me".
- Flirted or truth govorilaN
- The absolute truth. Among the politicians rather mediocre, but every day I meet and with clever, intelligent people. If they seem to be someone boring, then this "dull" offset professionalism.
- Do you agree with the statement that the Minister does not have to be a professional in the field, he vozglavlyaetN
- Do not agree. I think that the minister may be either a professional or manager, or lawyer. Send an accountant for health and hope that it will not fall apart, terribly presumptuous. It is desirable that the military commander of the Department of Defense, Justice - the lawyer, the police - a professional, high-ranking police officer, who has a degree in criminology or proceedings. Otherwise, we are seeing huge defect systems.
- Many people criticized our system of secondary education. What say you, mother of two deteyN
- It invested heavily in children: not enough for me that puts them in school. We're lucky - the school in Ashkelon excellent. But they can not teach children to master - study. Here's to us and have to cope with this by.
- Can you teach children uchitsyaN Share experience.
- The daughter of our very self, and his son, we simply load. Male brilliant student, but the bully and fidget.
- What's in this protivoestestvennogoN
- I do not intend to turn it into a good girl, but do not want to read to me the principal notation. Threw stones at girls predstavlyaeshN
- Horror! Children - yours or ottsovskieN
- Daughter - absolutely in his father's son - more than "my". In general, we all love each other. And make friends.
- Sometimes all together to otpuskN
- Just so happens. Previously, we could not afford it, and now have to travel to Eilat. Settles on three to four days in the family hotel, where all children are performed whim. Starting with food - even around the pool in the buffet can be any nonsense grab, - ending with a variety of amusements. This is - for pleasure and for education, we repeatedly went abroad.
- Just so happens. Previously, we could not afford it, and now have to travel to Eilat. Settles on three to four days in the family hotel, where all children are performed whim. Starting with food - even around the pool in the buffet can be any nonsense grab, - ending with a variety of amusements. This is - for pleasure and for education, we repeatedly went abroad.
- Travel abroad not for pleasure, but for vospitaniyaN Are not you ashamed!
- Traveling with children is very hard - you try.
- I tried.
- Your members have already grown up - you simply. My son also went to the Italian cathedrals and art galleries with a single question: "Why did not Christ ubezhalN" We had to explain in detail what happened tangled history, and security was very strong. In the end, Christ escaped, but in an unconventional way and not with the place ... The pleasure I still won, but at home. Looked photos - turns out, everything was not so dramatic.
- You basically tend to dramatize situatsiyuN
- I do not think. I have children is not easy - require that all their time doing. Of course I do ... Sometimes I hear how someone children freely as the flowers grow, but that they probably should be eight, but better - ten. When there are only two, the task is complicated.
- What is love thy dvoeN
- The daughter loves and knows how to dress well. Serega silver in the ears of many. Reads, to educate ourselves, adores encyclopedia. Is interested in anthropology, archeology. Son madly in love with computers, but reads only catalogs of airplanes and automobiles.
- Children are proud of their popular mamoyN
- Male orientated they are right: my mother in the Knesset only works, but nothing to be proud of the work.
- You do not obidnoN
- I think it is - really the right approach: I really only work in the Knesset.
- What you do not have enough for a full schastyaN
- Always look good, always feel good about themselves and always be cheerful.
- You can easily rassmeshitN
- Elementary - especially as the reasons for lack of fun. For example, such. I was "Russian" people know, but not so well that at a meeting immediately say: "This - Marina Solodkin". Sometimes there are absolutely incorrect association. I'm going to Rehovot - towards an elderly man. Opened his arms: "Well, thank God: at least one of the Belts". These Balti, which replaced Berdichev, Uman, Konotop, haunt me at every step.
- Frequently foot hodishN
- Do not drive a car since then, as in 1977 it broke in Moscow tree. But could collide on people ... "Multiple professor, such as, to ride on public transport or walking. I do and do both. Basically, I travel in buses: my salary does not hold a taxi.
- People elect to be skromnymN
- I probably can not be called modest. Just always remember that represent a particular voter, who does not understand or a snazzy outfit, or extravagant behavior.

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Marina Solodkin, photo, biography
Marina Solodkin, photo, biography Marina Solodkin  Immigrant of 1991, MK 14 th convocation of the party Yisrael ba-Aliya, chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on the Status of Women, photo, biography
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