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Luciano Benetton

( Organizer charity marathon, the International Red Cross)

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Biography Luciano Benetton
Whatever I said to Gorbachev, if I were at that moment ryadomN - Signor Luciano thought for a moment. - Probably, I would say: - This is a very original people who love to work! "And then, and another - the honest truth. As for originality, it does not take Mr. Benetton. At one of the posters that respectable man, . even been elected senator of the Republic of Italy, . appear naked, his intimate place to cover up the words: "Give me your clothes!" Thus, he expressed solidarity with the action to collect clothing for the poor,
. The effect of exposure of such famous personalities in Europe was palpable: charity marathon organizer, the International Red Cross, managed to collect 460 thousand kilograms of things.
. And did not confirm the idea of the originality of the brand numerous advertising campaigns, . forcing journalists to start every time notes with the words: "Benetton again we were surprised" N can be said, . that the Benetton family - three brothers and sister - embodies modern Italian dream,
. From a small family firm, which began in the first 50 years with the production of unusual for postwar colored pullovers, Benetton for several decades became a powerful internationalist brand. Of course, in Italy, Benetton became one of the most -. Richest. Most famous. Most original. They are what he likes - now with children. Moreover, they conquered all the continents. On the planet Earth today, there is a parallel world called the United Colors of Benetton, who lives with their own laws, freedom, equality and fraternity ". However, modern Julius Caesar from Pontsano Veneto, near Treviso that refers to itself without pathos. On the nose Maitre Benetton decorate the round wire-rim glasses a la Charles Perrault. Insightful sky-blue eyes. Scenic hair streaked with gray. In his 63 years he looks like an athlete. Dresses and democratic, of course, loved multicolored pullover - yellow, red, green. On special occasions dresses in a gray suit of fine wool, further emphasizes the elegance of his figure. "Your shirt - it is also BenettonN" - trying to talk to journalists. "No, Brooks Brothers", - recognized this genius marketing and advertising. Now he can afford to say such things.
By creating an international company to rival in popularity with the monsters of modern mass culture, Luciano Benetton is a European, Italian. Not spoke in English (printsipialnoN), although in his youth, watching westerns, which are rotated in cinemas throughout Italy, dreamed to conquer America. However, judging by the response of the shirt, sometimes wears American clothes. Self-taught, he is interested in a variety of things, including the medieval Japanese art and philosophy. Despite an open mind and a broad smile, he keeps his distance. Questions answered willingly, but observers of European fashion magazines complain that is not born a journalist, able to call Signor Luciano at the revelation. "What day was your most schastlivymN" - "All the days of work - these are days of joy". "When you realize that you have achieved the desired uspehaN" - "Success never had a special significance for me". "What are you most sozhaleeteN" - "I am absolutely satisfied with life". Explaining the dryness of their responses, Signor Luciano said: "I prefer to listen to what others are saying. My nature is rather restrained than the expansive ". And this is the word man, which owns 7,000 stores in 120 countries!
"Italian essence" Signor Luciano contrasts with the representation of the Italians, to whom we are accustomed. Emotional, impulsive - all this is not about him. He - northern Italian: cautious, prudent, tactful. He is, rather, is inherent in any internal emotion, without which it would be difficult to realize such an ambitious idea, as the company Benetton.
. "As you otdyhaeteN" - ask him pale Moscow journalists immediately noted his smooth olive tan
. He gently precipitate: "I do not live in order to relax. I work from eight in the morning until half past seven in the evening, sometimes longer. Work for me the main thing ". However, here it is a bit palter. In other interviews, this workaholic, a child who had a taste for beautiful and expensive things, and says he has bought an old yacht sixties, which was once rented himself Juan Peron. And the love for cars. And that adores vacation in Alaska, where you can spend days sitting in a boat, fish and enjoy the peace.
. All company Benetton began with a trifle, with a bright yellow sweater, which was once a youth tied to his elder brother Luciano younger sister, Julianne
. In postwar Italy sweaters generally not sold in stores, as well as bright and even more so. Of course, all his friends asked where Luciano bought it. This led the young man, who had a commercial vein, the thought: what tie his sister, several such pullovers, comrades, surely they would have immediately sold out!
. In the bleak postwar years sweater Luciano looked like an exotic bird from the islands, accidentally flown into a rainy latitudes
. Bird luck, but not the traditional blue and bright yellow ...
Benetton family, like the heroes of the tale of a blue bird, was not rich. His father died soon after the war, my mother was left with four children on his hands, of which Luciano was the most senior. At 14 he left school. First sold newspapers at the railway station, the native town of Treviso, . then worked in a shop, . while trading in groceries and clothing, . and, . Finally, . joined the shop brothers Dellasega, . where he learned a good idea to understand such subtleties, . as tissue, . color, . cut of clothes.,
. This store was typical of that era for Italy
. A long counter separated the seller from the sales area. All goods were behind the counter and was hidden from the prying eyes of, except for a few models on display in the window. Having come into the store, the buyer told the seller that he needs. He endured a few things that, as it seemed to fit the description. "It would be convenient for the buyer, if it were all in plain sight," - Luciano thought, rummaging through cardboard boxes in search of the necessary things ...
. Years of Luciano Benetton brothers Dellasega coincided with the time when people gradually started to forget about the war
. Slowly rising from poverty, middle class. These forgotten joy as weekends and holidays, were pressed back into the background looking for bread, came back and took a firm place in the life. Renewed interest in sport. Peers Luciano playing basketball, boating. At the same time the young man began to notice: customers are increasingly leaving the store, and not finding what they want. It seemed as if all they are looking for the same thing. Quite simple, inexpensive, and convenient for walking, and sports. A beautiful and more vivid than what they are accustomed to seeing on the streets ... In a word, such as was sweater Giuliana! And my brother and sister decided to start their own business. An agreement was this: you vyazhesh, I sell. They began to save money on knitting machines and two months later, sold a few things, went to Milan and bought a knitting miracle technology of the time. Two weeks later, the unit delivered to their home. Over the first collection of Julian Korpela in the evenings after work, and early in the morning, when everyone was still asleep, my mother sewed ready parts pullover. The first sweater, which bought Luciano, one of the neighbors, after all was a sky-blue. Receiving money for it, 20-year-old entrepreneur has experienced a sense, comparable only to the triumph of the scientist, the scientific theory which was confirmed in practice
. Initially, the brother and sister christened their products straightforward, but very gentle French phrase TresJolie, which means "very nice"
. Four months after the debut of the young people managed to sell for twenty jumpers a week. In 1956 the family bought two knitting machines, the house gradually turned into a small business. Yarn and machine took more and more living space, and Luciano have sometimes thought that he was sleeping in the fold - so much has been around wool.
. In 1957 at the Benetton family was already five employees, and a miniature factory moved to a neighboring house
. The company, headed by 22-year old boys, regularly supplying its products stores hometown of Treviso near Venice, and lies. Things gradually went up the hill, and seven years later, in 1965, the family founded the Benetton Group. Roles, . are divided among three brothers and a sister, . not changed: the enterprising Luciano, . whose resourceful idea the company was obliged suschestovaniem, . sales / marketing, . Julian, . as before, . - Production, . grown up Gilberto was in charge of financial matters, . and Carlo headed factory, . selection of staff and helped Juliana,
. Since the beginning of the Benetton brand of its fame that it is "clothing for the young, created by young". Four years later they opened their first store in Paris.
"Your most successful investitsiyaN" - ask Signor Luciano journalists. Then he brightened up considerably. "Purchase of the old knitting machines socks factory in Scotland that we are fully converted to the production of pullovers! Stoneley they half new, but thanks to them we managed to double its production."
. In 1972 his company began to make bright pullover for children under 12 years
. In 1974, adult collection enriched trousers, skirts, jackets, shirts, which did not cease to incarnate the basic principle of Benetton - color! The collection was designed for active urban life. Elegant, simple, sports. Often, it appeared the elements of the popular "military" style. Things could be equally well and put to work, and the party. They blend beautifully with each other. Benetton is constantly conducted research in the field of tissue, ensuring that they are practical and nemnuschimisya. Then, in 1974, the company has acquired a youth brand Sisley (a little more sophisticated, according to many). In 1982, began making accessories, of which the most vivid mark on fashion with colorful umbrellas left strips, which blithely strolled in the rain girls around the world. In 1988, there was Mark Zerodondo, specifically designed for infants and toddlers up to two years, using only natural and hypoallergenic materials. In 90 of the Benetton group included well-known sports brands Prince, Rolleriade, Nordica, Killer Loop, Asolo, Kastle and Ekieton. Each of them is a leader in their field, whether the production of tennis rackets, roller skates, ski boots or snowboard, which fully meets the vital principle of Benetton: always go ahead. The company has acquired even a fast food chain AutoGrill, daring to challenge the ubiquitous McDonald's!
. Unlike many large companies that are expanding, seeking to transfer their production to countries with cheaper labor, Benetton chose to leave the main production at home, not far from his native Treviso
. "We believe that the words" made in Italy "work", - said Luciano Benetton, feeling, and his merit in the fact that the Italian fashion, recognized throughout the world. The energy with which to develop his company very much like the pressure of the ancient armies seeking to conquer other countries. Today shops of this brand with a strong and democratic everyday clothes are on the most beautiful streets and squares around the world next to chic boutiques. Sam Signor Luciano passionately loves to travel, travel. "If I'm two weeks in one place, then going crazy. I have to change the situation. First it is necessary for work, but it requires my own curiosity - he says. - Since I am self-taught, very much like to go and see how people live ". It is no accident the latest ads Benetton called FACCE / FACES like a world atlas in the faces. "Look at people's faces - it's like traveling to different countries," - he adds.
The famous advertising strategy of Benetton was born in the 80-ies. By the time the company has stores in 14 countries. Everything was good, lacking only the bright advertising image, which could be remembered, to conquer. Once Luciano Benetton was advised to contact the photographer Oliviero Toscani. Toscani loudly announced himself by taking part in the creation of advertising campaigns Valentine, Esprit, Fiorucci, Jesus Jeans. His original works published magazines ELLE, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar. And importantly, he was known as a creative person, and free. He was willing to take the most unexpected draft. Signor Luciano told him reasons to change the brand image advertising, offered full freedom of action, and he agreed. The new advertising campaign began in the spring of 1984, opening the next page in the history of modern advertising and mass art
It was a totally new communication strategy, when the product was not listed in advertisements. During the first year of the campaign were the words of the slogan All The Colors of the World, and the following year he was replaced logo United Colors of Benetton, then become a brand name company. Since then the company Benetton has truly become an international and well known
. In addition to all kinds of jokes, . as, . example, . series "Historical figures", . where Eve presents a modern girl in a denim jacket, . beneath which looks innocent chest, . Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani applied to images of war, . disease, . Birth and death, . love.,
. Here are some stories
. Black mercenary with a gun, holding a human femur bone. Blood-stained clothes soldier Marinko Gagra, who died during the conflict in Yugoslavia. AIDS patient dying, surrounded by family. Removing from advertising clothes and leaving only the icon United Colors of Benetton, Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani gave word of reality.
Showered with accusations of cruelty and cynicism. Particular controversy provoked picture Benetton advertising campaign in 1991 entitled "Life is too happy with the scandals," which was captured with the new-born girl is not circumcised umbilical cord. Municipality of Milan banned the poster was put up, claiming taboo following: "The excessive force and brutality of the topic". "I do not take into account the feelings of society," - read the accusation jury Advertising Disciplines. Oliviero Toscani defended his creation. "All that is natural, can not be vulgar," - he said. "I was always surprised - after all he would say, - the ease with which people make forgery, falsehood and the force with which deny the reality. But no one analyzed the damage done by commercial advertising, with its distorted system of values.
Some time later a photo of a newborn girl, removed in the first moments of life, to understand and appreciate. One of the clinics of the city of Bologna has asked permission to hang the company Benetton image in the delivery room. In addition, the picture was awarded the Swiss Societe Generale d'Affichage, and exhibited in the museum Baymans-van-Beuningen in Rotterdam, the exhibition devoted to the iconography of motherhood.
. In his revolutionary finding and a desire to shock the Benetton was tireless in fiction
. A scandal flared up around the image and tenderly kissing the priest and nuns. But when passions subsided, Signor Luciano received a letter stating: "I think that in this picture a lot of tenderness, calm and peace". This letter sent nun
But two kids, white and black, are sitting opposite each other on pots. Three children, white, black and yellow races show language - it is they have the same color. The first picture displeased Municipality of Milan and Milan Cardinal. They are banned from posting them on the Piazza Duomo, under the pretext of protecting the feelings of believers, coming out of the cathedral after Mass. The second image was called "pornographic" and seized in the Arab countries in connection with the ban on display of the internal organs.
. The quintessential relationship signora signora Benetton and Toscani to the problems of reality became Colors, "a global magazine about the local cultures," which the company Benetton began publishing in 1991
. His motto: "No celebrities, no fashion, no news!" - Rejects the traditions found in the coffee business, it is in the spirit of the Italian Futurists manifestos beginning of XX century. Each issue reveals the monographic theme. One of them is devoted entirely to the war, the other - religion, the third - race, the fourth - smoking. All these issues Colors analyzed on the basis of submissions received from around the world.
. "We're not going to rest on our laurels," - often repeats the head of the firm, despite the criticisms and prohibitions of their advertising.
. In one recent campaign Benetton on a white background were represented by two horses, white and black, photographed at the time of copulation
. Again scandal. Again bans ... His position Oliviero Toscani at this time explained as follows: "These horses are telling us about the spontaneity of nature, which we find it increasingly difficult to understand in our artificial world."

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  • Buon giorno. Mi chiamo Olga Maria Gorshenina.Nata 25.03.1979 in Russia a Volgograd. Non sono sposata, non ho i figli. Non fumo te non ho i problemi con slcol. Dopo di scuola dal 1994 al 1997 l'anno ho studiato nella scuola professionale. E diventata progetista della moda. Dal 1997 al 2000 l "anno ho studiato nell 'Universitta' per corrispondenza alla facolta '" Regista di teatro "e parallele faceva lavoro in teatro della comedia musicale. Poi, a 2000 per le circostanze famigliari di vita personali non poteva continuare studiare, percio 'ho lasciato l'Universitta'. Dal 2000 al 2004 lavorato a gran negozio di profumeria e cosmtica, . come commessa-consulente, . e anche dal dal 1998 al 2004 faceva sesto lavoro nella ditta "MIRRA-LIUKS". Dal 2004 fine gennaio 2009 sono stata in Italia.E cominciato lavorare nella Caserta, . con la famiglia meta 'russa, . metta 'l'italiana come bebi-sitter,
    . Poi in un bar come barista. Dopo di Caserta l'ho cambiato la citta 'e continuato lavorare a Liguria in un ristorante anche come barista e fra un po' diventata camiriera.Dopo di Sestri-Livante andata a Milano, e lavorato con la famiglia l'italiana. Loro hanno avuto del negozio "Abbigliamento di cotone" Facieva interprete e commessa. Gennaio 2009 ritornata in Russia.Dal gennaio fine al questo momento sto lavorando in gran supermercato "KARUSEL" e faccio gli servizi della sicurezza. Faccio controllo in sala della venditta 'con camera d'osservazione. Inoltre, studiando per corrispondenza presso l `Universita` del Turismo e dei Servizi. Presso La facolta `di Economia e Menegemtnt. Vi Ringrazio in anticipo se Voi vorrete considerare la mia richiesta di lavoro. E-mail [email protected] tel. +7 961 073 99 97 +7 904 417 98 08 Olga-Maria Gorshenina
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