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AYMAUYTOV Zhusipbekov

( Writer, founder of the Kazakh drama and the novel, educator, and teacher.)

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Biography AYMAUYTOV Zhusipbekov
photo AYMAUYTOV Zhusipbekov
Zhusipbekov Aymauytov - multi-genre writer, founder of the drama and the novel in the Kazakh language, scientist, educator, teacher, psychologist. Author of textbooks "Terbiege komekshi" ( "Handbook for teacher"), "Psychology", "Jean zhuyesi zhene Oner Tandan".
Aymauytov was born in 1889 in Bayan-Aul area of Pavlodar region. Died in 1931.
In Aymauytova current difficult fate: the endless suspicions of the authorities, slander, persecution. Serious and long has been an education, painfully and his creative expression. Tragic was the fate of heritage, which was almost completely erased from the history of Kazakh culture and because of the long forgotten gathered literally bit by bit. Preserved fragments of correspondence with Aymauytova Kopeevym. Despite life's troubles and, seemingly full of hopelessness, Zhusipbekov worked, worked unceasingly.
Up to 15 years, he studied various workmen for his father and the local mullah. And then he became a mullah and teaches children. In 18 years Zhusipbekov one winter I studied at a Russian school and two months in Kerekeu (Pavlodar) in a government school of agriculture, from which it was excluded, because together with other students rebelled against the unfair treatment of school. Spent two years a teacher in his village, and having studied in Russian-Kazakh school in Kerekeu, he in 1914 entered the Semipalatinsk Pedagogical Seminary, from which he graduated in 1919. Here he met with K. Satpayev and M. Auezov. While studying at the seminary and simultaneously extracting to feed itself, Zhusipbekov not shied away from any work: There was a chaser, a carpenter, a carpenter, a shoemaker, produced dombra, he was playing, performing invented them as songs and melodies to them.
As a teenager, in the 13 years he wrote poems. Second time familiarizing for writing came in the 19-20 years. Zhusipbekov first published in 1913 in the newspaper "Cossack". In 1916 he wrote a play entitled to send to the rear of the Kazakhs. In 1920 he worked as head of the department of education in Semipalatinsk province, editor of "Kazak tili, a teacher at the school (Karkaraly), Institute (Orenburg, Tashkent) and college (Shymkent). In 1929 he moved to the Kyzyl-Orda for the newspaper Enbekshi Cossack "and his arrest. In 1926 at Aymauytova written accusation, accusing him of misappropriation of donations earmarked for starving Turgay, Kostanay, Aktobe. Then he managed to defend their case. Noteworthy his arguments on the historical right of the Kazakhs, built on trust and abutments.. "I followed these paternal customs. Ashamed and awkward to take a receipt from the hungry "- said Zhusipbekov in his own defense. Slander and denunciations of Aymauytova came not only anonymous, but in open form. G. Togzhanov in 1929 in the article "Zhusipbekov" calls his detractors, pseudo-artist, political "counter-revolutionary". Now the charge was much more serious - a participant illegal counter-revolutionary organization. In April 1931 Aymauytov was shot. From the first marriage left him two sons.
Aymauytov - founder of the genre of the novel and drama in the modern Kazakh literature. However, he began his literary activity with the newspaper: journalism, songs, stories, satires, critical notes. Is remarkable that in 1918 he, together with Auezov published the magazine "Abai". Here Zhusipbekov published a wonderful story about Kashaubaeve Amre, who was described as an outstanding singer, a man of very high culture.
Aymauytov is the founder of Performing Arts. Standing at the origins of the Kazakh drama, he was director-director of his plays on the stage of the Kazakh. Since childhood he has participated in different games, played the lute and sang, in 1916 began writing plays. Aymauytov - organizer of the first theater groups, directly to their party. December 17, 1917 in Semipalatinsk, he staged his play "Rabiga". One of the most outstanding of his dramatic works "Sherniyazov" (1925-1926 gg.) Dedicated to the memory Sultanmahmut Torajgyrov, raises the problem of relations between cities and villages. With anxiety and fear perceived by ordinary Kazakh way of life, who brought with him the city - anomie, the loss of values, individualism, the tightness. On the other hand, the village (aul), too, was full of contradictions, often aulchane were involved in tribal feuds, and the latest trends and creative met strong resistance from the stagnant steppe aristocracy. In Semipalatinsk Aymauytov set to play "Birzhan and Sarah," which played the role Birzhan.
"Kartkozha" (1926) - the first novel written in the Kazakh language. The horrors that Kazakhs had to endure during the Civil War, are the theme of the novel "Akbilek". The fierce battle that erupted in Russia, including in its orbit and peaceful Kazakh lands. Crushed by tsarist gendarmes and soldiers, Kazakhs literally lost his head, mechas in different directions, not looking at, where friends, and where the enemies, where red, white, and where, exposed to violence. Through the fate of the heroine of the novel Aymauytov showed the tragedy of the Kazakh people, is its obedience, humility, meekness, crushed by the inexorable march of history and violent upheavals.
Last work Aymauytova "Kunekeydin zhazygy" ( "Wine Kunekey") also affects women's issues - the clash of dignity injustice. As a critic Aymauytov published in the journal "Abai" (бL 1) the article "Posleabaevskie poets", in which the growth of the writer's detachment and literature in general, he connects with the awakening of national consciousness. The basis for this awakening Aymauytov sees three factors: activity, Abay newspaper "Cossack" and spiritual development of people, his face turned to science and education. As Abay Zhusipbekov every word forced the youth to think, to strive for self-improvement.

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    AYMAUYTOV Zhusipbekov, photo, biography
    AYMAUYTOV Zhusipbekov, photo, biography AYMAUYTOV Zhusipbekov  Writer, founder of the Kazakh drama and the novel, educator, and teacher., photo, biography
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