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Jeff Scollo

( Vice President of Strategic Planning and Analysis Company, eBay)

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Biography Jeff Scollo
photo Jeff Scollo
There is nothing unusual in the fact that five young men take off with the house and bought furniture for it. Extraordinariness of this situation is that one of the five - the billionaire can buy not only the entire region, but, perhaps, and a significant part of the city.
. 34-year-old Jeff Scollo, vice president of strategic planning and analysis of the company, eBay, proudly shows his friend the situation of the 10 subjects, which he bought on a nearby furniture store in 2000 dollars
. At the gate of the house rests Mazda RX-7, which carries a young billionaire for more than 10 years.
"I never paid much attention to money - says Scollo. - I'm probably the only person who has about 100 hours a week, and I do not have time to think about money ". Recall that in the week, 168 hours. Six hours of sleep, two hours to receive food and a shower, then a Scollo is on a daily basis for almost two hours of personal time - for a walk and reading newspapers. So live the American billionaires - one of the readers want so zhitN
"If you own a house, then you certainly need to communicate with carpenters, plumbers and anyone else like that - continues Scollo explain their lifestyle. - I'm sorry for wasting time on all this fuss ". His friends at home say that the whole week of their communication may be limited to very brief 'Hello', and only on Sunday, Jeff condescends to ping-pong in the basement. When he recalls the last three years of joint work with Omidyar, . then he remembered the rare classes in the gym, . few dinners with friends, . reading a novel by James Clavel so infrequent forays on skis with a girl friend - this, . perhaps, . all ..,
. In his office he waters favorite bike, but he forgot when he traveled on it last time.
Three years ago, Scollo no credit card. He now has 22.36 million. shares -18.9%, and in early 1999, they were worth 3.1 billion. U.S.. When Scollo decided to work with Omidyar, he refused the tempting offer from a firm with a salary 250 000 USD. The first two years they had to work practically without wages, while in September 1998, not a boom surpassed their most optimistic expectations. "But we do not put to the enrichment, we solved some purely social problem", - emphasizes Scollo.
. Wealth had fallen on Scollo so sudden that he could not abandon old habits and long ponders which of rare coins to choose in your own shop
. The first significant purchase Scollo was a big Sony TV flat screen. He is still busy just work, developing the strategic direction of the company. Anyone who has to deal with the company, eBay, emphasize that it is Scollo determines what is the interest of clients, and considers it in the eB
. In childhood, which was held in a working class neighborhood of Montreal, Jeff's parents instilled that help your neighbor - is a natural state of man
. Scollo recalls how he and his sister many times to help a neighbor in different cases.
Scollo elektroinzhenernye studied science at the University of Toronto and the upper classes have worked as a consultant in the firm. He enjoyed edited the Institute's newspaper until the release in 1995, with social themes has always been one of his favorite themes. "Our company is based on a community of people and will work for people - it is very important," - emphasizes Scollo. He founded the 'Fund eBay' with a budget of 50 million. dollars, which dealt exclusively with social programs - it is more than doing any other company from Silicon Valley. Scollo, and eBay, of course, serves a crucial example for other emerging giants of the business.
Friends and colleagues say that wealth has not changed Scollo, he began to work more. And he said that the success of eBay, he regards as a stage towards the realization of a dream - he wants to write novels, and big historical canvases. He also wants to travel and explore the life and culture of other people. "But the main thing - is to realize that our world is not great, and your life be filled with caring for others."

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Jeff Scollo, photo, biography
Jeff Scollo, photo, biography Jeff Scollo  Vice President of Strategic Planning and Analysis Company, eBay, photo, biography
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