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MAGGI Julius

( Developer soluble food.)

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Biography MAGGI Julius
SNACK like all. At the same time people are ready to hours-long vigil at the stove, not so much. Time-consuming meals away from our everyday life in a place with tight corsets, intricate hairstyles and plenty of free time. The main advantage of food powders and cubes - the speed and convenience. For this we should thank Julius Maggi. It was he who invented the soluble food.
Father Julius Maggi was a native of Lombardy, the mother - the daughter of Zurich Teacher. Born Oct. 9, 1846 in the small Swiss village of Maggie was a good combination of southern and northern audacity of reason. At the age of 24, Julius Maggi has inherited the family business: a mill in the town Kemptal, near Zurich, and became a miller like his father. What he really knew how - so it grind. In flour Maggi wanted to turn everything: wheat, rye, peas, beans. From my friend Dr. Shuler Maggie learned that vegetables during drying did not lose their nutritional quality. Inspired by this knowledge Maggi their mill equipped with a special device for drying vegetables and legumes. Of these enterprising miller-inventor made vegetable flour - the first of its kind instant soup. Mistress quickly appreciated the new product: five minutes - and a hot nutritious soup is ready.
By 1886 Maggi selling three types of soluble soups, which are sold in bags. Maggi & Company Branches were opened across Europe. By advertising their products Julius Maggi has attracted the most famous people of that time. They touted it in one voice: "The result of the emancipation of women have become pessimistic and overload at work. Women increasingly have to make decisions themselves. But now they have a way to ease their plight. It Maggi instant soup! "
Soon Maggie realized that the speed and ease of preparation - not only the success of its products. It was necessary to make them edible. In 1890, Maggi offered customers one more novelty - a distinctive flavor to improve the taste of meals. Jars with universal powder sold out instantly: for seasoning can be used for soup, . for sauce, . meat and vegetables, . side dishes and salads, . it can be used not only during cooking, . but just before serving,
. Changed and advertising. The posters were everywhere, shouting: "What a housewife now knows about seasoning MaggiN Just one teaspoon will make any dish perfectly delicious!"
But Maggie does not have an idea to a powder to erase everything that could have. Came the meat. Be more precise, concentrated beef broth, taking the form of soluble cubes. Now, on promotional posters anthropomorphic vegetables with salt and pepper jumped on the bull's back and from there all together - in a huge pot in which boiling beef broth Maggi. The inscription on the placard: "We give you all the best". The popularity of the new product was so great that in 1901 the miller was the former owner of the production, with offices in several countries. And its first overseas factory, he built not just anywhere, but in France itself - setter of culinary fashion.
Much of his success is because of advertising Maggi approached with no less seriousness than to manufacture products. In 1886 he opened the agency called "Advertising and the Press. Example, . to attract the attention of buyers to the hitherto unknown product - stock cubes - was launched an ambitious advertising campaign: sample pack cubes handed out, . rode through the streets of trays, . littered with these cubes, . - Take free, . just try,
. Demonstration parades, posters, bags, glossy posters on the walls and people-sandwiches on the streets. Advertising products in the company's Maggi continued to pay great attention to and after the death of its founder in 1912.
. But the best advertising action for the soluble food was first the first, and then the Second World War
. The soldiers - also people who need to have
. A monotonous porridge does not increase the morale of the army. War - this is really useful when soluble soups and stock cubes Maggi.
During the first world with a huge government contracts the company could significantly strengthen its position. The range of products the company has expanded considerably Maggi. Soldiers happy eating chicken soup made from a cube, and sang a song popular at that time ad (translated from English. Alexei Hodorycha):
As long as the soldier's diet
Will Maggi-cyn enabled
Father, I'm not going to serve,
No Maggi day I can not live ...
Come on, son, probably in order!
You have to tell you the secret of simple. So:
Maggi'chesky broth --
And there is a soldier's diet.

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MAGGI Julius, photo, biography
MAGGI Julius, photo, biography MAGGI Julius  Developer soluble food., photo, biography
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