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Yudin Larisa

( The most important politician of the last time in Kalmykia.)

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Biography Yudin Larisa
photo Yudin Larisa
(October 22, 1945 - June 9, 1998)
A year has passed since the murder of Larisa Yudina. Much has changed in that time in the country and the world, much has been forgotten. But those who had to deal with Larissa, is unlikely to forget it, and is unlikely to forget about the fact that until now the killers have not been convicted. Customers are not found, although the search for them - the problem is small.
The first release of this book was placed on "hot pursuit" in a hurry. And then a lot of places had to give material information character - the reader to understand what is happening in the country, learned the history of the newspaper, just imagine what is at stake. I think that over the past year found out about it almost all. And the second edition just wanted to make the memory of Larisa. About her. How about the man.
In this book, collected mostly reviews of Larisa Yudina people who knew her, worked with her, lived with her. These people are different, with different interests, beliefs, but each of them saw in it something of their own.
. It is difficult now, after the lapse of time, say - just what was Larissa YudinaN PravozaschitnikomN fighter for spravedlivostN MaksimalistkoyN stubborn woman, finished before the end to defend their ubezhdeniyaN PolitikomN answer we have no
. The answer will then - history will put everything into place, and Larisa, and now it is ruthlessly clearly seen in the history of already entered. And although she considered herself primarily an ordinary woman, by the will of fate became a journalist, too many of those who knew her well, do not agree. Of course, it was not a politician - in the sense that the policies themselves are so considered, moreover, I dare say that politics as a sphere of activity she was deeply uninteresting. And of course, it is a politician - perhaps the most significant politician of the last time in Kalmykia. Such, . as Yudin, . throughout suffering Russia did not have - nowhere else in our vast country with its vast command was not the case, . that without any external support, . relying primarily on their own willpower, . self-respect and decency, . people challenged the whole state machine - and not only is not broken, . not surrendered, . not sold - but won,
. Because Larissa won. Authorities failed to do anything with it - and killed her. Killed because she was afraid, afraid beyond measure, and the farther, the more - and this is evidence. I feared above all because it simply did not understand that she has moved. All fails, all you can handle - and then does not act anything, and stubborn woman stubbornly continues its seemingly pointless activity is. But the Russian proverb says: "The water wears away a stone," and because Larissa was not water, and only Kalmyk Khan's regime - let alone stone.
And what else would like to say. Name of Larisa Yudina now tightly woven with a different name - Ilyumzhinov. It did not deserve this Larissa, . I thought: that enormous number of people at the mention of her name came to mind the name of another person, . she is deeply despised, . and feel offended by, . so many have to give vitality to the "showdown" with him,
. But then came up with another idea: the name Ilyumzhinov now too tightly intertwined with the name of Larisa. And no matter what he ended the investigation and the courts, whether in our lifetime are called those who killed her and how to kill - no matter. Now she will never give him to sleep - neither in this world, nor in any other.
. Born October 22, 1945 in Elista, she graduated from high school here N4, a year after high school worked in her Pioneer, went to Moscow and entered the Faculty of Journalism
. Here she met her husband and went with him to the city Aleksin Tula region, where she worked in the newspaper "Precepts of Ilyich". In 1966, Yudin returned to Elista, became a correspondent for Komsomolets newspaper in Kalmykia, which worked for 13 years. Since 1979 he has been working in the oldest republic newspaper Sovetskaya Kalmykia, first as a correspondent, then head of the department, then the chief editor of the newspaper.
Member of the CPSU from 1978 to 1991. Member of the Yabloko from 1998. Co-founder of the Kalmyk organization Yabloko.
After the events of August 1991 the newspaper was closed. September 2, 1991 the newspaper was registered as an independent - its founders are editorial staff. Farmers Association and the Federation of Trade Unions of Kalmykia Kalmykia. Editor in chief was unanimously elected Larisa Yudina.
During the election campaign for election of the first president in spring 1993, a candidate for the presidency K. Ilyumzhinov said: "I will manage the republic, as a corporation. Yudin wrote about this: "If a person accepts a job in a corporation, he asked whether he agrees to work there. I work in a corporation Ilyumzhinov disagrees ". Newspaper Yudin (only one of the local press) in a large volume of printed materials about the opposition Ilyumzhinov the election, criticized his election program. Analyzing the program, Yudin wrote: "As a universal method for solving all the problems of the republic and as a means of implementing their promises candidate proposes to" take the money and budget scroll ". First, the "scroll" budget money can only be in violation of the law. Secondly, I believe that people like Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, and take, and scroll. But I do not believe that "scrolled" money in the budget back. "
After winning the election Ilyumzhinov newspaper without access to printing facilities of the republic and was forced to publish in the Volga city of Volgograd region. Ilyumzhinov said: "While I am president," Sovetskaya Kalmykia "will not go."
. After the change of leadership of the Association of Farmers of Kalmykia, in violation of the law on the press 26 August 1994 in the republic was incorporated a second newspaper of the same name
. Revision of the former "Sovetskaya Kalmykia" was without any legal grounds devoid of premises (with eviction editor threatened with a pistol, . A shot was fired into the air, in a protocol drawn up by police, . appears "the threat of a gas gun") and computers, . in the possession of the labor collective editorial, . and machine,
. Unidentified burned the door to the apartment Yudina, on the phone she repeatedly threatened with physical violence.
. In Elista, kiosks and areas of summer-autumn of 1994, two newspapers were sold under the name "Sovetskaya Kalmykia" - with the same "cap", . but different contents, . and readers - ordinary inhabitants of the republic - to ask the kiosk: "Whose newspaper, . Yudinsky pool or kapkanovskayaN (traps - editor of "manual" Sovetskaya Kalmykia ").,
. In 1995, representatives of the Republican leadership forbade a subscription to the newspaper of the opposition and take it to the kiosks for the distribution
. A faithful member of the presidential team, . Father Zosima, . for which Ilyumzhinov made by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II Kalmyk separate diocese (consisting of three temples), . the Sunday sermons are regularly called upon parishioners not to read the newspaper "Sovetskaya Kalmykia", . declaring it an act of sin,
. The terrified old woman were baptized and whispered: "It is sinful, sir, read, and read the will."
. The newspaper was registered in the State Committee of Russia as a regional (as advised in most of the State Committee, . explaining, . that a new certificate of registration will remove the legal issues), . and still printed in the Volga (Volgograd region) edition of 4000 copies,
. "More in the" Zhiguli "no climbing" - commented Yudin. The newspaper was sold whole - its spread in the republic loyal readers. The subscribers of the newspaper was printing a few dozen employees of the city of the Volga, where it was printed. Printing regularly printed newspaper is not just a duty, but generally without any guarantees - in 1995-1996, funding for Yudin every room she only took out the slave routes. Since 1995, the assistance provided in the publication of the federal Yabloko (in particular, equipping Received computers). Note that although the newspaper was officially registered, sign up for it in Kalmykia since 1994 is not accepted.
. At the RF State Committee for presidential leadership structures Kalmykia was under unprecedented pressure, . with the result that it reverses its decision on registration papers, . and stated Yudina, . thus proved to be invalid and the original certificate of registration,
. When asked what she do now, then chairman of the State Committee Ivan Lapin responded that if she agrees to change the name, then he would personally sign her certificate of registration within one day. Nevertheless, more than a week certificate newspaper Sovetskaya Kalmykia Today "has been issued. Reason was also named the members of the Committee: "Because if we will issue you a certificate, . you represent, . that there nachnetsyaN "And only the threat of hunger editor in the building of the State Committee in Moscow, made his leadership to issue a certificate,
. Mr. Lapin because it never signed, authorizing it to its deputy editor.
Victim of repression leadership Kalmykia became editor of her husband Gennady Yudin. He was fired from his job in the Republican Statistics Department "redundancy.
. Since the beginning of 1996 the newspaper was gradually losing the periodicity, it was produced in the presence of two conditions - money and material, which was to be published immediately.
. Since 1997, the newspaper began to appear regularly, but only twice a month
. Be borne by the federal publication "APPLE". Larisa Yudina agreed to become co-founder of the Republican "apple" of the organization. The last six months, "Sovetskaya Kalmykia Today a lot of materials published in defense of General V. Timofeyev, head of the republican FSB, which Kirsan Ilyumzhinov lead a real war. The war began after the arrest of the presidential aircraft in connection with the undeclared (I mean smuggling) control of black caviar
. Farewell word about Larissa
. Shock that I experienced on 9 June, has already passed, then the first time the media reported the death of Larisa Yudina - editor of the newspaper Sovetskaya Kalmykia Today
. Today there was only a dull pain under my heart. Yes, more tears, that by themselves welling in his eyes.
She left the life of my friend. Actually no. Not gone. It killed. Brutally. Vile. From the corner. Herself, she always looked directly into the eyes of their enemies, those who, exposed to corruption. She was not afraid of anybody, nor the president of Kalmykia Ilyumzhinov, or those who rob the Kalmyk people. She always told the truth. Even when set fire to the door of her apartment when the building raided newspaper. When no printing press in Kalmykia was taken not to print edition alone. Her frightened. Frightened fragile woman, calm, knowing their business. Frightened pen of this reporter. Frightened position of a citizen.
She enticed out of the house, used the knife ... KtoN With these professionals will understand. But one thing is clear - in Elista, it should have happened. Because here there is no concept of freedom of speech and press. Because everything here is subject to the power of one person.
I know Larissa is not so long ago. But we made friends with her tight. We met at various meetings, the "apple" congresses. Last autumn, Larissa did an interesting report on the scientific and practical seminar "Freedom of speech in the regions", organized by our colleagues from Germany. The story of the conditions in which journalists have to work Kalmykia, shocked not only the worldly-wise Russian employees of the pen, but also German.
Larissa knew the whole country. She was a member of the Club editors Russia. This public organization has repeatedly tried to help solve the problems of the newspaper Sovetskaya Kalmykia Today. Send a message even the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. Avail. Probably too small BorisuNikolaevichu question seemed to make him spend time on his consideration.
Our last meeting with Larissa in February this year. I saw her the same cheerful, as always. Same purposeful. And the same unwavering.
- How delaN - ask her.
She smiled - a smile is not the case with the evil and corrupt people:
- I fight. Here's to solve the problem by placing. Our landlord Survey clamped. Perhaps it would have to move, change your address. All would be nothing, we are used to. Only readers sorry. It will take some time until they will know where to send their pisma.Razgovor of Kalmyk problems then went to the side, then vnovvozvraschalsya to them. Could not resist and asked Larisa: it can withstand the strain of long vremeniN Because she had a husband, family. They also bear her weight problems.
Without any bravado, such as in everyday, "she said to me then:
- We must simply believe in what you do. The only island of truth in Elista - our newspaper. Readers waiting for her, despite everything. Her reading. And re. How to cheat them nadezhdyN
Larissa was a true journalist. I am familiar with its work. Many metropolitan staff of the pen may envy her skill. But she never wanted to live in the capital. Because her house was Kalmykia. The very Kalmykia, which killed her.
Although there. Kalmykia - a people. And people could not kill his beloved editor. Kill the system could only. Ta, which has created a handful of people. Created for themselves, their relatives and friends. The system, which could not accept such an honest man, as Larissa Yudina.
There was a fine journalist. Beautiful Women. Mother. Grandmothers.
Do not become my friend.
Only her memory will live in my heart. Just like the picture, which we Larisa side by side, huddled close to each other, look to the future.

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Yudin Larisa, photo, biography
Yudin Larisa, photo, biography Yudin Larisa  The most important politician of the last time in Kalmykia., photo, biography
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