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Vasnetsov Mikhail V.

( Priest)

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Biography Vasnetsov Mikhail V.

"From the depths of the altar of the Kiev Cathedral of St.. Vladimir Mother of God is praying to baby Jesus, and he stretches out into the world their children's hands, loving and blessed it, converting at the same time own hands the Cross, which will be crucified. "
. So he wrote in his book "The Russian artist VM
. Vasnetsov "about the image of the Virgin and Child - the central figure of the painting Vladimir's Cathedral - the artist's son, Mikhail Vasnetsov.
. Written by his innate delicacy and modesty, inherited from his father, never mentioning that he served as the prototype of the child himself, half-year-Misha, who was born in October 1884
. (Sketches for murals and altar of the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev Vasnetsov began creating in 1895).
. Characteristically, in early childhood, Misha, typically GVARDIYSKE, like all children of Viktor Mikhailovich (which the couple had five Vasnetsovs), something stood out among them all, attracted attention.
. Whether its huge eyes, a look which was not age-piercing, sad and gentle, serious, or whether his humility, gentleness, and whether increased sensitivity to all the people around him.
. Artist M
. Nesterov, Vasnetsov family friend, once wrote that "Misha, his pet, found in the paintings of Viktor Mikhailovich all the seraphim and cherubim (angelic incorporeal higher rank, close to God. Often portrayed as a child. In the Russian Orthodox culture - the supreme symbol of sinlessness and purity, except for the Virgin - the author) here to say a fine artist's powers of observation, noticing that identified all further spiritual path boy.
. He grew up in Moscow, Mikhail Vasnetsov house Vasnetsov and the famous village Abramtsevo, in an atmosphere of "prosperity Russian renaissance, inscribed in the history of Russian and world culture constellation of so many names that do not know no age"
. (VF. Dauvalder. Mikhail V. Vasnetsov. Excerpts from the book "Life - Love".) Staging a home theater, scenery that wrote the famous artists: Serov, Vasnetsov, Polenov, artistic and literary evenings, music collection. House full of guests, young people, noise, sounds of guitar and piano, laughing, but the atmosphere and spirit of hard work, an atmosphere of relentless creativity. This is how festive Easter season in the manor Abramtzevo 1905 Ekaterina Polenova, daughter of the artist in. Polenova, cousin Mamontov (family of the famous art patron, industrialist S.G. Mamontov. He belonged to the manor and Abramtzevo - author) in his book "The Story of My Life": Both of the famous church choir Abramtzevo were painted and decorated by Victor M.. When they were first brought and set, they are rude and heavy. Viktor Mikhailovich immediately took up the palette and requested that he bring garden flowers. Instantly struck a mountain. He chose what he liked and fits right there on the spot on a blue background of the choir, which under his hand animated, became easy and magically. "Holy Week was held in the large church distances - continues E. Sakharov-Polenova - quietly collected and seriously: in reading spiritual literature, visits to the church services, confidential conversations and great anticipation of Easter holiday.
On Good Friday around the church was the procession with the removal of the Shroud. We all went with green candles. On this day, mostly to rain a little, but if it did not rain, it ate through the park gleam sunset ... On the Bright matins entire church was illuminated with bright lights on the ground burning saucers.
In the home gardener Mark A. All plants and decorated with flowers from the greenhouse. There were roses and lilacs, and all this time rare flowers.
... The Holy Week gathered guests. We arrived our peers, Vladimir and Misha Vasnetsov. Misha was three years older than me. He had already finished school with a gold medal and was at that time in my first year at Moscow University. He was wearing a gray jacket Student. Misha join my walk in the park, seriously and tenderly looked at me with his brown, slightly mocking eyes and seriously talk with me.
I remember that at that time was a thirst for something more in front, a feat. Happiness, . happiness love, . we both, . covered by a thirst for the future, . unaware, . that the blue bird in our hands, . that the greatest happiness is - youth, . which passes quickly, . irreplaceable, . but understand this can only be, . when it is irretrievably gone.,
. Then Misha Vasnetsov said:
. - Do not come to you for me zamuzhN
. - In no case, - said Katya Polenova.
. (E
. Sakharov-Polenova. Story of My Life "
After high school, ended by a gold medal, Michael V. and brilliantly finished in 1908 Faculty of Mathematics, specializing in astronomy. (Incidentally, the first lessons of the starry sky has opened children Misha's grandfather, a priest of the village Ryabovo Mikhail Vasnetsov.) Serving his military service, Mikhail V. Vasnetsov taught at private secondary schools. Let's hard for him: he could not be strict and harsh with their children, especially girls, but the children loved the non-strict, attentive teachers and a long story about the starry sky and the moon.
. He worked as a teacher, Mikhail Vasnetsov and difficult, as it is said, children - street adolescents, 12-16 years in an institution called "Child Labor and Leisure" - a prototype of the first boarding
. In this house, in Vadkovsky Lane, equipped Mikhail V. extensive astronomical observatory. I met there with the young biologist, interested in everything "- Olga Poletaeva (born April 25, 1880). Roman misty youth with Katya Polenova been forgotten ... Or almost zabytN ..
Olga was a brilliant erudition, energetic, took private lessons in painting, was interested in the history of art, psychology. Young people had a lot of common interests, they both love children.
Olga Poletaeva was a remarkable, truly creative kind, spiritually strong person. Her work in the field of biology - Plant Physiology - attracted the attention of serious scientists. Herbarium of rare plants, collected by it, biologists at the congress in Vienna, where Olga came to his money earned from giving private lessons, received a diploma of merit. Family Olga Vasil'yevna was very religious, many children. All four girls and their only brother, parents tried to give a good education. Olga graduated from the private institute Chernyaevo and natural branch Higher Women's Courses in Moscow.
. Later, after marriage - June 25, 1911 - Olga continued teaching career at the Commercial College (Zamoskvorechie).
. Wrote two books outlining his creative teaching methods: "Three years of teaching science and geography" (published in 1911) and "Geography in the school" (1912).
. In 1912 the family of young Vasnetsovs moved to Odessa, where Mikhail V. received a place in the Astronomical Observatory
. But came the war of 1914 and a young astronomer called the service. Mikhail V. recalled: "At first I was in a reserve regiment in Odessa, and then managed to get a place in the Aviation Meteorology teacher school in Kiev (M.V. Vasnetsov - In. Dauvalder June 25, 1970). The same thought of the Kievan period and E. Sakharov-Polenova already mentioned in the book "The Story of my life": "In the spring of 1917 we staged an exhibition of our work in Kiev. I lived in a dormitory of the Land Union with our staff and nurses. Probably went Easter season, it was quite a lot of people, suddenly among all these strange people I saw friends and family friends of my youth - Misha and Vladimir Vasnetsov. We are very happy for an unexpected meeting, and went for a walk around Kiev. Misha already married, was in the form of warrant officer. We had fun and laughed for no reason. Perhaps because they were still young, spring evening was amazingly good, on the Dnieper were dismissed and blossom trees, breathed warmth and life, and threatening the future was hidden from us ... Misha is very weary of military service, rudeness officers with the soldiers, foul language. It was all so alien to his fine temperament "- Catherine notices Polenova.
. In August, 17-year Pilot School observers transferred to the Crimea, in Evpatoria, but started a mess of power - Petliurists, Makhnovists getmanovtsy and other rulers and "liberators"
. In 1918 the school was closed. Considering himself demobilized, Michael V. and his wife returned to Odessa. They lived hard, moreover, October 14, 1918 was born their son Victor. Around the same time or slightly before the young couple and the little grandson came to visit in Odessa Viktor Vasnetsov. This was the last meeting of the son with his father.
Further developments have led to "what I had to leave and family and home, - says Mikhail V. in the already quoted letter to us in. Dauvalder. - But the Lord took care of me (the prayers of relatives). In 1924, I met with the family in Prague ". In 1920 he was again drafted into the Army and by the time the evacuation was among the remnants of the regiment. Everything that is happening to him, he later recalled as a dream, when a person is deprived of his will and doing things which in other circumstances would not have committed than ever!
There was a loading. Mikhail V. fellow soldiers were ordered to split into two parts: the remaining and leaving home. The remaining proposed dress laborers, unskilled laborers, and "get lost". In Odessa, the M. V. Vasnetsov left his wife and son, he did not want to leave and joined the remaining. But with the team leaving Georgia on a steamer, as if some unseen force pushed Mikhail Viktorovich climb the ladder of the French collier ... The ship departed, the shores of the motherland faded away and only then in the heart of consciousness has become an inescapable sadness and despair. On the third day in the distance shone the dome of Hagia Sophia. On the deck were all-night vigil ...
'If and go to the middle smertnyya shadows, not uboyusya. For thou art with me thou art ... "- Michael heard the words of the psalm. He remembered his grandfather - a priest - and thoughts turned to him.
And not only hope, but confidence that everything happened by God's will, will not leave him after prayer. Much later he learned that almost all of his remaining in the homeland fellow countrymen killed: were shot or died in camps and exile. With his family, Mikhail V., met in Prague in 1924, at the Congress of Young Scientists, by chance, down the stairs of the hotel "Beranek, which hosted the congress.
. Olga, spent several years in children's prisons in Moscow, with great difficulty, got permission to travel abroad with his son, hoping to find a husband
. It was unexpected, accidental ... Or no, rather again by God's will.
About the people happy and the only thing we can say. They were happy. Mikhail V. taught astronomy at the University of Prague, wrote research papers, Olga engaged in applied art: embroidery, panels, wooden sculptures, dolls, toys. She worked in the society "Russian craftsman," which often has great success of its exhibitions, the charitable organizations. Prague at that time was a great center of Russian emigration, refugees have been many, Olga, has spared no effort gladly help with whatever she could and knew how. In his spare time with the whole family went on nature, holidays spent on the Adriatic coast. Son was brilliant, the family prevailed consent. Nothing foreshadowed turmoil and grief. But the spiritual work in their hearts was continuous, and therefore for a small and friendly family was not unexpected decision by Mikhail Viktorovich devote his life to serving God. Olga fully shared his feelings and aspirations.
In 1932, Mikhail Viktorovich was ordained a deacon, and in 1933 was ordained as a priest.
New life, a new ministry began difficult. He served as an Orthodox priest, Father Michael Prague Cathedral, or, more precisely, the Church of St. Nicholas, which belonged to the Russian Orthodox community of Prague, since 1870. Consecration of the largest in the Czech Republic Russian church was held on August 6, 1874. Prikhozhan Orthodox have always been very much. Among them were a larger number of Russian immigrants and converts the Czechs.
The situation changed after 1914. In the church there was an internal split, the congregation split into two groups: Orthodox Czechs and the actual Russian. There were separate service. The new priest of the Russian community had to work very hard. We lived in a small apartment near the unbelieving neighbors, who staged an altercation and drunken fights, "Orthodox" Czechs looked askance, intended to sow discord in the church, non-Orthodox, Roman Catholics - contemptuously.
. With difficulty have permission to arrange in this small apartment house church of St.
. Nicholas. Prague Cathedral transferred to the National Hussite Church. Together, the Orthodox diocese, and Father Michael managed to stop the strife. At the Sunday service in the apartment of the "Russian priest" apple was nowhere to fall. All meek involuntarily drawn to him and his father's words of Michael found slaking their sorrows.
For the same comfort of their own father Michael remained merely a prayer. Mysteriously family Vasnetsovs lost her only son, Victor. It happened after the entry of the Soviet Army in Czechoslovakia in 1945 ... Whether he was arrested, and later repatriated by force after serving time in lageryahN.. It seems so ... Parents for a long time considered him dead. On the basis of all the shocks experienced by Olga Vasil'yevna developed severe disease - sclerosis of the brain, slowly and painfully drove her to the grave. Loving father of Michael parishioners helped him as best they could to care for a seriously ill wife, never even in the most difficult cases are not heard from him nor murmur, nor irritation. Later came the news that Victor is alive and well, married with one son, lives in Kiev. But this is no longer able to recover health and mind of his ailing mother. Olga died in Prague on July 27, 1961.
There are still large congregation father Michael was carrying him their sorrows and joys. His preaching became known not only in Prague. He has taught in Sunday school, had many spiritual sons and daughters. One of them, Elena Musatov, assumed the care of the little chapel, and about his father Michael, who at the time were quite a few years ..
A little later he wrote to Victoria Florianovne Dauvalder:
"I became quite old. I am at least 87 years. Everything becomes difficult for me. Attend all worship in our chapel. But rarely serve. And always with another priest. My dear assistant Lena cares about me as not all of his own father. But half a day it should work in the library and I often am alone. Read me hard because of the eye. I read only a prayer. Or so I write letters. God helps "(M. Vasnetsov. From a letter in. Dauvalder November 25, 1971). Father of Michael's career is nearing its limit of terrestrial. He could summarize.
Secular thing of the past, and only one joy of the fullness of life, completeness of service to God and his neighbor filled him, was in his hands rozoyu thornless. He and told her in those regions where "there is neither sorrow nor sighing". By adding a moment of joy was meeting with her beloved son, who on three occasions during 1970 and 1971 came to Prague to his father, Pages finished book about his father - the artist Viktor Vasnetsov and the manor Abramtzevo. And another thing - the joy of meeting with relatives, brothers and sisters, when he briefly visited Russia in 1957. There he met recently with Katya Polenova, a friend of a distant youth, and gave her advice: write a book of memoirs.
In 1967, in Prague, he received the manuscript of a book with the inscription: "Friend of my youth". It did not look like the quiet gray-bearded old man, on the old rolling stock and cheerful Misha Vasnetsov, who remembered Kate Polenova. Here only the eyes were the same: shrill, thoughtful, sad, eyes the child-Christ with altar apse Kiev Cathedral of St. Vladimir ...
PS. Father Michael (Mikhail V. Vasnetsov) died January 3, 1972 in Prague. Buried at the cemetery of the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, bearing the name Olshanskoye: the abundance of alder in its alleys. There is huge and shadowy, as in Russia.

son of the artist VM Vasnetsov

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Vasnetsov Mikhail V., photo, biography
Vasnetsov Mikhail V., photo, biography Vasnetsov Mikhail V.  Priest, photo, biography
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