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Azarkh Leonid

( The creator and host of numerous radio broadcasts.)

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Biography Azarkh Leonid
photo Azarkh Leonid
(p. 1935)
Leonid Azarkh - a name well-known radio listeners. Ten years of listening to "Radio Russia", and before that for more than twenty years of listening to the radio station "Youth". He is known as the creator and host of numerous radio. Furthermore, Leonid Azarkh - a man who managed to achieve the performance of their cherished dreams and realize their own talents.
Leonid Davidovich, many programs for radio you now delaeteN
- You know, there is a notion - mnogostanochnik. I do a lot. For example, a program with a rebel called "Pops". Actually it about the history and literature, but the name stands for "popular secular Almanac". Also, do the transfer "Alphabet", "Opera for the public and leading sports stories. From time to time to make political comments.
One of the favorite programs - "Opera to the public". In it I talk about the operas of Russian composers, by the way, not having the slightest right, because musical notation is not mean.
- But the opera lyubiteN
- Since childhood. My mother took me to the Bolshoi Theater at the age of nine years. Opera I love and know very. Unfortunately, when I grew up, was not considered essential to teach children to play musical instruments. Aesthetic education lay in the fact that I was from a young age went to the opera house and the conservatory. So I let myself, being a dilettante, and aware of it, to transfer the music. Seeking an analogy between the fate of the composers and events occurring in the opera itself.
- What do you dream in childhood, and whether it was somehow connected with radioN
- As a child I was extremely keen on football. We lived in poverty, and money for a ticket is often not enough. I'm terribly envious commentator Sinyavsky. He watches football, and the money for it gets! Later I met with Vadim Sviatoslavovych. And Nikolai Nikolayevich Ozerov was very warm and friendly relations. To a certain extent, I consider myself his student.
- Football a lot for you znachitN
- Of course, since my childhood, held in the early postwar years, it was a time when all were playing football. Stadiums coop. Life was stuffy, the Treasury, to express their opinions, to shout it out loud it was impossible to. But at the stadium - please.
With the transfer of the sport I started on the radio. But my dream - to sport coverage - has come true only in his declining years. I have been on the European football championship in England and at the Olympics in Nagano, already as a sports commentator. Join a chess championship in the Canary Islands.
- And what you wanted to become a yunostiN
- School finished with a gold medal, but choose a profession could not. As a result, went to study engineering. By education - an electrical engineer, probably, why do the transfer on the art and read poetry on the radio. This, incidentally, my second dream. In school and at the Institute, I often spoke with the verses.
- I do not think a akteromN
- I was too modest to make this aim a blow. While I am blessed to public poetry reading great reader Dmitriy Zhuravlev. Since then I have read and read poetry in a variety of programs. For a while I kept the program on the history and finished them his own poems.
- Do you regret that they had received technical obrazovanieN
- Studying in the Energy Institute has given me a lot. I do not believe that you can "teach to the journalist". Typically, the best journalists have a very different education. My education gave me a philosophical view of the world. It was very interesting to learn the first three courses, but my hands-hooks. And when I finally became an engineer, it turned out that it does not attract me at all. Nevertheless, I managed to get a prize for a small VDNH invention. Here, as you know, hands at anything. By the time I have thought up to give up their profession.
- How it poluchilosN
- While still a student, I participated in student theater entertainment thumbnails. Written and sometimes played. After the institute he worked as an engineer in one large Trust. There, I created a theater. Pretty soon we got the title of National Theater, which was then very fashionable. Just at that time organized a radio station "Youth". I was invited there for. For some time I worked as freelancers, and then became a full time employee.
- Today, when you change the theme, switch to something new, it does not meet any prepyatstviyN
- From the kollegN All have become accustomed. And what do I do if I for example, begin to reports, while in "Izvestia" appear on the rave reviews nihN on "Radio Russia" At one time I led a program of economic and "third half". It was a play on the transfer of securities on banks. We came up with some kind of family where the mistress - motovka, and her husband - skopidom. Students were allowed to complex economic problems of this family.
. - And how you got on "Radio Russia" N
. - After more than twenty years I worked at the radio station "Youth", one day, Anatoly Lysenko secretly called me with the request from Oleg Poptsova
. He was even afraid that we will listen, so we met at the elevators in the building of telecentre. Lysenko invited me to make a new radio. I conveyed this proposal to colleagues. As a result, 28 enthusiasts from the radio station "Youth" went to create a new radio, despite the fact that if we all were in favor and we had to lose.
As novices we immediately began to oppress and hate, persecute the press. But first. By the way, then "of multiple" very helpful. Among the strengths of journalists in general, few people keen on a theme. At that time we all had to become a political journalist, then it was true. Soon I was offered the post of Deputy. Director of "Radio Russia", I agreed and lost the air. But how long could not resist and soon again become a political columnist. After successive changes to the "Radio Russia", I returned to that region, which to me is more interesting - to art and history. However, so far I sometimes invited to comment and political events.
- Yes, the load you be healthy ...
- Made a lot, but I do not feel my age. I did not walk slowly, and in football I can play ...
Oleg Poptsov:
- There is a television concept of "face channel. This is a man who learns nation. On the radio there are no persons, but there are voices. Leonid Azarkh - a firm voice "Radio Russia". Despite the fact that he is far from being old, it could be called the patriarch of radio. Students waiting for him to vote.
- Azarkh - a wonderful man of decency and a fantastic performance. He - a typical intellectual
. Amplitude of hobbies Azarkh surprisingly broad.
. - He was happy to lead sporting coverage and with no less pleasure to tell us about Tchaikovsky, about Mozart
. He is amazingly able to talk about art. Leonid Azarkh has the ability to infect his listeners love. Listening to him, you often respond, perhaps not only in thought but also the sense in which this idea is cloaked. Leonid thinks heart.
Like all good people, he somehow defenseless, can not dodge and weave intrigues. But while he is protected - their professionalism and love of radio listeners.
I am happy that Leonid Azarkh was in our team, when they were created "Radio Russia". He came to one of the first, followed by the other stretched.
I wish Lance happiness, creativity and love of the audience.

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  • Antipov, Sergey. for Azarkh Leonid
  • Dear Leonid Davidovich! Very glad virtual meeting with his cousin. Infrmatsionnym professionally involved in the provision of sailing, including ocean racing yacht and catamaran. There is an interesting scenario, I would like to consult with you. My phone 8-903-675-2156
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    Azarkh Leonid, photo, biography
    Azarkh Leonid, photo, biography Azarkh Leonid  The creator and host of numerous radio broadcasts., photo, biography
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