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Tropin Ludmila

( Custodian of law and order)

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Biography Tropin Ludmila
photo Tropin Ludmila
In the closet of her working cabinet hanging wardrobe for all occasions - a police uniform, civilian clothes, blouses, dress for ceremonial receptions, warm trousers for outdoor activities in the off season holodrygu ... This is because Lyudmila Tropin at work is much more than at home.
On the Summit, we agreed a few months. It seemed on the verge of an interview should take place, but the official affairs deputy. Chief of Internal Affairs of Moscow region and the head offices of juvenile police lieutenant L. Tropin demolished our plans. That Tropin immediately sent on a business trip, then came the next ministerial inspection, then she had to write a report, then go to the duty part ... But finally a wonderful moment came. She told me on the phone: "Do you want to futbolN Come here and talk". On Sunday, on duty Ludmila Tropina met on a train in Ramenskoye near Moscow, where the match "Dinamo" - "Saturn". Together with its regional subordinates to observe violent juvenile fans.
- What do you currently work so restless vybraliN
- I'm from the school of her dreams. In 15 years, read a book Medinskaya "Honor" - the work of the police with difficult adolescents. I went to the local office to offer assistance. Inspector Juvenile me out at first strenuously pack off. But I did not give up.
- Your Trust were to be almost the same age, well, a little younger. How do you with them spravlyalisN
- I tried to look more impressive and behave stricter. When I was 18-20 years old, wore special glasses with simple glass. To me, perceived not as a girl, but as a police officer. Of course, anything can happen: the boys could and insult, and ridicule. But in general, a common language with teenagers, I found.
- The boys in you vlyublyalisN
- No, I specifically showed a little "Commissioner in a skirt," so to speak, did not give reason. My colleagues just now recognized, as had been in love with me. One confessed after 26 years. And then not even imagine how I say about it. Remaining male colleagues treated me condescendingly. Now it looks to the youth do not belong. But some civil young people, when they learned that I was from the police, found it even something original.
- Militia work is full of risk. You risk lyubiteN
- Yes, certainly. But I'd never have occurred to take risks without thinking. Either way there is always the risk. I remember I was on the 8 th month of pregnancy, continuing to work, and one friend of mine asked for help. Her son was in den. I completely forgot about that child, and rushed to save him. Everything went off, the main thing - do not show that you're afraid. Although now, I think I'm in this life is not afraid of anything. Worst thing - it is vile ... and when you do not understand.
- You were at work detective situatsiiN
- When I was 20, I was asked to help in tracking down serial killer, bringing terror to the suburban residents. By the time his account was already seven victims. He killed women - approached from behind and struck on the head with a sledgehammer, and then raped. I had to become "official plant duck" for which he had to bite. I agreed without hesitation. (Now would be a very even thought.) And then went in the late evening and night on the darkest streets, went to the entrances ... Of course, I was insured: I was with a walkie-talkie, wearing a cap, put on a helmet for me watching the police. Still, it was not for me. Especially when she went under the bridge - a dark, deserted. Every night, police detained for verification of men who have responded inadequately to me. But the maniac that I've met. He was detained in an attack on another woman. When we went to the scene, for me, he cynically said: "It would fall to me is not here ..." And then escaped from the paddy wagon. For security purposes, I hid until he was caught.
- After this work with adolescents has legcheN Still, not the maniac ...
- Miscellaneous happened. Even freaks "comes from childhood". Employees of our service go to dens, attics, basements. With drug addicts interact. Once upon a time in my area was a guy from a very dysfunctional family. Imagine the story of his birth. When his mother was pregnant, she found the house of her husband, an addict with his mistress. Both her badly beaten. Then the boy was born with cerebral palsy. Then his fate is no better. Teenager landed in jail. In the remand tried to mutilate themselves - scored in the stomach with a nail. And in court, where I vouched for him, his mother - a drug addict and hardened - lighted my fist right in the eye.
Of course, childhood is very important. You know, I became a completely different attitude, for example, Boris Moiseyev. Sympathetically. Once in the television show he talked about his childhood. What grew up in a poor family that the age of eight he seduced 20-year-old guy ...
- You have children estN
- Son. He worked as an investigator, now an associate VNII MVD of Russia.
- How to educate children so that they do not have to deal with militsieyN
- First you have to be another child. Know what he lives. I, for example, when my son was still at school, in spite of his employment, the fact that housework almost no (husband and mother mostly do), I was the chairman of the parent committee and with the class her son went everywhere and went.
- Husband as your work terpitN He militsionerN
- No, he was the choreographer. To help me, became director of the Center for Adolescents. Always treated with understanding. Even took leave to care for a child, when her son was sick. But lately it's something tired of my employment. Actually, my family and friends say that I quickly went to work and stopped torturing myself.
- And what vyN Now the police are the working conditions of. And wages are small, and the spate of cases. Why do you nadoN you nowhere uytiN
- On the contrary, I received a very favorable in terms of money supply. But I do not have the right to withdraw. And the veterans service please do not go. Now this period, even a little bit - and police flooded completely random people. We can not allow this. While the state does not turn to the police face, experienced lawyers it does not go. Now even in the investigation, often working people without legal training. It's awful. Of course, in life something needs to be some change, but from the problem of minors, I do not ever go away. I want someone to transfer the experience. I have a few candidates. But lately, unfortunately, many police and "Dandelion" is working. That's because of their attitude to women officers and deteriorated.
- "Dandelions" - is ktoN
- Which, although they are in uniform, but do not know what the real work of a police. Which, just that it took - "I can not, I'm a woman". When I say that I am a woman, replied: "I am not a woman, I am an officer". I am over 25 years in this convincing. Incidentally, when I first came to work, we had such SGP - patrol militia groups: the evening until five in the morning we toured the city, toured brothels, young people gathered. I was even 20 years old never never occurred to me to take the accompanying. Women of my life and now any precinct or the opera itself accompany.
- Do you men harakterN
- Still, I would not say. Although there are very tough and awkward man, when it comes to the role of my unit. As a manager, I must defend the interests of their service and their subordinates. Also consider that there are no bad subordinates, and there are bad bosses, who are aiming to correct. For me, not matter who my opponent for the post. As you know, people are given grades, and people can be deceived ". Smart and intelligent leader always try to understand the situation and will not puff. But the police desire to change things for the better, ignoring the chain of command, for some reason are considered "high self-esteem".
I am very grateful to the Governor of Moscow Region B. Gromov. He was thin and wise: has helped raise the prestige of the Service for Minors. With him in office there was "technical revolution" (there were computers, etc.). And with the governor look up and heads of local administrations.
- Abroad how to solve problems nesovershennoletnihN
- 10 years pseudoscientists in the field of social prevention intensively studying foreign experience. And foreigners, on the contrary, listen to our experts and introduce our experience! I was in Sweden, Germany, Spain and other countries. Rarely someone from the practice of so lucky. And it is only practical worker may assess a foreign approach to the problems of child neglect and juvenile delinquency and to determine what is acceptable in Russia's life. Nothing new for myself, I had learned there: they are new - our well-buried old amateurs, which is an urgent need to revive.
The trouble in recent years - pushed the swindlers professionals feel a "vein" - human misery - and exploit it. As a result, we imeemN homeless children, drug addiction and ... intercountry.
The state itself creates the conditions for juvenile crime. All these lies, that there is no money to spetsPTU, shelters, rehabilitation centers. More money spent on empty stock and conferences, the establishment of foundations and structures windbag. I propose to withdraw (and MPs including) from warm rooms and walk on Russia's railway stations, dumps, attics, basements, where street children live. Then, once it becomes clear what laws need to. And not only the police would get a headache, what to do with the hungry, crummy, raped child. Beggar and destroyed the police, as in post-revolutionary years, reaches out to disadvantaged and remains one (!) Are responsible for what they are doing our children.
- If you were the Minister of the Interior, which would be done in the first ocheredN
- Decided to lead our service - Juvenile. And all efforts to cast the prevention of juvenile delinquency and family problems. Today the priority, unfortunately, give the disclosure of crime. But we need to understand: the better the prevention of crime, the less work later operas and the district.
- How to put themselves to men belonged to a female colleague uvazhitelnoN
- Do not ask favors. All the hardships of professional police experience with men. Deeply aware of its subject. However, discrimination against women in the police to get rid of difficult. There is much in our system, slow-witted and poorly peasants who stand in the way of intelligent and motivated women. Because of this, many talented women leave. Unfortunately, I can not be completely candid in his story about the situation in the police and that I myself had to go through, because I'm in it until the work. That'll go into retirement - will write his memoirs.

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Tropin Ludmila, photo, biography
Tropin Ludmila, photo, biography Tropin Ludmila  Custodian of law and order, photo, biography
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