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Alexander Shulgin

( Produced by show business.)

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Biography Alexander Shulgin
photo Alexander Shulgin
Alexander Shulgin knows about show business all or nearly all. And not only how to compose a hit (whom he in many written for his wife Valerie). He is also a businessman, a thorough knowledge of the economy of the entertainment industry. While it argues that in our country is the show, but the music business is almost no.
The main thing - do not sing, and sell
- What is biznesN This kind of thing, a stable source of income, rather than single successful deal. Show business also implies a certain eccentricity. Artists, talking about himself, often exaggerate their own achievements, that something, splurge. From the impression that it is also a serious occupation, as the oil trade. But in reality, show business is unpredictable, and something like a game of roulette. You can earn a lot of money without large investments, and you can lose everything.
- And yet, how much money spinning in pop industriiN
- The potential capacity of the domestic market at least a billion dollars. I think that in reality, the industry took a record 300 million. U.S.. The concert business is 120-150 million. U.S.. A separate line would single cultural "events" for which no tickets are sold (I mean the corporate celebrations, days of the city and so on.). This is about another 100-120 million. U.S.. There is royalties, that is, the fees for public performance. But this segment of our country is doing badly. He could bring 100-200 million. U.S.. But is only 10-15 million. U.S.. Throughout the civilized world pays a certain percentage of shops, restaurants, railway, airlines, etc., that is, all those organizations, where the music sounds. We are not practiced. Electronic media (TV, radio, Internet, etc.) are also underpaid. But gradually the situation will change.
Way, there is a statutory, but does not work in practice paper on which the fee should be charged with the sale of blank tapes and recording equipment. In 90-95% of cases of blank tapes are used to rewrite someone else's intellectual property intended for this equipment. It is difficult to establish, whose music will be replicated, so the West will be charged about 10% of the cost of equipment and tapes themselves. And part of that amount, according to the popularity rating, divide between performers and authors.
- And such a mega-star Madonna at the higher earning - on album sales or kontsertahN
- I do not know how she sold her last album "Music", but the previous "Frozen" sold about 3.5 million. copies. Royalties it received an average of 2 dollars. the album. Roughly speaking, the sale of the album, she earned about 7 million. U.S.. At the same time, a series of concerts of her last tour brought 11 million. U.S.. The same Rolling Stones on the album earned about 10 million. dollars, and on tour - about 115 million. U.S.. But, of course, tours - a tedious
. - Our pop stars often resent that they get fees are considerably lower than their Western counterparts, though collected the same room
. - Costs for concerts western guest artists and our stars is almost identical - room rental, equipment, advertising campaign etc.
. For example, concerts, Russia Executive organizers cost of 100 thousand. dollars they spend on the western 150 thousand. U.S.. (excluding fees). But tickets to the Western artist is about five times more expensive. It charges from a concert artist of Russia - 120 thousand. dollars, and from the west - five times more, ie - 580 thousand. U.S.. For the same cost of the first case of the profit - 20 thousand. dollars in the second - 350 thousand. U.S.. That's from here and the difference in fees.
- Why is Moscow's audio-video market pirated discs western artists are cheaper than the wheels of our artistovN
- Maybe this price pirates lay the risk of "get head" by Russian artists. After all, far west, and our next. But as far as I know, from the factory wheels are released at the same price - about 15-20 rubles. per disc. And the markets they already are 50 to 100 rubles. Passing through the hands of third. Cost of pirated disk without printing the tabs and boxes are even lower - about 5 USD.
- What, in your estimates, the volume of pirated rynkaN
- At least 80%. According to various sources, only in Moscow about 10-12 plants, partially engaged duplicating unlicensed products, not to mention Ukraine. Unfortunately, the fight against piracy translates only token action. More frightening, but the real action happens. While there are positive signs. After the crisis, 98-year, many of those who were apparent pirates have become legalized and quietly invest in formal musical kata

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