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BORG Anita

( programmer.)

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Biography BORG Anita
Little girl with eyes as transparent as the sea, sat on a deserted Hawaiian beach. Season is over, parents packed suitcases, last night a small twin-engine plane will take them home, to the west coast. Anita never liked the city and the prospect of the return of her no joy, but in order to once again experience the feeling of flying over the boundless ocean, she was ready to come to terms with the need to begin a new school year. "Devil's stupid school!" - Categorically said no one knows who the angry blonde lady. She added a pair of epithets and furtively looked. No, nobody has heard. Okay, time to go. The mother had probably pronounces his father that he allowed her to "say goodbye to the ocean". Anita was on the inner side of the mother, the ocean can be admired from the windows of their apartment in the city. My father liked to invent all sorts of excuses hyper-romantic desire for solitude, his beloved daughter. Everything must run, and another will get it.
Borg - an unearthly one-eyed creature
Mid sixties. Beatniks, hippies and pacifists are owned by the young minds of the "corrupting" States. Anita Borg, changed clothes in the private papers torn jeans. Yes, she was sympathetic to the idea of absolute independence and love for others, but sincerely believed that the declared freedom gives her the right to be away from the common hangouts. However, this view also can be called original. "America is scattered in the corners" - I noticed while Tom Wolfe. Our little girl, wearing a nose at the "slides" in the round (a la Lennon) frame, drew his attention to recent technological advances. The most advanced universities opened new faculties to study computer science, which attracted and "physicists" and "Lyrics". Unkempt youths crowds roamed the corridors of prestigious educational institutions, going through Wiener, Bush, Nelson and others. The first phenomenon of the young lady at the Department of Informatics at Washington University led a team of male ill-disguised sardonic interest, followed by a sharp attack spermotoksikoza. Anita Borg, and it was she, a little shocked by such a meeting, but something just like that she expected. Then the woman on the computer chair could be found no more, . than, . say, . Detachment astronauts (though, . None of the men did not occur to him to doubt the merits of the same Grace Hopper, . which I will soon tell our readers),
. No reasonable explanation for this fact was not. Perhaps the fair sex to scare away "large glands, to the miniaturization of computer technology was still far. Besides, . up around computer technology some semblance of "male club", . not the most likable (in the eyes of our heroine), half of humanity legalized within this "club" masculine ethic ", . "masculine vocabulary, . "male logic", . "barracks humor" and so on,
. For women, the existence in this world was no easier than living in a male dorm. Although, I think you can make a very large group of women who believe life in the men's hostel not so hell. To be fair to add that among men there who wish to live forever in a nunnery.
We must pay tribute to Anita Borg, in a very short time she managed to find its niche in the unfriendly world of high technology. She went paths, beaten Mrs. Hopper, devoting himself to the study "Cobol", as well as low-level language. Her skate was the programming of operating environments, requiring, among other things, perseverance and precision, qualities, so alien to men. During the years of university studies and subsequent practice in the New York University, she grew up in a good specialist and has achieved some recognition. Geek masculine when we look at were not quite so wild animals. They not only did not avoid his colleagues in a skirt, but tried hard to lure her into their projects, entrusting the most crucial (and least creative) plots of. Soon Anita Borg was lured to New Jersey. From the academic quiet of it fell into a small, but noisy, freshly company Auragen Systems Corporation. She identified the role of "working horse" in the development team regular "Unix-" system. A year later, leadership entrusted to Mrs. Borg introduction of a finished system at the company Nixdorf (Germany).
Borg (German) - the amount taken at the time, someone on parole
Europe! Surely many in this sound blended into the heart of this Yankee. - Where are you going to rest, BilliN - In Europe, Jimmy! " So Billy bred money. "I received a European education!" Go with a man on the beach, probably closer to inaccessible places on his body find the tattooed mark of quality. "I'm going on a business trip to Germany," - said Anita home, and looks close to moist. Stay of our heroine in the Old World did not last as long as we wanted it the most. But this time was enough to ensure that in the minds of Fraulein Borg irreversibly changed. She imagined herself VIPs. The voice appeared the metal in his eyes - the inmates of the higher spheres intransigence. Germans love to heed the command tone overseas guests from the Nordic character. The operating system was adopted as a uniform standard for the whole empire Nixdorf, and Mrs Big Head back to the United States won. Less than a year, as the High Commission at New York University to approve the title of "Doctor of Computer Science.
For Anita Borg started (which lasts to this day) the era of prosperity. And only one clouded happy everyday: it was viewed as a woman, and this for some time now it has become annoying. If it was impossible to achieve equality for all, one might try to bargain for equality for the elected. Among friends Anita met colleagues from computer-shop. But painfully limited range was obtained. Borg left home to seek freedom and educated compatriot, believing in the future to unite them under his wing. She was looking for them everywhere, on university courts and at international conferences in the aero club and on the slopes of the Cordillera (Anita got the right to drive light aircraft, mountain bike and has mastered the technique of sport climbing). She was looking for them in feminist organizations and in private clubs "male victims of tyranny". The terms of broadening. The ideas of feminism, as metastases, struck weakening of democracy, the body of American society. Local gentlemen seemed more reasonable to give the pressure busty masses, rather than contrive endless discussions on "women's issue" in anticipation of the next elections. In the wake of this game giveaway Anita Borg has consolidated its position. Her name was flashed not only in the academic press. The men fled in a panic, barely seeing the formidable warrior on the other end of the corridor.
. Borg - a blond Viking of a tennis racket in hand
. In 1986 Anita Borg went to work in the famous Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where she was responsible, in addition to feminist activities, development of methods for testing microprocessors
. A year later, there was a significant event. In the interval between meetings of scientific computing conference in Austin (Texas) lovely ladies gathered in a waiting room near the "special allocated to institutions". Mrs. Borg was pushing it on the need to create your own, "just for the ladies, the World Wide Web. Associate sporadic applause, which made every minute start robeyuschih rustics, smoked nervously in a nearby outhouse. Thus was born the most famous and most influential project Anita Borg - Systers (Systems + Sisters) - international association of computer-lady. Today the organization has over 2500 full members (or "chlenok" N) from 38 countries. For membership Systers must meet two essential conditions: 1) be not a man at all, 2) be able to subordinate private to public. Soon was created and "opaque" network of Mecca, to assist the "sisters" in the difficult matter of the secret correspondence Babskii. Particularly impressive motto Systers: "Computer science - not men's club!". Hopefully, not female.
But what opponents of Mrs. BorgN No, they were not dozing. Once Systers said about themselves, they were attacked from all sides hail abusive articles. Strong world of computer technology could not grasp, "what good is all this suetyN". "Sisters" did not were (at first) no independent original scientific and technological projects, activities in the organization distracted "member coven" of production problems. The hegemony of the gentlemen in the field of high technology has developed historically and not the result of revolutionary changes. So it is puzzling and aggressive tactics of "the builder of the parallel world", instead of gently ask "kings of the mountain" to move, they began to build near its own artificial mound. Savory epithets gentlemen supported by reference to the history of world democracy. Scheme "only:" a long vilified ( "whites only", "only for Catholics," only to union members, etc.). Nothing could well shake the public opinion in regard to "sisters", as the accusation of discriminatory policies. Sister Anita "fiercely acted to protect the" institutional "interests. "We do not reject men. We are ready to recognize them as their brothers'. Personally I think its very funny argument. There is a feeling that Madame talks with opponents not only in different languages, but also on the basis of different ethical and aesthetic standards. Tell me honestly, . you would have had the idea to invent "feminine science", . among them "computer environment" N Borg believes this approach is absolutely normal, . justifying the pursuit of self-willingness to share research results with all who wish,
. And thanks for that.
. Borg (Swedish, dan.) - Castle, fortress, city (eg, Vyborg, Cyborg, Tuborg)
. In December 1997 she moved to the company Xerox, which has completely switched to the "woman question" by creating a reputable company in the walls of the organization under a strange name "Institute for Women and Technology" (feminine-Institute of Technology)
. Superiors had to endure, because Mrs. Borg was a figure of political and world famous. Over the past five years she was awarded the abyss of awards for his "social activities". However, sometimes "deserved a rating of" her work to give the organization, created with their involvement. "Women need female role models and mentor". Needless argue. Every need, then need. Just to be left alone. That doomed logic of American gentlemen. "Women sometimes have to come together to discuss their women's problems". Well, who among men dare this sporitN "Women should have the right to own voice". Yes, yes and yes! And even the good that they will tweet in a specially designated for this place! "Oh no, dear, this will not. Women are not allowed to speak about himself in a similar vein,. Yes, what I have sdelalN! "Personally, against you, we have nothing". Well, I give up. "Women must learn to dominate in the dispute". Anita Borg, and others like it before the computer world shaken States that one of his recent speeches, Gates has devoted exclusively to teaching computer science for girls in American high schools. Whether more will be! "Systers - just stop on the road to social equality". We have no other way, ladies and gentlemen good.
Instead epilogue
Some dry statistics. World "women's share" among the graduates in computer science was as follows: in the mid-80's - 37% in the mid-90's - 28%. These days, it dropped to 25%. And I is not at all happy. Rather contrary. Since childhood he could not stand school lessons of labor, when he had to coexist only with their own sex. And, I think, I was not so much the exception. Women, expensive, according to recent polls 94% of heterosexual men remain faithful to the principles of. No matter what happens.

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BORG Anita, photo, biography
BORG Anita, photo, biography BORG Anita  programmer., photo, biography
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