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( Bulgarian clairvoyant)

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Biography WANG
photo WANG
(January 31, 1911 - November 11, 1996)

We have a lot of people know about Vanga, the Bulgarian clairvoyant. Already in its very name incorporated what we can not help wondering: Greek Vangelia - the bearer of good news. Yes, Wang is really like newspapers, "naifantasticheskaya naizagadochnaya reality and truth". Her talent clairvoyant and prophetic power of many plunged into shock. The ability of this woman is unique: it has the gift of foresight, clairvoyance, she can talk to plants, to visit different places of the globe. She sees a lot, although she is blind, and her face radiates light.

Vanga was born and lived in Bulgaria in the village of Petrich. As a child she was an ordinary girl and did not know about their abilities. The life of Vanga recalls the lives of the saints, for it is difficult to imagine that the death may make the trials endured by the poor Bulgarian prophet. In the first world war his father mobilizes in the Bulgarian army, and his mother died when she had not yet reached a reasonable age. The girl grew up a long time under the care of neighbors.

Wang was a thin, blue-eyed, light-brown hair and brisk girl. Since childhood she loved, so that each item had its place. Her ability to still lurked somewhere deep in it. She herself thought out fun, liked to play in the "treatment" - prescribed various herbs friends. In 11 years, Wang invented a strange game, which caused his father's unpleasant feelings - used to put Wang on the street or in the house of an object, then closed his eyes tightly, like a blind person, begins his search for. And despite the prohibitions father, continued to play in the blind.

Widower father finally married, took home a good hostess and a caring stepmother to his daughter. My father looked after the cattle, and the responsibility of Vanga was imported from cars bladders with milk. Then one day a terrible storm. The sky darkened, the wind blew, uproot trees. Clods, leaves, branches were wrapped in a funnel. Whirlwind lifted Wang and carried into the field. She was found after long and persistent of inquiry. She was very frightened, and his eyes were covered with sand and dust, she could not open, they really hurt. No treatment has not produced results. Money for the operation was not, and vision with each day getting worse. Vanga was crying, begging God for a miracle. Then she did not know that the miracle is already being accomplished.

In 1925, Wang identified in the House of the Blind, where she spent three years. After the death of her stepmother, she had to return home to help look after younger brothers and sisters. At home all the same poverty. Day - work, and on nochyam - tears.
Supernatural abilities Vanga opened gradually, no one mentions the date of their birth, but many later recalled how she helped her father to find someone else's sheep stolen from the flock, which he grazed. She accurately described the yard, where they hid the sheep. All astonished, and Vanga said that she saw it in a dream. She had herself noticed that she had dreams, who spoke about the unpleasant events that later came true. But her talent in all power turned in the war. Desperate, distraught people who were not to apply. So they went to a woman who could calm or at least say where their heads close to people.

Her older brother Vasil joined partisan units. Vanga cried and begged him not to leave, saying that he would be killed at 23. But Vasil did not believe the prediction. He left in June and in October he surrendered to the Germans. His brutally torturing and then shot. It still is tragic to see many, many know, a lot to understand and see the inevitability of the coming events
His unusual ability itself Wang explained by the presence around the special transparent creatures, whose origin could not be explained. They allegedly sent her that info about the people that she could not convey the suffering, the distance and time do not play no value. The life of any person standing in front of the prophetess, ran in front of her mind, as on a film from birth to death. But to prevent what is written on race, "Wang was unable to.

In clairvoyance and proritsatelstva Vanga understood, that can cure diseases. But with drugs, and using herbs. When treating them, she advised pour broth, since they better exposure through the skin. Wang has never denied the medicine, however, believed that the excessive use of drugs is harmful, because they "close the door through which with the help of herbs is nature, to restore the disturbed balance in the body."

. Herbs and flowers - her love
. It is in medicine Vanga gives them a huge place. But she said that everyone should be treated only with herbs of the country in which it lives. Many people helped her recipes. So why herbs and their effect is not cured his muzhaN Because he had a way of life, change who she could not, had no right.

. Twenty years they have lived a strong family, but in recent years Mitko drank heavily and became an alcoholic
. Wang saw everything, knew everything, but to change his fate, to intervene in her unable. When her husband died, Wang knelt by his bed, from its blind eye is constantly flowing tears. And when his last breath came off, she stopped crying and fell asleep. She slept up to the funeral, then woke up and said: "I escorted him to the place that he was destined."

Wang's death is not afraid. She said that no such. She has a peculiar idea of death, that remains of the man after the departure of life. Here is an excerpt from a conversation with one of Vanga theatrical figure: "... I already told you that after death the body decomposes, like all living things, but part of the body or the soul, do not even know how to call it, is not decomposed. Here you are talking about second birth. What it is, I do not know. But what remains of the man - the soul is not expanded, and continues to evolve, to achieve a higher level. This is the immortality of the soul. "

Many witnesses remembered about the contacts Vanga from deceased persons. When asked his interlocutor, why she talks about his late mother, Wang replied: "Do not you brought her. They come in themselves, because I'm for them - the gates to this world ... When a person comes to me, his dead relatives gathered around him, asking me questions, and are responsible, and I only live to report that I heard. "

One day a young man came Vanga. Evil men robbed and killed his brother. There were three children (orphans and sick wife. Suddenly, Wang went on the threshold and called him by name, and then said: "I know why you came. You want. me to say who killed your brother. Maybe after some time, I tell you, but you must promise that you will not take revenge, because I do not need to do. You yourself will become a witness to their end. "
Wang did not allow anyone to take revenge. She believes that man is born to dispense good deeds. Every bad thing ever remains unpunished. It is punishable by a cruel way, and if the punishment does not overtake those who commit evil, then move to its

And here's another case. A peasant came to complain that he had no children live, they all die very early. There were eleven, but none survived. Wang recalled the peasant boys that he was badly hurt his mother, who became pregnant as young. Son ashamed of. The child and mother died, and the young man soon forgot about everything. And for t, he insulted the most sacred - life, nature so cruelly to him. "You should know that the cause of your misfortune is not his wife. Must always be good, so as not to suffer a lifetime. "
Wang pontificate about babies and the unborn child. It is incomprehensible that she had seen and talked with people dead, 100, 200 and more years ago. As the scientists - is the most mysterious manifestation of clairvoyant Vanga.

Wang says about the future, but do not love. According to her, 200 years people will make contact with brothers in mind from other worlds. She even noticed that aliens from other worlds have long been living on Earth ... Where they preletayutN with planets, which in the language of its inhabitants's called VAMFIM. This planet - THIRD FROM THE EARTH.
Not long ago, Wang's left this world. But she left on the ground a good memory of him.
Thought that after her death Aug. 11, 1996 should something happen. But the country is not attacked disasters, not happened and fatal political upheavals. It seems that the spirit of Vanga saves Bulgarians from constantly pursuing Balkan troubles and misfortunes.

. Wang also knew exactly the day of his smepti, modeled from smeptyu she said that the same sposbnosti imprison a 10 year-old blind girl, which was then living in Fpantsii and we skopo yznaem about it.


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  • Eni for WANG
  • I am struck by the ability to Wang, to predict the future ... it is very mysterious and unusual .... what a pity that this remarkable woman there now, so people need to live immortal!
  • 1123414 for WANG
  • Dear Wang's mother's death, I feel a lot plohosebya drink, maybe she was my guardian and can cheyto evil eye on me what do I do?
  • www.wahrsager-detektei.de for WANG
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I appeal to your mind, to bring news. I, YAREMCHUK Vladimir genus. 08 ?? 1962 in the Soviet Egypt / Donbass and is the Messiah / Christ. I live in the city of Berlin, where in July 1999, I obtained a residence permit. Those who wish may remember The prophecy of Nostradamus, as well as prediction Prophetic Abel, word Vanga - which is my Baptist / John the Baptist "my appearance. GOD sent me on the Path 07 January 2004, handing the wand / Emerald Tablets of the Universe. Doors open my home ... Sincerely, Vladimir - Messiah / Christ Berlin, February 23, 2006
  • ok for WANG
  • Wang died, you call her, do you think it can help? Maybe go to a place where she lived, to her grave, to her church.
  • 1123414 for WANG
  • Thank you for your reply, I try to visit Bulgaria. And I want to say that in my life many things are changing for the better after my obrascheniya.Vozmozhno it to me already pomogla.Spasibo Yuri.
  • fan Vanga for WANG
  • znakomumu came to my dream Wang that he is afraid to
  • ANARH for WANG
  • If you have the structure of the spiritual world of soap I write this already a little savvy
  • just ???? person for WANG
  • Wang ???? and after the death ... book about her on TV show ?? ... hm. byloby interesting to know what awaits me more (see her) ... Lana, I'm going to trenerovku all yet.
  • just ???? person for WANG
  • Wang ???? and after the death ... book about her on TV show ?? ... hm. byloby interesting to know what awaits me more (see her) ... Lana, I'm going to trenerovku all yet.
  • Alenka) for WANG
  • I'm just struck by her spasobnostyami sorry that it died!
  • Alenka) for WANG
  • write to me carried the more I want more uznato her and her family, lots of photos!
  • artem for WANG
  • Wang ?? people who have lived 120 years nemenshe why she died so early on the planet beat pridskazateli ?? Vanga and Nostradamus more nicks, I do not believe that one word from zhulmani who builds a fortune teller
  • Shepoklyak for WANG
  • We have it as a poker sulking ...
  • support for WANG
  • ?? fucking
  • Wang for WANG
  • You insulted my memory .... Chiba scribe stsukoblyanah!
  • Nevezu4y for WANG
  • Yes vorode zvu4it and stupid but I am only 14 years old that I can not even say it! But I hope that Wang will help me!
  • Yui for WANG
  • Yes, Wang has been a really nice person and her strength was given to her is to improve this world. I am very grateful for what she did not use it for evil people. Such people are very few. But I was very confused by one post. Where is the internet I found a prediction of Vanga to 3 years ***. Remember the exact number of bad. And it says that just in 2010 to start World War 3, and will end only in 2014. In general, that in 2008 mankind will be rapidly destroyed, while Europe will be wiped out in 2020, nuclear and chemical weapons ... I am interested, though it was her prediction, or is it someone decided scoffed at us and on this great woman?
  • Arthur for WANG
  • I wonder about the third world who unleash it.
  • Arthur for WANG
  • Interestingly 3rd world untie!
  • Anonymous for WANG
  • molly for WANG
  • Vang wonderful man! I think that it was awarded such a gift for her hard life GOD! And in general I respect onatakih people as it
  • Anonymous for WANG
  • 22 for WANG
  • Losing myself. Help me get back on the right path, please ...
  • TANGO for WANG
  • I can not cure a headache help me! (
  • Aizhan for WANG
  • why you are govarit? and write? what you people do not believe elsli not write such
  • Vugar for WANG
  • 123 you did not try sosat around. Wang is a different world, but not stupid.
  • Anonymous for WANG
  • Wang HOLY of Holies
  • Uliana for WANG
  • I admire this woman, she's a saint. How much in her life she had suffered and her life did not break. She was part of God!
  • Andrew for WANG
  • Wang has a strong gift, . but this does not mean that she's a saint. She had, and errors and strange voices, . she heard, . heard not only by her will, . but according to witnesses and women, . to take care of it, . mastered her terrible voice and said shit ..,
    . When a woman caring for Vanga asked about this strange moment, Wang replied to her that she could not help it then, as though she could not interfere with these words. Be vigilant and sensible to all kinds of miracles, because they may come not only from God.
  • Janczyk for WANG
  • I shoke123-idiot if you do not what to do go on .... and Wang World woman
  • Alexei for WANG
  • Hello Everyone. I believe in all the predictions of Vanga. I want to know more about this man and its predictions. Is the source of the predictions from 2008 to 5079 a year? Please who have ICQ, please write to me in ICQ. My number is 286208. Maybe create a website for her.
  • vanya for WANG
  • Anwar for WANG
  • What kind of vulgarity just do not show on your site next to a man like this is very disgusting, I see life is not what you do not teach me very very sorry for you seeing your life more *
  • Natasha for WANG
  • what fu
  • ;;;;;;;; for WANG
  • all these tricks of the state machine to distract people from the crisis although both fiction and UFO KGB
  • poramon for WANG
  • all these tricks gosudarsvennoy machine to divert the people otKRIZISA though as a UFO once came up with the KGB did not bother you that no other cases discussing the poor blind granny.
  • kuki for WANG
  • I fucking unbelief etoy garbage. sorry grandma but I'm sure she feels bad unbelief ?? beat all people are equally where it all took? *? I zdohnu seravno nepoveryu and even though I ?? unbelief around what she was saying ?? delirium only God knows what and when and how it all will be ! if fewer people believed there was nothing etogo and nebilo,
  • kuki for WANG
  • All this IMAGINATIONS Grandma
  • kuki for WANG
  • yes they sharlotani and vie as a flock of wild lamb spindle around Well bitch if nezbuditsya Poresh all Najera ! etih sharlotanok and sharlotanov
  • kuki for WANG
  • Yes you bump against sheep Verishen even neznaesh ?? true or not ... bitch Vasya easier to see zhyzn
  • Bions for WANG
  • I preklanyayus to etoy pretty good sinless zhenschene! Wang LOW you bow to you for so many people helped me! I have always believed in you and I will believe. WANG help me please put me on pravelny way I sometimes think that life is already tired. I'm just a leash 22.
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