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Smirnov, Boris A.

( Russia's great-grandson of the famous Peter vodochnika Arsenijevic.)

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Biography Smirnov, Boris A.
Boris Alekseevich Smirnov's soul as his own vodka. Clean domestic vodka Smirnoff "checked Russia's Committee of Consumer Rights Protection. And about the fact that Smirnov good man, say men. Drinkers and drinkers. Russian followers, the American competitors, Alain Delon, who all is going to do together with Smirnovsky house vodka delonovku (predstavlyaeteN). Moscow theater, near Moscow parishes, orphanages - they Boris A. always helps financially. Father of four children, philanthropist and amateur artist - paints landscapes and portraits of more than still-lifes with vodka and hors d'oeuvres.
Once Boris A. characteristic was a certain volume, they then deliberately lost and sorry. The merchant and the bear! Big, beautiful, could play Lopakhin in "Cherry Orchard". Business card is similar to the label "Smirnov's" - looks funny. He - Smirnov. Boris A., Russia's great-grandson of the famous vodochnika Peter Arsenijevic.
Name Country: Pyatnitskaya
It was the place of the Moscow Merchant. Lavochne, sugar-krendelnoe, dairy and meat, vodka, tavern, well-fed, drunk, money. If you go into the house from Pyatnitskaya, then you get into Smirnovsky store: a bottle of white and a hundred colored cordials "Smirnoff". Smirnov more juice "Smirnoff" does, this adds bright color in his shop. Aesthetics surprisingly strong side Smirnovsky character! He himself wrote oil. And his unerring instinct for a merchant style of all: a painting by Shishkin, a painting on the ceiling, in the heavy carved dark brown furniture
Color on the ceiling is as follows: gold with green and gold with blue, gold with pink. It is possible to reproach him for all that gold in the blue, . but if the honorable Pyatnitskaya ghosts - the spirits of the late Peter Tarkovsky and his wife Marya Nikolaevna (here they are on portraits) - roam Zoloche for fresh-oak-large halls, . they must be satisfied,
. Now here are all as of old.
Boris A. told me that if in search of his office by the iron bridge will make a door, you will come kudaN Aha! In forensic examination. That is, in the same house with a golden-green color scheme, the smell of grapes and excellent vodka vapors. "Drink, drink, and you'll see devils!" - As it is written on an old bottle from his magnificent collection of wine beverage packaging. Boris A. is about to redeem, and the latter "Soviet" space here - let them collect the corpses in another place in Moscow, . not in its ancestral nest, . because the angle Pyatnitskaya, . where you can see both the temples, . The Kremlin and the Moscow River (probably, . same place in Moscow Moscow) - this is their ancestral Smirnovsky address.,
. Name: Russian, Smirnoff
. If you sit in the branches of the genealogical tree Smirnov and look at the top of the crown, you'll see the name of Alex
. That is Boris A. counts not from Peter Arsenijevic, who glorified the family and from his grandfather, and this is true. First vodochnik Russia Peter Arsen'evich glorified family, who had gone from Alexis, Russia's peasants. Petre Arsen'evich nature has made the transition from quantitative to qualitative. Accumulated centuries peasant nous transformed into a powerful economic intelligence.
Smirnov-great-grandfather started his business on money won in a lottery. The ticket that was not even bought and gave him a lady. Because Peter Arsen'evich at the time was young and handsome. He served as clerk. These first money he went to Moscow. Vodka Smirnov case from its very beginning was God's blessing - this little picture story is told in the references, himself Boris A. she believes is not very. If great-great grandfather began the clerk, the descendant of a better Russia vodochnika Boris A. Smirnov a significant position in the agricultural industry - still not a tavern, as an elite organization, however, too close to the themes of food and drink. From there to Smirnov's vodka was already within reach.
Last Smirnova itself is a guarantee of quality human. Because the breed does not give the nature of the possibility of tripping. After a half century, Boris A. Nature repeated tall, with a resolute face Peter Arsenijevic, his great-grandfather, came out in the rich and even the nobility of the peasants through the merchant class. Although, I must say, the nobility of acquired it on the physics and the lyrics kind of Smirnovs affect not had time. They're all the same merchants. After a half century Smirnov all the same - good and powerful.
Pyotr Arsenijevic was a high efficiency throughout. The father of two marriages, five sons and eight daughters - all with amazing Russian names. It is easy to imagine them successful, harmonious childhood in a mansion with cast-iron bridge. Home education with guest lecturers. Ladies play music and make good party. Boys inherit it. Peter Nicholas, Vladimir, Sergei, Alex ... In fact, everything was far from pastoral
Like any decent Russian families, Smirnov was a major internal conflict - because of the name. Progeny Smirnov went from two marriages. The first wife of Peter Arsen'evich died a year after their next birth, and after a while Peter Arsen'evich married a second time at a very young girl, Mary. Naturally, children, adolescent immediately formed a blind opposition to her stepmother. As family legend, his stepdaughter, after all, and poisoned her. Although Mary had time to give birth to four sons, the youngest of whom, Alex - great-grandfather of the current Smirnova, so that only now clear, whose win.
Of the sons of Peter Arsen'evich alone eldest son, also Peter, was able to replace his father. During his Russian Vodka "Smirnov" won awards at prestigious international exhibitions. Pyotr Petrovich was patron, founder and trustee of the church school for boys and girls in the Alexander Nevsky monastery and school trustee for the weak and ill children named after Emperor Alexander III
. After the revolution, another son of Peter Arsenijevic, Vladimir, emigrated to Paris, where in dire need of funds
. It was a good moment for the American company Hyublayn "and sought a strong name for their new vodka. Vladimir proposed transaction. And then this son of Peter Arsen'evich sell Americans the right to manufacture "Smirnov's". (Now the American vodka Smirnoff.) But the fact, . that this right belonged to him not even partly, . since before the revolution, he sold his share to his elder brother Peter - a fact, . confirmed documented, . which, . however, . "Hyublayn" not very interested,
. The main thing for them was that they had found a name that is searched.
It so happens that there are now two parallel vodka with the same name.
Names: Tatiana, Maria, Peter, Alex
This extraordinarily beautiful tradition: the family Smirnovs the same names are repeated across generations. And four children, Boris Alekseevich are significant in the history of their family names: Tatiana, Maria, Peter, Alex. Son Peter - Peter Arsen'evich Smirnov. Son Alex - as he Alexei Smirnov that the ancestor. And like that younger son of Peter Arsen'evich Alex, that has great grandfather Boris A.. (He was a writer and composer, vodka, Smirnoff "not too interested, but it is his line of descendants revived the vodka Smirnoff.") And as the father of Boris A.. Daughter of Mary - Mary as the one that was the second wife of Peter Arsenijevic. Daughter Tatiana - like the legendary Tatiana great-grandmother, who preserved and passed Boris Alekseevich old recipes.
Boris Smirnov stand in his private life a special style. He found the money to the most luxurious life. (As they are found on expensive rehabilitation at home on Pyatnitskaya. Nest is now only an office, Smirnov did not live there.) But life is simple Smirnovs. They always lived up to the crisis, too! They live in Moscow (otherwise the children will travel long distances to school, said Boris A.), in the same apartment, which they gave in the Soviet times as a large family. Life of simple, but this time not in Russian, but rather American-style: a lot of home technology, which makes life easier and replaces Smirnov, cooks and housekeepers. First, if the servants in the house does not come, then, and outsiders do not. Secondly, it is good for children's morals, children become accustomed to self. That is, from all points of view, it was the right decision, Smirnov generally wise.
As children grow up SmirnovaN no frills. Smirnovsky style - this quality Russian classics. If the school - something ordinary, but the physical and mathematical. If the university - that Russia, but Moscow State. And everywhere that his special love for the Russian. All only Russian. Possible. For example, sometimes the older Tatiana goes to Paris to train in the French language. And necessarily call all of his "Parisian cousins - descendants of the Smirnov's line, which after the revolution emigrated to Paris. This Paris trip for educational purposes - the only thing that distinguishes it from other freshmen.
Name: Russian, Smirnoff
Boris A. Smirnov makes vodka Smirnoff "according to old recipes referred to it before the death of his great-grandmother Tatiana Andrianovnoy and stored in the archive. That is the only vodka that is actually "Smirnov's" (after all, not about the quality of the dispute, and on behalf). Americans, there is another version, . poetry: a revolution recipes have been irretrievably lost, . and only son of Peter Arsen'evich Vladimir Petrovich remembered them by heart, and told them the American firm Hyublayn ", . I began to finally produce vodka with "ff" at the end of,
. I think this version is questionable with a purely psychological point of view. It is well known, . that his son Vladimir took an interest in horses and Begum, . not to his father's production, . so that the plants he had never seen, . and he sold his share, . - Hardly the sort of man would recite rather complicated recipes alcohol corporate,
. By the way, and chemical analysis of the American vodka, performed in Russia's laboratory, confirmed the version that the alcohol composition has nothing to do with the classic recipes Smirnov. For lawyers the story with the name confused. For Boris Alekseevich simple: once vodka "ff" is not made according to ancient recipes of his great-grandfather, then let is called "Petrov or Ivanov.
But the "ff" do not give up and do not change signs until. And sue, sue. "They would drink vodka, but to make peace," - said one well-fed and drunk, a journalist at a reception hosted by Boris Alekseevich in the house at Pyatnitskaya. It seems that the complex relationship Vodka "Smirnov" vodka with "fefe" have long been an integral part of Smirnov's life. This struggle adds to it the necessary degree.

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Smirnov, Boris A., photo, biography
Smirnov, Boris A., photo, biography Smirnov, Boris A.  Russia's great-grandson of the famous Peter vodochnika Arsenijevic., photo, biography
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