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Dulloo Michael

( The owner of Dell Computer Corporation)

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Biography Dulloo Michael
HOUSTON, 1973. NORMAL HOUSE REGULAR American middle-class family. (It is from this house a few days earlier had sent the application signed by Michael Dell to obtain absentee complete secondary education.) Ring at the door. Visitor-old lady, who came to the family Dello agree with the applicant, Mr. Michael Dell "on the form of a diploma, payment methods and other boring adult details. "Mr. Michael Dell, who turned to the immense surprise of the ladies, an eight-year boy, calmly and seriously tried to explain to her why he wanted to skip high school - important things in life, they say, and so lacking. The desire to "discard unnecessary" and "do business" over the years, not dried. Michael Dell, who in 1998 turned only 33 years old. became one of the richest people in the world. He founded Dell Computer Corporation operates plants for the production of computers, offices, homes and other real estate in many parts of the world. During the past fiscal year, sales exceeded the threshold of 15 billion. U.S.. Sam Dell-happy owner of a full state nearly 12 billion. U.S.. But something he had no. At Della no diploma. And why
Michael Dell was born on the birthday of the Soviet Army, February 23, 1965. However, no relation either to Russia or to the tanks of the future tycoon's family had. What is more surprising in light of subsequent events - she had nothing to do with computers or high technology in general. His parents were not even entrepreneurs. His father, Alexander Dell, he worked orthodontist - his earnings, coupled with an income of his wife Lorraine, mother of Michael, who worked as a broker, allowed the family to rise to the uppermost boundary of the middle class. What did the parents of Michael is every reason to believe that their model of life's journey - a win-win, and therefore they are strongly advised Michael to go to the medical unit. It is strange that Lorraine shared the view of her husband - Michael as a child to exercise independent thinking, perseverance and business acumen. For example, several years after the very same stories with a diploma Michael Dell visited another good idea - selling stamps, placing ads in philatelic journals. He earned as much as 2 thousand. U.S.. (all four thousand in current prices) and the first labor immediately bought my first P K. And immediately to dismantle it apart to see how it works. This was probably the only one in the life of Dell Computer, which he made out, but not collected.
One sunny afternoon in 1977, Alexander Dell, with his three sons went to sea (Texas, his home state of Michael, washed by the Gulf of Mexico) to fish. The senior caught, and 12-year-old Michael Dell sat on the shore, patiently weaving of intricate lines through tackle, capable of carrying dozens of hooks at once. Wise adults laughed at him - they say that you, Michael, doing nonsense, we did not come to work and rest, and still does not work. Stubborn Michael also believed that he could see. He graduated to the dinner. Nevertheless, when it came time to leave, it turned out that he caught more fish all the others combined. Since then, in any circumstances of life Dell follows the rule: "If you think that some idea is good, will certainly try it in practice."
. Networks a la Dell never destined to be produced in industrial quantities, and this may be the better
. The ideas Michael summed it all closer to what he will with the greatest success - to computers. Meanwhile, the grown up Michael, a pupil high school, decided to earn extra money by selling subscriptions to the town newspaper Houston Post (deceased). By the time he seems to have quite clearly set forth his credo: "Not so important that you prolan as how you do it". He did not go door to door. It occurred to him that the couple - an ideal object for its direct marketing ". For my money, he hired friends to get for him the names and addresses svezheobruchivshihsya. Michael all writes to your computer and sent to each pair of personal, rather than a sample letter offering as a wedding gift a free subscription to two weeks.
This time, Dell has earned 18tys. U.S.. bought VMW (at that time, European cars in the U.S. were very rare). Seller machines lost for words when 17-year-old boy pulled from his pocket the entire amount in cash.
First experiments
For parents, however, all this did not produce the desired impression. University and medical career - that's the whole story! The following year, Dell signed up for Department of Biology Texas State University in Austin. Most rasposlednyaya technical innovation - personal computer 1VM - at that time is rapidly coming into fashion. Students were eager to join the world of high technology, but dealers fought for the object of worship crazy money. "Suffice it to a simple model - later recalled Dell - worth about four thousand dollars. For sold the car dealer sent back to the IBM 2500. And I thought - why should we pay so much money the dealer, it does not even have the opportunity to order is this configuration that we nuzhnaN Why not sell cars from the factory directly to the end polzovatelyuN "It is written - made. Craving for pioneering the market was right at hand, and Michael did not hesitate.
Dell knew that IBM requires dealers to perform a month's supply for the PC market, often exceeding the amount that they actually could sell. He also knew that for months to keep in stock the finished product - not a cheap. So he began to buy from dealers warehouse surplus. In his room in a student dormitory, converted into a makeshift studio, he modified the finished car, adding to them the additional components (or, conversely, that some cleaning up) - market demands have been known to him firsthand. After that, Michael has placed advertisements in newspapers, offering their "optimized for users' computers at a price 15 percent below retail. Soon he succeeded in selling computers to businessmen, private practitioners and law firms. Trunk its luxury car served as a warehouse, and his room on campus has become completely uninhabitable appearance.
Here is where parents and began to worry. His father advised him to first get a degree, and then do business. Dell agreed. But a month later was again selling computers. Later he said that he could not miss this chance. Monthly sales now make up more than 50 thousand. U.S.
. In the spring of freshman Dell shocked parents two statements - that he is still engaged in computer business and, moreover, believed that classes at the university only to prevent this.
. -I want to establish his own company, - said the future multimillionaire.
. - What exactly are you going to delatN - asked the father.
. - To compete with IBM
. - Reply.
Compete with IVMN Imagine that come to you son and said that he buys a gas cylinder for the stove and on this basis is going to compete with Gazprom. You would probably have decided that your offspring crazy. Perhaps parents Della came to the same view. But Michael was adamant. The result was entered kompromics - during summer vacation, Michael is trying to "run" company, but if you fail, then return to the Faculty.
Back in Austin, Dell risked all savings and founded Dell Computer Corp.. It happened May 3, 1984. He was 19 years old.
Dell rented one-room office and hired his first employee, 28-year-old manager who was involved in finance and administration. ADVERTISE! Undoubtedly. company needed an advertisement. The first sketch of Dell Computer Dell made on an empty box of pizza. A friend copied it on paper and carried in the newspaper.
Dell still specialized in direct marketing of IBM PC, to which he added those "пҐп°п?пЎя€пЎя?я?" that were fashionable among users at the moment. Philosophy Dell has already formed: "Sell the user is not that a stray in stock, but that he needs. And cheaper than others ". Thus, Dell, if not remove from the production process the term "warehouse", the translation of its key position in the tertiary. As more orders Dell sought the necessary spare parts for equipment in each of the machines. As a result, for the first month of sales reached 180 thousand. U.S.. the second - already 265 thousand. U.S..
None of the whales did not pay attention to the revolutionary methods of self-made entrepreneur. A small screwdriver company makes computers to order - what of it, in such amounts and do not need any warehouse. Meanwhile, a year Dell already sells 1,000 PCs per month, hires all new employees - but the parts still to be ordered as required, the rate of profit still growing. On the American market a new model for effective construction of production. And it was not only "light" and low stock price - to think of it not the task. Company Della was a small company and have at least should have been so users love is stronger than "whales" with billion-dollar. Dell has decided to "heat up" the love for the user to an unusually for that time, the high degree - and the more it is not reduced.
First, unlike other producers of the then Dell gave its customers a money back guarantee. Secondly, it is understood that the computer is not a luxury but a "conveyance", and therefore in case of breakage (this happens sooner or later almost every computer) the user desires immediate service. Therefore, their products Dell guaranteed instant service on the day after the breakdown and introduced a line around the clock free of charge to users, so they can talk directly with the computer specialists. 90 percent of "failures", according to Dell, disposed of after a five-minute telephone consultation with a knowledgeable person. Thirdly, the constant telephone contact did not give Dell to break away from the aspirations of ordinary user, "zabronzovet". "My competitors to develop products and then tells the user. what they need, instead of first understanding what to market, and then produce ". - Like this exposes the unsavory "whales" the head of the corporation Dell Computer, the third in the world table of ranks of computer manufacturers (after IBM and Compaq).
. On that day, when Michael Dell was supposed to finish college, his company's sales worldwide increased 70 million
. U.S.. year. Dell stopped selling computers from other manufacturers and became "untwist" its own brand.
Today, Dell has subsidiaries in two dozen countries. Annual turnover reached 15 billion. dollars, and the personal status of Dell, which owns about 16 per cent stake, is growing by leaps and bounds (only during the preparation of this material, it has grown to five hundred million lines it would).
. What worries him is the fact that "in the U.S. erodes the spirit of free competition, the country loses the benefits (although not in the least that explained it off)
. It is hard to tell how sincere these experiences - at least his advice on "how we arrange the USA" as if they flew from the lips of inveterate demagogue: "The reason that our schools fail to teach, not that classes are too large. I can cite the example of the school, for example, in Thailand, where children learn in overcrowded classrooms, sitting on the floor, and it does not prevent them to acquire knowledge. PochemuN Because they want to learn. Because they want to work. Because their parents and teachers expect this from them ". As if the United States or any other country, parents expect the children something else! If a child is hungry, he learns to get a job and be fed. If he sgt ... That's why Dell likes to use words like "clear" and "obvious".
. For example, as he explains in an interview to the reasons for the transition from trade IBM computers in 1985 to create his own brand: "I was committed but it is clear that we need to change ..
. learn the mass of other things. I knew that I had to change the equipment, increase staff, hire a cool, well-paid managers. It was obvious to me ". Indeed, time has proved him right. But surprisingly, Dell decided not to at the time to do something and in that way, he just did what for him was evident, although it is usually obvious to us is a retrospective understanding of how we should proceed. Why a man like that diploma, to tell milostN
Experience has proved Dell, that an appropriate degree-thing useful to. Dell was extremely talented as an entrepreneur. He "grew up" so quickly that "bumped his head on the ceiling, and quite painful - but he created the company, not cemented by experienced, licensed managers, began to crumble in the chapters under its own weight. The value of shares has jumped from 23 cents in 1990 to $ 40 in 1992, fell a few times. Some time (albeit briefly), Dell was just in a panic: "Every day, hearing bad news, I was expecting that the next will be worse". Taking herself, . Dell recalled, . he knows, . and, . first, . immediately turned to selling through stores: "Our business-sell cheap and high quality computers directly into the hands of the buyer", . secondly, . enticed several leading managers whales of the world computer industry (Apple, . Motorola, . IBM, . Tricord),
. Then went to the audience and said: "We intend not only to survive in the computer wars. We are going to prosper ". And it was right.
. Climb
. Hanging in the summer of 1994 on the Dell factory in Austin, a big poster read: "Glenn will receive a cake in the face of 2200 for 10 (vice-president of Dell promised Glenn Armbruster, . what, . If the factory ship the 2,200 computers urgent order of ten hours, . he agrees, . that the workers dipped it in whipped cream),
. Well, the workers have shipped. Glenn was covered in cream and laughed: "This is an excellent price for such a result."
Once Henry Ford, founder of the American people's car, said: "You can have a car that color, what you want. Honestly ". Thus began a consumer revolution - consumer goods, nothing prevents to be made to order and at certain time buyer. Customer, . ordered a computer in the company of our hero, . receives it within 36 hours - and the car will be collected only from those components, . that his, . Customer, . suit (the client - not just individual, . 90 percent of Dell sales accounted for corporations and government customers),
. Dell factory represent are a curious sight, they have no warehouse. No. On the one hand trucks entering the plant components and are made with forms of registered orders, on the other hand trucks depart with ready to test computers. already equipped with software. They deliberately sent to order their client. Dell does not manufacture monitors - but this is not a reason to drag them to the first plant, to complete a computer, then all together to drive to the client. Manufacturer monitors delivers them to the client together with the system unit, mnogomudry Michael Dell at this saves up to 30 dollars on a single computer. "The key in the details", - considers matured Dell. As a result, two of its largest competitor, . IBM and Sompaq, . copy the marketing strategy of the "golden boy", . clients are satisfied with the quality of service, . shareholders like profits on their shares, . Wall Street enthusiastic, . managers of investment funds, . invested in money Della, . ready to blow off dust from his,
. PochemuN
Oh, those shares! This story deserves a separate story, but it can fit in one sentence - 0e11 shares have risen in price since 1990 to 53 thousand per cent (!). from 23 cents to 124 dollars last week, the company's growth over the past three years, measured the unthinkable (for a large corporation), a figure of 40 percent per year. That's all, the broker and that is enough. It is unlikely, however, is now immediately jump on the bandwagon fast-flying locomotive Dell - the ratio of stock price / earnings is now 70, so to accommodate the rental of capital, these shares are not suitable. Buy them as a speculative tool - fear takes: how long can continue this rapid growth, because it must. Yet zatormozitsyaN soon.. However, the same thing, some analysts said a year ago - and now biting his elbows.
When the company Dell Computer worked three people and they all sat in a tiny room, Dell shared with friends dream of becoming the largest PC manufacturer in the world. And I heard in reply that it is unrealistic. I was furious: "Why should people want to be second, third or desyatymiN" He does not analyze, he knows. The fate of this.

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Dulloo Michael, photo, biography
Dulloo Michael, photo, biography Dulloo Michael  The owner of Dell Computer Corporation, photo, biography
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