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Biography AIZENSHPIS Yuri
(1947 - ...)
"All the people responsible for the fact that we are. And I - it particle ". Yuri Shmelevich Aizenshpis. He is married and has a child. As an economist. Was convicted. Today - one of the largest producers of show business.
I've always been lucky with my friends. At school I was surrounded by athletes who are champions of the future of the Union, the champions of the Olympic Games. I grew up among them, proud that many knew was with cc fees. But in 17 years due to injury, I retired from big sport. In those days, I enjoy jazz. I had a tape recorder that I bought on their savings.
My first record - songs of the leading jazz musicians in the world. John Coltrane, Woody Herman, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong ... Such names I could name about a hundred. Knew different directions - an avant-garde jazz, jazz-rock, a popular jazz. Then I was drawn to the origins of rock music, to the founders of such areas as rhythm and blues. Terms of audiophiles was small, all knew each other. If your friend has appeared a record, I rewrote it.
Then were black markets, which are constantly broken up. Not allowed to exchange, no sale. Disks can be deleted, could attract criminal liability for speculation. The plates came to us from abroad through the strong barriers of customs laws and regulations. Some players just were banned. It was impossible to bring Elvis Presley, or, say, Barry sisters. Well, amazed. Nevertheless, the plates were brought, and stuck with connoisseurs.
When Beatlemania swept the world, echoes of her appeared and we. We are with my fellow musicians have created the first in the country rock band. We lived in the metro area "Sokol", and the group also called - "Sokol". Now this group has already entered the history of native rock movement. Originally performed by The Beatles in English. It was believed then that the culture of rock music can only exist on such an international language like English.
Knowing my activism and organizational skills, friends nominated me something like impresario. For all of us it was new, unknown, and we were like blind kittens. Nevertheless, the group grew as creatively and financially.
A musician can not live without communicating with the audience. But to act, he had to go charging in some state structures. Then I had the idea to organize a meeting in the cafe of the "Falcon" with friends, peers in the music, lifestyle. Subsequently, this road went the other groups. It was the first such tusovka. All were satisfied. Then, after all, during the double-dyed stagnation, anything bright is not happening. We decided to make permanent these meetings. My responsibilities included the maintenance and organization of concerts. The rapidly increasing number of people wishing to get to us. It took just rampant. So many people remained outside the door.
Money changers.
Initially in my work there was nothing criminal. Another thing issue ideological. Those who watched the upbringing of young people, we seemed to kind of saboteurs, corrupters. The Group has already stirred the whole strata - we were invited to the institutions. It was then alerted and the Komsomol, and some officials from law enforcement and financial authorities. They said: you have no right to speak, you do not litovan repertoire. Indeed, the then existing instructions, the group was illegal.
But we have developed. Technical equipment required constant upgrading. Previously, instruments, amplifiers were improvised. Eventually, when the level of the group was high, the firm needed equipment. I am a creative person. Once he heard a good sound - lively, pure, real, - I can already hear the other reproduction. I bought the most advanced at the time the equipment. And here the first time confronted with the present criminal law. I began shifting its. He began doing business. Today it is a respectable occupation, but lean, ...
My business was connected with the currency and gold - the most terrible, firing Article. But the sense of self-righteousness prevented me from properly assess the situation. There was no fear, nor even a sense of danger. I thought it was behaving naturally and normally. And much around, on the contrary, it seemed unnatural and incomprehensible. Why is the initiative of one man dushitsya state structures - be they trade, . production, . Why kulturaN, . that sing - dictates gosudarstvoN I will think about this, . but could not find an explanation, . prevented outlook, . absorbed in the family, . school, . the Institute,
. Somewhere in my heart I knew that the human. And that is my business (lean, not to speak "business") - my personal business. In short, the music began and ended with a prison. He was serving his I have a total of 17 years.
World, while I was changed. There is a new generation. Old friends, maybe I have not forgotten, but I do not know where to find them. Freed, I fell into a state of terrible depression. Time lost a lot. Friends of something made. And I had to start from scratch. No money, no apartment, no family. When I was seated, I was a girl. What it proizoshoN I do not know. Now my first marriage and I'm in my 47 years waiting for the firstborn.
I was afraid that will not see their parents. Fortunately, I saw. They even found my new take-off. My father was on this occasion your opinion. My parents - members of the war, have a reward, the Communists. It seemed crazy that the son is fond of obscure music, rock. My father thought me guilty. Mother, may doubt, but not recognized in this. It is intrinsically a free man, very brave, very real, as millions of similar rank and file Communists, past the war and all the difficulties. She herself from Belarus. Despite their well-being, my mother went to Minsk to rally partisans. She died of their cedi - where born. Total for the year has survived her husband.
Perhaps, I should be some kind of anger to this order, the entire Soviet. Years in prison for 17 years - yes, anyone could become embittered. But I have no anger.
In the most difficult period for myself, I was able to concentrate, will collect. Perhaps because he was already hardened. She exists vsescha - the struggle for existence. For survival.
When Solzhenitsyn describes the horrors of Soviet reality, as he calls them, I say: if he had lived in those conditions in which I lived. He was serving his sentence by convicted under essentially political. I sat among inveterate criminals. And there is really a nightmare. Every day blood is being shed every day lawlessness, chaos. But I have not touched. I'm sociable person adapt to any conditions. He could make friends with who sat with me, General. Could talk with Terry anti-Soviet. I could listen to an adherent of Marxist-Leninist ideology. I could talk to the latest criminal and find a way into his soul.
Many people are talking about anti-Semitism, about Zionism. These political events were somehow passed me. I did not feel anything neither in school nor in the Institute. And in prison he did not feel. But every day saw a number of so much blood, anger, rigidity ...
There, 70 percent of prisoners on hunger strike. I'm not hungry. How obrazomN Money makes everything, of course, unofficially. This here is what is my phenomenon, my feature. Which would not cached on Wednesday, but had to visit different colonies of different areas, different regions - anywhere I had a very high standard of living for ordinary zek. This can not be explained only by the organizational skills, is a phenomenon of nature.
The first time after release, I worked in the creative youth association. They are like mushrooms after the rain began to be born in the field all the Komsomol and Soviet organizations. It was a kind of roof. Time has not yet appeared the term "manager"
One of my first actions - the organization of the concert of the Leningrad rock groups. They were then mostly in the houses of culture, and I pulled them on the big stage.
And so I met with Viktor Tsoi. In principle, this is no accident. I'll find him and persuaded to work with me, make sure the person I am in music is not random. He told me that survived. This is somehow affected him even though I was completely unfamiliar to him, but Victor is not the man who is easy to contact.
Our acquaintance became a friendship. Then the friendship grew into a creative alliance. Do not want to ascribe to themselves superfluous laurels. Of course, Choi and a group of "Cinema" and before our meeting were known. But it is known among fans of the Leningrad basement rock. And I decided to sculpt him a rock star. And we did it. The work was conducted on the radio, press. On television, the first time Choi has appeared in "Look", which then watched the entire country. Issue did Mukusev. I convinced him that Choi needs now is the millions of adolescents.
Internally Choi - a very interesting, not like anyone. Strongly influenced him to his second wife. She esthete of cinematic circles and it was a very good friend. I think she also did much to create that image, which is known to the masses. He was a hungry, evil Tsoi, imposing and mysterious. So I did and learned - a mature performer, is starring in "Asse". I was able to help him become a superstar, or maybe even something more.
My second project - "Technology", showed that one can take regular guys, average gift and also make them stars. I have dealt in general with the amateur. Among the many disparate ensemble was a group of "Biokonstruktor", which later split into two subgroups. One called "Bio", the other has only bore his musical vision. Show to only two or three songs. Here are some songs I liked and. Even, maybe I liked the one, because the concerts with their participation was collected no more than two hundred, three hundred people. But I sensed in them the future.
First, I persuaded them confidence in their abilities: here, guys, you work with me - you're already a star. This confidence enabled them to relax. And when creative people unchain, he had a burst of energy, he begins to create something real. So they. After 4 months became years and the group had the highest rating of all time while we worked together. Now their popularity falls. This was a lot of objective reasons, including, I believe, and our gap. So even without the talented superstar producer today can not do anything.
Can say that show business is already formed the industry - the same industry as the production of motor vehicles or where pig iron. Here, too, has its own technology and its laws.
Show - spectacle. The word "concert" is not suitable, it is associated with the classical genre, whether it be a symphony orchestra, or Zykina Magomayev. That's Bolshoi Theater - also show. Because of his productions associated with zrelischnostyo, with set design, with design. For us, too works fine artists. We need a very expensive lighting and sound equipment, pyrotechnics, costumes.
Show business two or three years ago brought a lot of money. Now the whole society is sick and ill is an area where I work. Such as I remain in the show, because we believe in the future. Although the amount of the costs of long spectacle today does not pay the ticket price. Wanted advertisers and sponsors.
I believe that the business advantage over those in the genes of which the blood of a business person. This business - the lot of talented. This art. It helps the performance, taste, who has not denied, the knowledge of the case. The work gives me pleasure, and if more and brings the money, I love this work twice.
Initially I worked on his authority, he now works for me. I am not looking for fame specifically, the glory - the fruits of. This process has me already nepodvlasten, nekontroliruem. Perhaps immodestly say so, but I just understand the contemporary situation. Here's the other day accidentally watched the program and Moscow saw himself. And the wife in the kitchen watching 1-S program and shouted: "Yura, then you show with Alla Borisovna.
I am a man secured. My machine is not just good, but luxurious. The apartment is also. I'm always going to work, I invite friends. Who ever came, even the foreigners, they all say - that this level! I have a good wardrobe and good taste. I get dressed, perhaps, a bright, but very solidly, solidly, fashionable. Since I am in show business, you should dress accordingly. Jokes in the press about me is not always pleasant, but they are working on the excitement. In the Palace of Sports for the first few years were sold out when there was my show - "I and my friends."
About Russia.
When we are abroad, you think: what are we poor people! Today we have complete devastation. People began as predators in relation to each other. Although it may be a natural protsessN Everything was already in the history of each country, where capitalist relations were born.
Frankly, I do not believe that the processes in which we all participate, reversible. We are in a political and public crisis. But still come stabilization. Even if the military junta has come, even if the Communists come back, they do not establish a dictatorship. Because there is a level of world civilization.
Whatever happens, I will never leave the country. Despite the fact that I had to go through here, I am a patriot by nature. Like a bird that came to light in this area, it is in this area and die.
All the people responsible for the fact that we are. And I - it particle.

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