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DemidovProkofy Akinfievich

( Founder of his 'empire of the Urals')

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Biography DemidovProkofy Akinfievich
(8.07.1710 - 1.11.1786) Akinfievich Prokofy Demidov had the reputation of one of the most intricate eccentrics of his time. About pranks wealthy descendant of Tula gunsmiths, under Peter I founded his "Ural empire, without ceasing, the buzz was all Moscow.
. It announced a reward of several thousand rubles to anyone who prolezhit at his house on his back, without getting out of bed for a year
. So settle in St. Petersburg celebration for the people, so yes, that of "excessive drinking", rumored to be almost five hundred people at that light go. It declares that anywhere from Moscow or foot, and keeps his word!
And when it became the fashion for sunglasses, Demidov, and then distinguished. He made all the servants to wear them. Not only footmen, coachmen, postilions wore this glass nevidal. Even Demidovskie horses and dogs, for which special glasses constructed, thoughtful, intelligent type of acquired. And how she was dressed his servants - in the dream do not dream! One half of the livery is sewn with gold, the other - from the very coarse cloth, one leg obuta in silk stockings and elegant shoe, the other - in bast shoes. At Demidovsky exit came running to watch the crowd. You bet! Bright orange rattletrap, drawn by three pairs of horses - one large and two small rocks, postilions - dwarf and a giant, dressed as God knows. And all the glasses! Moscow roar with laughter.
Home Demidovsky at Basman was unique. From the basement to the roof jacketed iron. Within the walls of rooms are hidden little music box, everywhere - silver fountains of wine, but the rooms orangutans roam ...
. Loved Prokofy Akinfievich pokurazhitsya, remember that his grandfather was a simple blacksmith, and they de, "п?пЎя?пҐпЎя€я?п?я?п?", not like the nobles, who, like nettles strekuchaya and sticky resin "
. Under Elizabeth, he distinguished himself by the fact that poisonous satire composed in the highest personages of the court. And when they were ordered to collect and burn satire of Moscow in the presence of the author "under the gallows by the hand of the executioner, and then find out here - drew all the" joke ". Invited to the ceremony all the Moscow nobility, led the orchestra, so that the burning of sedition has been made under the cheerful sound of trumpets and timpani rumble.
. When Catherine his caustic jokes continued to get capital officials, and they constantly complained to his mother, Empress
. She also called him in the hearts Demidov "arrogant windbag". But contacted for help - in the Turkish war requested Orlov "to settle in Demidova loan of four million rubles. Demidov money returned, but as they say, when told that enables them Orlov, rather than Empress. For her, they say, and Altyn will not, because "from time immemorial had such donors": not a penny to anyone who can whip.
. Demidov was married first to Matryona Antipovne Pastukhova, which is rumored to not moving the caprice and cruelty of her husband, died in 1764
. Then he made friends with some kind Vasilievna Tatiana Semenova, younger than his 36 years. With her long lived, not crowning, had children. The wedding took place only in 1784, when Prokofy was over 70 years. Demidov, described the son-this event: "Yesterday, June 30, lured me to the priest in the Church and your wife's mother made Excellencies, Nikita was the only brother, and no one knew."
. Although his tyranny Porphyry Akinfievich even among the famous Moscow autocrats and samodursh stood out, but at the same time, we note, was a learned man, surprisingly educated and inquisitive
. Particularly fond of botany. Almost a quarter of a century collecting unique herbarium, which arrived later in the Moscow University, and wrote a whole study of the Bees. In Moscow Manor started Demidov magnificent botanical garden, which is then presented to city. They say that with the Moscow ladies, who secretly tore the rare flowers in his beloved garden, Prokofy Akinfievich disposes in Demidov. Once in place, he set up the statues in the garden of naked men, that those women confused, who liked flowers.
And yet Demidov enthusiastically engaged in charity work. Do not spare the money nor the Foundling Hospital, or the University of Moscow, or the Commercial College - the first in Russia. It was established in 1772. in Moscow with his money. But with his students catch out. Dial into the school a total of 20 people, and then every three years, but was not willing. Demidov himself looking for students in different cities, trying to persuade merchants: "And I did merchants lips mazhu, yes these heads: they think that children always had it not return. Khosh plan sees, but as a ram's head shakes. And with uppity settle all kinds of decent crook. "
Dreaming to live up to the time when "from Europe to learn to ride with us will be," Demidov immediately after the founding of Moscow University was to take care. He has made a capital for scholarships for the poorest students, bought a house. "You could say Khosh on Kuryachy legs curator founded, but, thank God, well - he wrote his brother -. - It's a pity that closely ... And for those Nuzhdov I bought a little house for 10 thousand, but it's really ought to.
Even in 1764, Mr.. Moscow began to build the Foundling Hospital, where the Empress Catherine II was ordered to cultivate a "neschastnorozhdennyh babies" (so Demidov called them) "new breed" of people for the Age of Enlightenment. These things the establishment historians for some reason called the grandiose monument to Catherine the Great Charity. But if the judge the money, then Demidov introduced "sirotopitatelny house" more than a million rubles, and the empress of his personal funds contributed only one hundred thousand.
For these things pleasing to God and fell to the canvas Prokofy Akinfievich fashionable artist. In 1771,. Ivan Betsky - President of the Academy of Arts - ordered Dmitry Levitsky Portrait Demidova for a portrait gallery guardians Orphanage. He graduated from his artist in 1773. Countries have a portrait. Like and dress, all as it should be: grand, relaxed posture, marble columns, draped a heavy velvet, in the background - Orphanage. And you - gowns and ridiculous hat, and in the foreground - a huge watering can and the bulb of a plant. The striking gesture of the hand facing ... on porcelain flower pots
On the portrait they say that it was written under the influence of the nascent sentimentalism - with its dedication back to nature! The ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau! And so on ... Enough! This decision was only in Levitsky. Not sentimentalism that does. Prokofiev himself Akinfievich Demidov, personally, as it is, impress glorious Russia portraitist "the only way to accurately portray himself - one of the most wonderful" Russian eccentrics XVIII century.
. Through such as Demidov, we never get tired of me!

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Demidov, Nikita Akinfievich
Demidov, Nikita Akinfievich

DemidovProkofy Akinfievich, photo, biography
DemidovProkofy Akinfievich, photo, biography DemidovProkofy Akinfievich  Founder of his 'empire of the Urals', photo, biography
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