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Altynsarin Ibrahim

( An outstanding representative of the Kazakh education, teacher and public figure in the field of school education, the organizer of a number of schools.)

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Biography Altynsarin Ibrahim
photo Altynsarin Ibrahim
(November 2, 1841 - August 30, 1889)
Altynsarin Ibrahim was born on November 2, 1841 in the parish Arakaragayskoy Nicholas County Torgai area. Sooner bereft father, was raised in a family elder brother of father Balkozha beating. Died Aug. 30, 1889.
Altynsarin - a prominent representative of the Kazakh education, teacher and public figure in the field of school education. Among its practical achievements - the opening of the first public school (1864), Issue anthologies in the Kazakh language and the introduction of Islam as a subject of instruction in native language. His desire to teach children the Kazakhs in a way that they could be useful to his people and join the achievements of agriculture, industry met with resistance from both sides. Tsarist administration was interested in the preparation of lower-level officials from the local population, . able to keep their records in Russian, . be clerks, . translators, . raised in the spirit of adaptability to the colonial policy of the tsarist,
. Therefore, it apparently did not stand Altynsarina initiative to educate children Kazakh Russian language, but support the idea of a broad education does not provide any. On the other hand, the local clergy frustrated Ibraya innovations, trying to impress that he allegedly wants to "baptize" Kazakh children and prepare them for "military service" in the Russian army. Altynsarin really opposed to ignorance, . superstition, . circuit in the old nomadic way of life and those clergy, . which Islam is used for selfish purposes, and even in the interests of imperial ideology, . whereby, . "Following Muhammad, . Be servants of the white king ",
Altynsarina as educator is inherent in the cult of knowledge and faith in the all-saving skills for the development of society and every human individuality. Contemporaries, followed the literary work Ibraya Altynsarin, even when life could assess whether it meets the needs of the people. Among the merits of its own in addition to creative writing - preparation of anthologies in their own language, in the spirit of the people compiling the first collections of folk poetry and first book of works intended for popular consumption of primary. But Ibrahim is not only a teacher-educator, he is a theoretician, ethnographer, historian, economist and plus to all this official was forced to defend their undertakings and to settle the case despite the opposition, intrigue, slander. He makes literally titanic efforts to organize educational institutions, recruitment, equipping, and supplying schools, child care, little things of life, financial reporting and t. d. In the understanding of the possible ways of entering the Kazakhs in a civilized community center, took the idea of "natural development", with which connected humanism educator and critic of the colonial policy of the tsarist. The latter were covered hypocritical ideological arguments about the "benefits of Settlement" and "civilizing mission" of the Russian Empire, while in fact it was about the marginalization of the Kazakhs to their own land. Moreover, the methods tsarism unproductive by its very nature, they are beyond that alienated "aliens" from the Russian ..
. "Do not be wiser to - says Ibrahim, . - Before that decide to turn people's lives by artificial means steppe, . consider first this people and this life, . learn, . whether the people the rudiments of this in agricultural development, . how much influence he had direct communication with their sedentary, . dominant people, . conditions in which the natural environment that people are, and t,
. etc., in order not to make dangerous mistakes, t. to. forced break-up life of a nation is able to turn a nation, . sometimes the most capable, . in apathetic, . as, . say, . what happened to the Bashkir people, . because the laws of nature there is no example, . that was possible at once to turn a young child into an adult husband ",
. The strongest preference for the idea of "natural course of affairs" is expressed in the article Altynsarina "On the famine in the Kirghiz Steppe. By linking education and education of the people with sedentary, with cities and convenient ways of communications, he categorically opposes the project "as a possible early" transition from nomadic to settled through "coercive measures". Such a project he saw as the theft of any suitable land from the colonized people, . highlighted as "special benefits" Russian peasant settlers before the Kazakhs, . and the latter declared unfit for agriculture, . if this is not "compel",
. Operating with specific data, Altynsarin argued that they themselves often quite insistent desire to "change the secular way of life" in the sense of Settlement. To this he adds a very significant concerns regarding the future of farming and animal husbandry in the province. In some counties steppe advantageous to develop animal husbandry and agriculture do not anticipate any future. Above this remark, and now we can ponder.
Essential element is the world Altynsarina interpretation of Islam, as evidenced by the fact that he was a textbook on Islam. Ibrahim stood on the positions of enlightened liberal Islam. All work is permeated with the idea of organic Altynsarina engraftment of innovation to the traditions and customs of the people.

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    Altynsarin Ibrahim, photo, biography
    Altynsarin Ibrahim, photo, biography Altynsarin Ibrahim  An outstanding representative of the Kazakh education, teacher and public figure in the field of school education, the organizer of a number of schools., photo, biography
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