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Philip Anschutz (Philip Anschutz)

( tycoon)

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Biography Philip Anschutz (Philip Anschutz)
photo Philip Anschutz (Philip Anschutz)
In every generation is born mysterious, inscrutable tycoon incredible power and influence, is fundamentally different even from the most wealthy titans of the business world. And this man - not one of the founders and leaders of giant corporations who have earned their billions and recognition in any one industry. Philip Anschutz got his wealth by other means: he manages the firms operating in various industries, and even redrawing entire economic sectors.

. Anschutz founded one of the country's largest oil companies, he owns the farm and livestock, more, . than any other private person in the country; possession of the railroad brought him huge money, he owns the leading football clubs U.S. and, . Finally, . Anschutz founded Qwest Communications, . one of the most modern and largest telecommunications companies in America.,

. Philip Anschutz is one of the world's richest people, but you never see or read an interview with him
. In the ranking of Forbes 400 richest people in America Anschutz took 6 th place, and his personal fortune is estimated at 18 billion. dollars.
Every morning, Philip Anschutz is coming to the building, which decorate the inscription "Qwest", and puts his car in the garage. At the same time in a designated place for his car is just a simple icon "reserved" and not a word about that book - for executive director of Anschutz Corp.

. All close Anschutz know people characterize it as an ordinary person, totally self-centered
. Philip Anschutz - the man who did not give great interviews to the press more than a quarter century: the last detailed interview he recorded in 1974 with a representative of the Historical Society of Colorado. So the information about it had and still has to be assembled on a piece of its business partners, friends, and also from rumors and newspaper notices, repeating the same rumors. Anschutz owns three soccer teams, a hockey and a huge sports center, but he does not want to discuss with reporters, even less interesting to millions of people for sport. And it is not that Anschutz - reclusive, or the enemy of the press. It seems he just doing its utmost to avoid becoming the subject of public discussion, not to turn his life into a public show.

. For billionaires, usually the leading causes, very bright and very open to the public lifestyle, Philip Anschutz unusually normal
. He lives in a modest house in Denver, is inexpensive watch regularly goes to church, calls his wife "darling", incognito part in local marathons to the public and has many friends.

. Anschutz Knowledgeable people say that he is so secretive, because life is very shy
. He does not need a sleek representative to communicate with the public, which would simultaneously help companies sell products Anschutz. And Philip does not make smug and conceited people.

Anschutz normal working day begins at 4.30 am. For two hours he spends in his office, and then makes a run at 15-20 miles. Run in the mornings Philip began at the age of 40 years - to have taught his children, and since then he never misses a single day. In addition to charging and pleasure, jogging in the morning - it is also training for Anschutz, because for many years, he regularly participates in marathons (mostly 4-hour). Once Philip was injured during the race, but would not want to leave the race - so his character.
Anschutz - an experienced hunter. His main passion - hunting for birds, a favorite place for this - your own ranch. Friends of Philip regard him as a first-class tennis, squash player, and now a fan of golf. Partners Anschutz on the game to notice that he is not simply enjoying the sport, and from one year to improve their skills.

. Anyone acquainted with Philip Anschutz, note following his business and his human qualities: honesty, straightforwardness, loyalty, courage, a wonderful sense of partnership, balance, listening skills, energy, perseverance, politeness
. Anschutz as a leader is different in that, having authority over the mass of people, from reasonable action which largely depends on his wealth, he never raises his voice. None of his friends did not believe Philip secretive, and just see in his behavior a desire to preserve the inviolability of their private life.

He is fond of reading books, most of all - the history. Likes to quote great men, in particular - Napoleon to illustrate their decisions regarding strategies and actions.
"If the act is bound to result". Anschutz has always believed that he could "create the circumstances for success."
Gori, gori clear ...

Anschutz was born and raised in Russell (Kansas). In 1961 he graduated from the local university, and then devoted himself entirely to work in the company his father. Father Philip was engaged in that Burilov oil wells in randomly selected locations. The percentage of successfully selected fields was fairly decent for this business - 5%.
After some time, Philip Anschutz bought over-priced and unexplored oil fields in Wyoming. In 1967, when Anschutz was 27 years old, he made a transaction, determine its nature as a businessman. While his own oil company, Philip was 3 years old, and she was on the verge of bankruptcy. Exploded in one of the developed wells, and the fire spread to the working parts neighbors Anschutz. While the fires raged, Anschutz struck a deal with another developer who was involved in the same risky business. Under the terms of their contract Anschutz took full responsibility for the damage caused by fire, and in return receive rights to oil, which may be found in the burning neighborhood wells.

. Defining terms of the deal, Anschutz quickly tracked down Paul Adair - a legendary fighter with oil fires, the real hero of America's mid-twentieth century
. Anschutz agreed that Adair will extinguish all fires in Wyoming. At the same time he negotiated with several operating in the neighborhood "fearless oilmen," which will assume responsibility for the fires in their wells under the same conditions as in the first case. Satisfied Anschutz oil producers have paid for the trouble - that the money he paid to Paul Adair.
But that's not all. Anschutz know that just in 1967, Hollywood made a film about the heroic struggle with fire Adair. And Anschutz sold the film rights to producers shooting his fire. Over 100 thousand dollars. Thus, Hollywood's beautiful images photographed chronicle, Anschutz put out the fires, has earned enough cash, and the remainder in oil wells brought him the first million dollars.

. Over the years, the state Anschutz earned on oil grew and flair businessman perfected
. Somehow he always intuitively felt exactly surprising when you need to start work, and when it appears dangerous element of risk. This is the sixth sense Anschutz helped make the first billion. In the early 1980's, he reined in its oil, while others sold it immediately after the rise in prices and then sold to Mobile for the highest possible price - just before a sharp drop in the cost of a barrel of "black gold". Which is interesting, sold Mobile Anschutz oil was discovered at the site, which they bought with his father to build farms.
. With the same success and exact hit at the right time Anschutz sold, bought and united the various lines
. When in 1996 he completed the sale of Southern Pacific Railroad, made a profit from the transaction of $ 1.4 billion. dollars, it retained the right to lay its own fiber-optic cable in the roadway along the tracks. Thus created a network and is Qwest Communications.

Anschutz Qwest's vision of the future no less brilliant than the whole of its investment activities. The fact that he has woven in the roadway of the railway not only cable, but many miles of open pipes, so that when other communication companies have exhausted their resources, Qwest was willing to provide services. It is clear that their value will not be the lowest.

. The main activities of Anschutz Company and its subsidiaries are telecommunications and media business, as well as natural resources, transportation, real estate, sports and entertainment
. Since the late 1960's this group of companies - one of the largest private companies in the United States. In the field of telecommunications Anschutz Company is represented by two companies - Qwest and Qwest Digital Media.

. Ideal opportunity to enjoy the freedom of action and successfully combine work in different areas of industry Anschutz gives his company Qwest Communications - the fruit of the entrepreneur in the railroad industry and the real estate market, . a real jewel in the crown of the empire Anschutz.,

. In the late 1980's - early 1990's, at a time when Anschutz controlled railway Southern Pacific, was founded by its subsidiaries - SP Telecom, whose task was to lay fiber optic cable in the exclusion zone of the road
. Cable is intended both for the SP Telecom, and for other telephone companies. Initially the new company has been very productive: the railway company was not for her money, and strategy of its activities as such, too, there was no. And then the thing took Philip Anschutz, clearly believed in the high value and potential of SP Telecom.

. Analyzing the evolving technology market, he concluded that the Internet creates a demand for plug-in a special way the network is very high bandwidth
. In 1995, he separated SP Telecom from Southern Pacific and joined with Qwest - Technology Company of Dallas, bought by Anschutz in the same year. The headquarters of the new firm moved to Denver, and she was renamed Qwest Communications. Immediately after the appearance of the new Anschutz company obtained permission to lay fiber optic cables along the Southern Pacific railroad tracks and some other roads. In 1996, Qwest surprised everyone by announcing that he had invited for the post of executive director of the former head of the senior management of AT & T - Joseph Nakki.
. Since joining the company Nakki in January 1997, Qwest has paved over 150 cities in 18 more than 500 miles fiber optic cables.

. Today Qwest - the leader among operators of telecommunication services
. The company provides reliable delivery of information via the Internet, voice and video through a broadband connection. Service companies use both businesses and individual users.

In June 2000, Qwest has teamed up with US West, the regional division of Bell. With this merger Qwest has more than doubled, and in possession of 25 million customers using the services of local telephone service in 14 U.S. states. In addition, KPN Qwest, Qwest joint venture with the Dutch telecom company KPN in the European market continues to build a fiber optic network in Europe. This partnership allows Qwest Communications to provide
. European Internet services.

. Qwest Communications founder Philip Anschutz is its largest shareholder.
. Qwest Digital Media has manufacturing facilities in Washington, Nashville and Los Angeles, is developing a variety of content and provides distribution services to national and foreign broadcasters.
. "Othello" on the football field.

. Which sector is now entrust augmenting his personal fortune Philippe AnshuttsN Today it is clear that the money the investor will purchase the network of theaters and cinemas
. Anschutz also plans to team up with producer Howard Baldwin to run Crusader Entertainment - the company that will build the film, television and Internet content. Today, among the high-tech companies has become quite popular to engage in entertainment projects in web and internet broadcast to organize various events.

. So, earning billions in oil and railroads, Philip Anschutz is ready to invest in the implementation of both the long-awaited digital redistribution in Hollywood
. Today he is actively buying up all of America, a network of cinemas and theaters. By the way, . whether intuition, . whether the calculation helped him choose the most convenient time for it: now the cost of movie tickets has increased significantly - up to $ 10, . expensive and immutable popcorn and cola, . that put many companies, . owning cinemas, . on the brink of bankruptcy,
. It is clear that to date, for value investors "cultural centers" - not the highest. If, however, with the help of modern technology will connect Anschutz belonging to him a number of sports arenas and other facilities with optional theaters, . kultpohody acquire fundamentally new character, . and the investor almost single-handedly make a digital revolution in Hollywood,
. He is fully able to hold digital entertainment to the masses.

. Imagine that, sitting in the stadium can be viewed not only the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but also a live broadcast of theatrical musicals and rock concerts.
. We have a very urgent question is: where to invest dengiN One American edition once wrote something somewhat cynical, but not devoid of rational grain: "Today, perhaps it would be good to invest in the heavens
. If the Lord will be supported by Anschutz, it will become the most popular subject of funding.

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