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Pierre Omidyar

( The Collector)

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Biography Pierre Omidyar
photo Pierre Omidyar
Collecting for Omidyar became extremely successful in business, so in e-commerce site eBay notorious candy machines occupy a place of honor - they (and objects connected with them), almost two million.
. In translation from farsi Omidyar name means "the one on the side who hope"
. This is a clear underestimation of the situation, which is now 31-year-old founder of eBay - the most popular web auction house, directly connecting the buyer and seller. He prinalezhat 31,2% stake. The cost of one day has tripled in one day, and six months increased 25 times. This brought Omidyar state in 4.8 billion. U.S.. The uniqueness of the company that it was highly profitable literally from its inception. However, this wealth, literally fell from the sky, gives not only positive emotions. One senior employees, who wished to remain anonymous, said that staff is in some tension - all are afraid of losing their seats.
. Omidyar himself does not like to talk to the press and last year no one was interviewed
. He handed the daily responsibilities for directing the company MegUitmen to focus on strategy and retain the right to privacy. His friends and colleagues say that the concentration of power in their hands never attracted him. He is credited with this idea of happiness: "It would be nice one day to pass on to someone else manage the company and myself to go have some fun."
. The only time he appeared before the public in 1999 at a meeting of several hundred collectors vending candy and chewing gum balls - an indispensable element of American industrial culture
. By the way, before his speech all reporters from the floor removed. Omidyar and eBay, the company began to build, to help his fiancee Pam (whom he recently married) to find others like it, eccentrics and chudachek for sale, purchase and exchange candy figures. "At first I was not thinking about business, but about communicating like-minded" - he says.
. Collecting for Omidyar became extremely successful business, so in e-commerce site eBay notorious candy machines occupy a place of honor - they (and objects connected with them), almost two million
. At the wedding Omidyar gave his wife a very rare example of a machine, which he managed to find in the museum staff Denver. In total, the company has more than two million customers who make more than one million orders daily.
Fantastic wealth had no impact on the habits and lifestyle Omidyar. For ten years he rides a shabby 'Volkswagen-Jetta' dresses - simply nowhere to go, but lives in the same apartment, which took a long time ago. "I am sure that money will never change, Pierre, - says Stephanie Hamilton, a friend of his wife Omidyar. - Especially since he is spending them largely to himself, and invests in private funds ". Even in dealing with competitors Omidyar and his staff emphasized different correctness. "When you communicate with the guys from eBay, it's like a game of tennis with friends - said Andy Rebel of the company 'CityAction' (San Francisco). - Pretty much just beat off a blow, but did not catch or deceive an opponent.
. Recently at Omidyar, new competitors; CityAuction, Amazon.corn and Yahoo! However, one of the leaders of eBay's Jeff Scollo believes that while competitors simply copy the structure of eBay, and this ultimately must manifest
. Meanwhile, eBay is taking active steps to maintain its market leadership: sponsored Web-Pages in the UK and Canada, . established joint ventures in Australia and New Zealand, and taking steps to organize the company's presence in Europe - this is caused by frequent visits to the continent Omidyar,
. Marketing and distribution partnerships with several major web portals (very large scale - a four-year collaboration to 75 million. U.S.. with AOL) helps strengthen the brand of the company and gain more traffic.
. Russian LinkExchange Member
. The growth of Omidyar, at least to some extent, due to his desire to teach the work on the computer the broadest masses of the population
. He was born in Paris and as a child he moved with his parents in Washington. In high school, fell in love with programming, and from the outset sought to apply it to practical purposes: first, its program is a directory of books the school library (he was paid while the rate of 6 U.S.. per hour). He studied computer science at Tufts University, who successfully graduated in 1988. In 1991 he founded a small electronic shop eShop and in the same year began working programmer in the company's General Magic.
eBay, he began to create purely as a hobby and the first few months to offer their services for free. However, in February 1996, the Internet provider notified Omidyar, that his site requires too much traffic. Then Omidyar began to take a small fee to clients - at first it caused protests and the number of customers decreased.
In March 1996, Omidyar Scollo persuaded his friend to join him to expand business. They continued to work at home, and soon enough patience future wife Omidyar ended. "We had to move into my apartment> - laughingly recalls Scollo. That summer, a friend of Philip Scollo Levenson, who works at NASA, found friends in the office of San Jose, where they still operate and. That's how quietly grow modern billionaires.

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Pierre Omidyar, photo, biography
Pierre Omidyar, photo, biography Pierre Omidyar  The Collector, photo, biography
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